Scientology Crime Syndicate

First a little background from Fredric L. Rice, added 03/Jan/99:

Jesse Prince was once the number 2 in command of the Scientology crime syndicate. Mr. Prince fled the cult after many years of being an avid believer, following the orders of David Miscavage -- the number 1 man -- even though they resulted in his performing criminal actions.

After many years of being back in the real world, Mr. Prince discovered that Scientology was getting heavilly exposed and decided that it would now be safe for him to start disclosing the cult's crimes he knew about while he was the second in command.

In a deposition in a case against the crime syndicate (kidnapping and false imprisonment for which the crime syndicate has been found guilty of in a court of law) one of the cult's lawyers admitted in front of a federal judge the fact that Mr. Prince was indeed the second in command of the Scientology cult at one time.

This was a stunningly fatal move on the part of the cult. Now that Mr. Prince is starting to talk and the cult's legal whore has admitted that Mr. Prince was in a position to know all the dirt, the cult's lawyers are working overtime to try to silence Mr. Prince any way they can.

Follows is one of the many idiot (and utterly futile) moves by the cult to try to intimidate and threaten Mr. Prince into silence. The cult forces its victims to sign what amounts to non-disclosure agreements wherein the victim agrees never to sue the cult nor enact any legal action against the cult.

Victims entering the cult are forced to sign an amazingly criminal document right from the start -- and for obvious reasons: Most people who walk into the cult very quickly realzie they've been taken for a mark and very quickly demand their money back. When the crime syndicate tells them to go fuck themselves, a percentage of the victims will want to sue or go to the media. They are reminded that they signed what they are told is a legal document precluding them from doing so. It usually works to silence them and stop them from seeking justice against the cult. "Live and learn" is what people victimzed by the Scientology crime syndicate say.

Every criminal would love to be able to play such games. Every con man would love to get their marks to sign such a statement prior to rooking them.


Subject: Who is afraid of the big rabid wolf?
From: jesse77@gte.net (Jesse Prince)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 02:13:24 GMT

I really think the upcoming year 1999, will prove to be very interesting concerning the demise of the cult of Scientology's criminal activities. I started speaking out against the cult last July and I wanted to share a letter I received from the cults attorney at that time. I don't own a scanner so I've had to type it in. Still I think you will find it highly amusing.

Law Offices of Elliot J. Abelson
8491 West Sunset Boulevard Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1911
Tele 213-960-1935
Fax 213-650-0464
July 24, 1998

Via U.S. Mail and Hand Delivery

Jesse Prince

Dear Mr. Prince:

I represent Church of Scientology International.

It has come to my attention that you have been in communication with various attorneys who are in litigation against the Church or Church entities, and that the purpose is to provide information respecting alleged events that came to your attention in your capacity as an employee of a Church of Scientology. We hope and expect that this is not the reason for your communications. We remind you of your continuing obligation in this regard. Should you breach your agreement in any way, we will not hesitate to enforce our rights and remedies under the agreement. Enclosed is a copy to remind you of your obligations.

Sincerely yours,

Elliot J. Abelson

Well, a lot of water under the bridge since then. I never stopped talking and the cult never exercised its "remedies" either. The agreement I was forced to sign prior to being allowed to leave the cult speaks for itself.

Abelson, Moxon, or any other hired jackass have the nerve to try and enforced such an agreement if they want to continue to practice law. This letter was delivered by mail, by OSA drone and by a private investigator. The agreement I was forced to sign has been posted of ARS.

Couple of comments:

Abelson, in so many words threatens to use "remedies" should I violate the agreement for any cult church or its entities. What happened to all the good old corporate integrity? How is it this jackass who claims to represent the cult of Scientology International can speak for the whole ball of manure?

This is almost as good as the jackass they hired to depose me who proudly stood up in front of a federal judge and told him I was once the #2 leader of all of Scientology. Usually, the cult says "oh he was just a gardener and of no real consequence". The burden of proof of who and what I was in relationship to the cult would have been very difficult as they stripped me of any evidence of such as I left.

Mr. I'm new and getting paid big bucks Sandy Rosen really helped me out there. It is for this reason the cult is now having to prove ownership of their copyrights. Thanks Sandy, hope you got a big bonus for that!

Since then the cult has been going out of its way to try and make my life miserable.

Its not working.

I have so much more in store for them for the coming year, much more.

The only reason I am able to do this is due to the amount of people the cult have intimidated or assaulted. We are many. The cults own ethics are highly questionable to the legal system they make a mockery of. Ain't it funny how things are changing. The cult of Scientology says the sun never sets. They attack and attack like a rabid dog those within the cult and those outside of it.

Is it time to put the mad dog to sleep?

Happy New Year.

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse Prince


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