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2.0 Tom Klemesrud and the "Blood Incident"

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Who is Tom Klemesrud, who is "Miss Blood", and what is the "Blood Incident"? In Tom's own words, taken from selected posts to ars:

Note: this section is not included because of Tom's importance on ars or the investigation into Scientology, but rather to provide one person's testimony about a Scientology harassment campaign. Many more stories like Tom's are covered on the net and in the reference books on Scientology, scary tales of the cult's KGB-like Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and their bag of dirty tricks used to wage virtual war on their critics, ex-members and the journalists who report on the cult's activities alike; this is one such story:

I operate a hobby bulletin board system situated in my apartment in Hollywood. This bulletin board system provides its subscribers with access to the Internet through connection to Netcom Online Services, a commercial access provider.

Prior to January 14, 1995, [the date of the blood incident] I was contacted by attorneys for the Religious Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as "RTC"), a Church of Scientology organization. The attorneys for RTC informed me that a subscriber to my system, Dennis Erlich, was allegedly violating RTC's copyrighted materials by making postings of those materials to the Internet. RTC's attorneys demanded action to block Mr. Erlich's access to the Internet via my bulletin board system. I contacted RTC's attorneys and requested that they provide me with copies of the copyrighted materials so that I could compare it with what Mr. Erlich had posted to the Internet. They refused to do so and I refused to take action against Mr. Erlich.

On January 14, 1995, I was in contact with plaintiff [Linda Woolard, aka "Miss Bloodybutt" herein for the first and only time in my life.

I met the plaintiff at a bar. Contrary to her assertions that I approached her, she approached me. She identified herself as an agent for the IRS. Part of our discussion concerned the bulletin board system I operated and she expressed an interest in seeing the system. Therefore, the plaintiff accompanied me to my apartment in North Hollywood.

The bar was in Burbank on my way home. I have not been there for years. I do not hang out there. I know the management there and is why I chose to go there. You would think they had to have been following me.

She--or someone else--had to have at least been following me from the Burbank airport. The cab driver was the only one who knew where I wanted to go. We had trouble finding the place too, driving back and forth on the surrounding streets. They may have been in touch with the airline, according to info I have.

"Miss Blood" got access to the internet site by claiming to be an IRS CID agent, re-investigating the tax status of the CoS. I sat down a light colored dinette chair for her to sit on. There were no stains on that chair after she had sat on it--I have witnesses. So, she was not bleeding-- "soaking," before she went into the bathroom.

She excused herself to the bathroom. She took some time, so I checked on her to find much blood _smeared_ all over the bathroom: On the floor, walls, shower doors, but little in the toilet. After I had discovered her, she came out of the bathroom and said: "I am from the Church of Scientology, and I think that you should do as Thomas Small has instructed you to do--delete Dennis Erlich from the BBS."

I am just reporting what happened. The first thing she said when I found her sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with about a pint of blood on the floor in front of her was: "Tom, we have got to stop having rough sex like this."

Of course, I was fully clothed, with my shoes on, being a gentleman, because previous to this, she was an IRS Criminal Investigation Division agent in my mind. She impersonated one, and dropped names that are only know previously in confidential files at IRS CID, or to a former Federal Grand Jury. Woolard was engaging in psychological terrorism, in my opinion. Or, perhaps she thought by mentioning this bizarre notion, I might believe it happened.

I was shocked, and went to call for help. She came out of the bathroom and came to me saying this: "I am a representative of the Church of Scientology, and I think you should do as attorney Thomas Small has said you should do--disconnect Dennis Erlich from the Internet."

She immediately returned to the bathroom.

She told me she was sent on a mission to do what she was doing. I believe she did not know I had called the police and had left the apartment door wide open for them to come in. She was surprised to see them. She left several things behind.

Then she came out undressed, saying: "I have been sent on a mission, and I have been instructed to put some blood in your bed." She said this courteously, with a smile. As she turned to lay down on the bed, I saw the sausage of blood nestled in her crotch. She wiggled her butt in the bed, got up, looked at the stain on the sheets to see if she liked the stain, and returned to the bathroom. She did this with no interference from me.

