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Subject: My Experience Leaving Scientology
From: (Roxthefox1)
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:55:37 GMT

Congratulations on your new found freedom. Please feel free to post your whole story here (or where ever). Personal experiences are very powerful. I find that they renew my commitment to end the abuses of the cult. Even more, they are healing for the writter. We are all interested and will happily support you in your recovery. It is a long hard road back to the real world and true sanity.

What you did took tremendous courage. You left an entire lifetime behind, friends, family, and most of all a system of beliefs. That has got to be tough at best.

There are many who can help you with exit counseling. Among them, Stacy Brooks and Ishmael. If you feel I can be of assistance, I can be reached at ianaipa@yahoo.com.

Best of luck to you oh brave one. I celebrate your freedom.

roxthefox1 SP3

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:51:35 +0100, "Steve Carmichael-Timson" wrote:

When I got back to the States, I decided to stay with my God-Mother, June Cline. June used to work with LRH, and she had left Scientology by this time. It was perfect. One morning we went out for breakfast.

These questions of LRH were bothering me, so I asked: "What was Ron like?"

"Oh, you don't want to ask me."

"No, I do. I want to know what this man is like."

"If you want to get your answer, you should ask someone in the church."

Actually, I don't remember the conversation, but what I do remember, is that it took a long time to get her to answer my question. Finally, she said, "I thought he was a jerk. He knew what he wanted, and he did what ever it took to get it, at any expense. He had no care for the people, he just wanted to get what he wanted. I didn't like him very much."

That must of hit you really hard to hear that after being brought up to believe something else.

By Scientology terms, I began to think of myself in the condition of "Doubt."

For conditions, that's pretty low, and nobody really likes to be there. I think the toughtest part of being in this condition, was telling my Scientology friends, my only friends. By saying I'm in doubt with Scientology, is like saying, Iím in doubt with having you as a friend. My friends didn't take it so well. One of my best friends, Michael Coleman, wrote me a letter of disconnection, as I was no longer a safe person to talk to.

My father told me that he didn't know if he and I should carry the father/son relationship we had. He chose the Church, at this time, over me. My friend Chris Currier called me up, and wanted me to say where I stood with Scientology. He said he wanted to hear it from the "horse's mouth."

Basically, I told him that I was on my way out of the church. He said, that he was disappointed to hear it, and said he was disconnecting from me. With some slight rage inside me, I told him that Scientology would never "Clear the planet." When he asked why, I said "because there would always be someone like me around." He called me an asshole, and that was the last we spoke.

I wonder if this is the reason people are reluctant to leave. They leave all their friends behind and if the only friends they have are from the Co$ then the feeling of lonleyness and isolation must be terrible.

My father told me that he didnít know if he and I should carry the father/son relationship we had. He chose the Church, at this time, over me.

That must have broken your heart but to take the path towards the truth must have taken a rare kind of bravery. I salute you sasha.

Skydiver/SCUBA Diver

If riding in an aircraft is flying then riding in a boat must be swimming. If you want to experience the element you MUST get out of the vehicle.

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