Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 03:17:34 -0400
From: Tony
Subject: Response to Lynda Bustilloz

I think you don't have a clear understanding of polytheism; nor of the monotheism of the Bbile. From your sarcasm I can see you're not really serious on the given issue.

In polytheism, the gods are separate entities with specific strengths and weaknesses, working more or less together in a community which mirrors that of the world of man.

In monotheism there's only one god. The monotheistic God of the Bible have a unique nature. He is three Persons, yet one God. This isn't something Christians made up as you've stated. This Plural Personality of the monotheistic true God is mention long before the New Testament was written. As a matter of fact, the Hebrew Bible, states in Genesis 1:1 that 'elohiym' made the worlds from nothing. This 'elohiym' is God in plural. The triune God of the Holy Scriptures existed long beofre anything ever did. The fact that polytheism existed long before Jesus became flesh shows how deceptive Satan has been throughout the centuries. The Devil and his demons simply want to be worshipped as gods.

Read the bible to verify what I've written. I'm updating my website with similar topics.



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