A phone call was placed to 911. However, the telephone call was placed by me. When the police came to my apartment, I was in fact arrested on the false allegations of the plaintiff that I threatened her. The police never pursued these allegations.

She told the police she had a unique medical problem. This problem is of the type that caused a few pints of blood to be smeared on bathroom walls, in my shower, on carpets, my chairs, and bed. The medical problem takes the form of causing all my linens, and new rolls of toilet paper to be strewn on the floor and rubbed in the produce of her problem.

In fact, the blood came from a bag, bladder, or balloon nestled in her crotch. I saw it. If this is a medical problem, then she has an intestine or artery running outside her body filled with cold almost coagulated blood.

Subsequent to January 14, 1995, I have made postings to the Internet to alert Internet users to what I consider to be a "set-up" to coerce me to censor the free speech rights [of] users of the Internet. At no time have I ever posted to the Internet or caused or to be posted to the Internet by others the address or telephone number of plaintiff.

What plaintiff apparently forgot to advise this Court of is that there is current litigation filed on February 8, 1995, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California entitled Religious Technology Center, a California non-profit corporation; and Bridge Publications, Inc., a California non-profit corporation v. Netcom Online Communications Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Dennis Erlich, an individual; and Tom Klemesrud, an individual, dba Clearwood Data Services, Case Number C-9520091 RMW.

In that action, RTC attempts to hold me, and Netcom Online Communications responsible for copyright violations of Scientology's "sacred scriptures." On November 21, 1995, United States District Court Judge Ronald M. Whyte made the following ruling:

"The Court finds that 'plaintiffs' (RTC) have not met their burden of showing a likelihood of success on the merits as to either Netcom or Klemesrud. The only viable theory of infringement is contributory infringement, and there is little evidence that Netcom or Klemesrud knew or should have known that Erlich was involved in copyright infringement of plaintiff's works and was not entitled to a fair use defense, especially as they did not receive notice of the alleged infringement until after all but one of the postings was completed. Further, their participation in the infringement was not substantial. Accordingly, plaintiffs will not likely prevail on their claims."

Plaintiff's allegations that I have harassed her are totally without merit. In fact, some allegations of harassment are false on their face. For example, plaintiff's allegations on page 9 that I was present at the Whiskey Bend Bar on San Fernando Road in Burbank on May 27, 1995 are false. In fact, on May 27, 1995, I was in Thompson, Iowa for my father's funeral. (See Exhibits "3" and "4" attached hereto.) I did not even return to California until May 28, 1995. It is therefore impossible for plaintiff's absurd allegations that I caused her to hemorrhage and have to be seen in an emergency room to be true. The allegation that the plaintiff observed me on the evening of November 16, 1995 standing across the street and staring in the direction of her apartment is also false. I went to work on November 16, 1995, and my work hours were from 3:00 p.m. to at least 2:00 a.m. Therefore, it is again impossible for plaintiff to have observed me.

I have never been to the plaintiff's place of residence in Burbank and do not intend to go there. I have never threatened the plaintiff, never assaulted the plaintiff, never stalked the plaintiff, never harassed the plaintiff, nor do I have any intention to do so in the future.

The temporary restraining order in place acts as a prior restraint of speech on my part: "defendant shall not make any Internet postings about the plaintiff or the 1/14/95 incident involving the plaintiff" and is a violation of my First Amendment rights. The TRO also potentially acts to block my attorneys in the RTC v. Netcom case from performing legitimate reasonable investigation through licensed investigators to adequately defend me in the unmeritorious lawsuit. It is my opinion that the application for TRO re harassment is a second "set up" by Ms. Woolard similar to the way I was set up on January 14, 1995.

Miss Blood's sister revealed to a newspaper reporter Miss Blood has no medical problems.

