There has long ben bans on marriages between people who have different skin colors in the United States in many States. This bigotry owes its existance solely to Christianity which "defended" the enslavement of blacks using the Christian mythologies.

Even after the ban mentioned below has been lifted, Christians still enforce their hatred and bigotry against homosexuals. How long will it be before these evil bigots finally allow everyone equality?

SUN NEWS, April 16, 1998
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Bill passes, sets up vote on interracial marriage
By Zane Wilson


COLUMBIA - A bill calling for a referendum to end the state's ban on interracial marriages passed quietly in the General Assembly on Wednesday and now goes to the governor.

If Gov. David Beasley signs the bill, and he is expected to do so, voters will be asked on the November ballots if they want to change the wording of the 1895 Constitution forbidding whites and blacks to marry, including anyone with one-eighth or more of ''Negro'' blood.

The law has not been enforced in many years, but some legislators moved to get rid of it as an embarrassment and disgrace to the state. Changing the law would also remove the technical illegality from the thousands of interracial marriages in South Carolina.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the House earlier in the session, although Rep. Billy Witherspoon, R-Conway, and Rep. Liston Barfield, R-Conway, were among a handful who declined to vote on it.

The bill passed easily in the Senate on a voice vote, but was amended there, so it had to be sent back to the House.

The Senate added language for the ballot question. The amended bill passed the House on Wednesday on an unrecorded voice vote with no discussion and no audible objection.


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