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Subject: My Experience Leaving Scientology
From: wuzdead@my-dejanews.com
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:19:42 GMT

Dear Sasha, Thanks for your story! I was in Scientology for 12 of my 36 years and was in the S.O. in L.A. for 5. It was SO difficult for me to get back to reality and I hadn't been in it my whole life. I just can't imagine how it would have been had my family been in also (my family was very relieved when I finally "came to my senses" and welcomed me with open arms). I had a couple of questions for you: 1) Did you find it difficult to learn how to "think" - I mean all your "stable data" were Scn. based before this point. Ie, when something bad would happen would you be wrought with the guilt of "how did I pull this in - what did I do" etc - sometimes this is an appropriate question as in life there are natural consequences, but it's not so black and white as in Scn and sometimes s--t just happens. 2) how old were you when you left and how old are you now? 3) do you find it more difficult or complicated to form relationships in the "wog world" than in the Scn world? 4) do you feel you have any remaining psychological scars that impede you in everyday life? Thanks!

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