Here we see that we are tasked with discerning if Trent Lott is a delusional moron or if he is low-life scum politico who will mouth anything in an effort to get votes form delusional morons. Either way its delusional morons all the way down.


Lott Calls Homosexuality a 'Sin'
Largest Gay Political Group Angered By Remarks

.c The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (June 16) - An official of the nation's largest gay political group says Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is showing the right wing's influence by saying homosexuals should be helped ''just like alcohol ... or sex addiction ... or kleptomaniacs.''

''It's an indication of how the extreme right wing has a stranglehold on the leadership'' of Congress, said Winnie Stachelberg, political director of the Human Rights Campaign, the 250,000-member gay and lesbian political organization. ''It's comments like that that show he is much more in step with extreme elements than any other.''

Lott, R-Miss., made his remarks while taping an interview for ''The Armstrong Williams Show'' on the America's Voice television network.

During their interview, Williams asked Lott whether he considers homosexuality a sin and Lott replied, ''Yeah, it is.''

Lott added: ''You should still love that person. You should not try to mistreat them or treat them as outcasts. You should try to show them a way to deal with that problem, just like alcohol ... or sex addiction ... or kleptomaniacs.

''There are all kinds of problems, addictions, difficulties, experiences of things that are wrong, but you should try to work with that person to learn to control that problem,'' he said.

The remarks thrust Lott into a controversy that has engulfed the scientific, gay and conservative communities: Whether homosexuals have chosen their sexual orientation or whether it is biologically predetermined.

Many in the gay community say homosexuality is predetermined by biology. Some conservatives and other groups believe homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle and have searched for a ''cure'' for being gay.

Conservative leaders like James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, have met in recent weeks with Lott and other congressional leaders, urging them to push for conservative priorities, including a tax reduction for many married couples.

Such meetings ''may explain why he hasn't scheduled time for the nomination of James Hormel,'' Stachelberg said.

Hormel is a San Francisco philanthropist and Democratic Party donor whom President Clinton nominated last year to be ambassador to Luxembourg. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the nomination in November, but it has been stalled ever since.

Earlier this month on CNN's ''Late Edition'' show, Lott said for the first time that he opposes Hormel's nomination, viewing him as an aggressive advocate of the gay lifestyle. As majority leader, Lott largely controls the Senate's agenda.

Stachelberg also said Lott is ''out of step'' with scientific studies of the causes of homosexuality.

Following the lead of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association declared in 1975 that it no longer considered homosexuality a mental disorder. Some scientific studies have found differences between the genes and brain structures of homosexual and heterosexual people.

Lott spokeswoman Susan Irby declined to comment on Stachelberg's remarks.

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