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Subject: [xenu-city.net] Co$ motions in McPherson criminal case
From: mdallara@kcii.com (Mark Dallara)
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 23:34:04 GMT

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The local Co$ news this week is, of course, the activity in the McPherson criminal case. Cult attorneys had previously filed a motion requesting that the State Attorney clarify the charges - specifically what crime was committed, when, and by whom. And more recently they filed several inches of motions, affidavits, and "supporting evidence" in an effort to have the charges dismissed.

Normally, any clarification required by the defendant would come about as a function of filing for discovery. But the culties can't do that, because then the stuff becomes public and ends up in the SP Times, on the evening news, and on www.xenu-city.net. So instead they play dumb.

It reminds to be seen whether or not the tactic gains them anything more than a delay, but the judge granted the motion for clarification today, according to the local news broadcasts. It's possible that they may in fact come to regret their request, as the "more detailed" charges will surely be made public.

Apparently, there was not a decision on the motions to dismiss the charges. It's probably going to take some time for the prosecutor to respond, as there were several inches of paper in the files. The key document is the "Motion to dismiss the information based upon 'RFRA' and the First Amendment". That will be posted soon. There were two other motions, addressing the two felony charges, respectively, but the RFRA motion captured what seemed like the more interesting information.

Also filed were affidavits by "Reverend" Mike Rinder, "Reverend" Richard Reiss, Mary Story, and Glen Stilo.

Rinder's affidavit whines about the stigma that this case has brought upon $cientology in general. He cites the fact that news reporting agencies tend to indicate that "Scientology was charged" rather than CoS FSO, and includes copies of articles to support this point from all over the world. He also complains at length about the protests that have occurred, the messages on the fliers and signs, and the fact that the Clearwater press conference was opened with "welcome to occupied Clearwater". Once again, they are pretending to miss the point of the phrase, twisting it to mean that the protesters were the ones "occupying" Clearwater, rather than the cult that invaded in '75. Photos of pickets are included, including at least one that was taken by a critic - it appears on my pickets page at www.xenu-city.net/protest.html. There are also photos of picketers from just about every other city where a protest has occurred.

But wait a second! Wasn't Laura Vaughn on TV after the charges were filed, claiming that the culties were HAPPY that no individuals were charged, just the organization? Now they're complaining about the effect that it has on the organization as a whole? Hey, stigma is what you get when you kill one of your members - let this be a lesson to you. Some of the front-line picketers in the audience might want to request a copy of Rinder's affidavit from the court, to whip out the next time some smug OSA shill claims that all of the attention is bringing in lots of new members - Mike doesn't seem to think that it's doing the cult much good.

Richard Reiss' affidavit goes on at length about religious services within Co$. Glen Stilo's seems to be there merely to enter some of the hospital logs into the public record that were omitted from Agent Strope's affidavit, such as the notes from the doctor who indicated that Lisa could not be held under the Baker Act. And Mary Story's described the cult's "social programs".

There was a note in the file that a copy of "What is Scientology?" had also been submitted to the court. And last but not least... there were policy letters, rather noticeable in their red-on-white and green-on-white. I didn't make note of all of them, but they included the Introspection Rundown, Criminals & Psychiatry, and The Anti-Social Personality.

Yep, you read that right - they filed the IR. They also admit in the RFRA motion that Lisa was on the IR, and was regarded as PTS Type III. Can anyone find a quote from one of those goons in which they flatly deny that she was on the IR?

The RFRA motion also states that only one staffer was NOT given immunity in this case. A later statement indicates that Janis Johnson is the one who's not off the hook yet.

The judge has set a trial date sometime next March.

Mark Dallara
Sun, Sea, Sand... and the criminal cult of $cientology

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