And then there is RTC & Bridge Publications vs. Netcom, Dennis Erlich, and Tom Klemesrud, dba Clearwood Data Services; Exhibit A: "Spread lurid blood sex crimes -- actual evidence [manufactured] to the press [on the perceived enemies of the cult] ..." -L. Ron Hubbard, [Tom's comments in brackets]

This is not a "bizarre incident," it is textbook Hubbard put in to action: verbatim. It is bizarre to law abiding citizens who now have to be wondering why this cult that masquerades as a religion, is getting non-profit organization tax status. That is being looked in to now.

-AB- came on here with a supposed declaration from a "Linda W" that was a totally manufactured, and false account of events January 14th, when she entered my residence, impersonating an IRS CID agent; then proceeded without my impedance, to smear blood all over the walls, floors, and furniture in my dwelling--the Internet site of Support.COM.

As it is turning out, Linda W is a big zero in the databases: I, on the other hand, am a known, law-abiding, member of the community in Los Angeles, and have lived here for years. Journalists have found in database searches that Linda W is coming out to be a zero--so far non-existent. She dos not have California ID either Driver License, or valid ID card. She has never sued or been sued; never owned property. Never been arrested. Does not, and has never subscribed to one magazine or newspaper. Is not registered to vote. She lives "with her boyfriend in Burbank," according to the OSA declaration.

-AB- got the name of Linda W at a time when the Los Angeles Police Department was the only organization--other than possible conspirators, in this possible HIV blood attack on me--that had her name.

-AB- either obtained the information, ie., her name and address, illegally from the Los Angeles Police Department, or was involved in the actual blood attack--which would be a conspiracy, no? -AB- has since dropped his anonymous penet.fi account in an apparent attempt to hide.

Now Vega--that respected anonymous pillar of the news group, comes along and buys the fabricated story, and gets involved trying to lend credence to this untruthful story. He states that he has the woman's name and telephone number and is satisfied that AB's story seems to check out.

After I had refuted the story, Vega states in error that I had only refuted who had placed the 911 call, and did not refute the other ugly, details of this scurrilous story.

Vega said Old Timer has the details of how -AB- obtained the information. These details that Vega says Old Timer has, may be evidence in a criminal conspiracy to commit assault--an assault on me, or possible complicity of law enforcement providing -AB- confidential LAPD information, or worse.

Old Timer gave credence to the story by saying she/he has a "hunch" that OSA was not involved, and that the fabricated story may have some truth in it. BTW, the story has already been factually debunked by police and journalists.

Both Vega, and Old Timer quoted the entire original libelous -AB- posting, further dragging my name through the mud for all the world to see.

The story that Vega and Old Timer supported, ended up to be the Church of Scientology International, OSA version, with questions to be addressed to Helena Kobrin, Attorney for Scientology--the Attorney that originally demanded, a few weeks earlier, that I delete Dennis Erlich's access to the Net. This OSA version was sent as a FAX to the Los Angeles Times in an attempt to kill the Daniel Akst Postcard from Cyberspace story.

I hope you don't think blood attacks from dangerous net abusing cults, is something we Sysops have to put up with as a routine daily event.

Today [Thursday, November 30th, 1995] Linda Lee Woolard--the woman who impersonated an IRS Agent January 14th, 1995; then smeared blood all over my apartment, while saying: "I am a representative from Scientology, and I think you should do as attorney Thomas Small has instructed you to do-- disconnect Dennis Erlich from the Internet..." was served ex parte papers to amend a temporary restraining order she had file Nov. 21st in Los Angeles Superior Court.

In her application for the temporary restraining order she had asked that another person, (who I don't want named), stop investigating Woolard and household members and family; and not to post on the internet or publicize her name, address, phone number.

Her application and the actual restraining order differed. Here is the language of the original temporary restraining order:

"The defendant shall not have anyone else, specifically surveil, follow, telephone, threaten or make physical contact with the plaintiff. The defendant shall not make any internet posting about the plaintiff or the 1-14-95 incident involving the plaintiff."

This language is clearly an unconstitutional restrain of 1st Amendment Free Speech rights.

The above [TRO] was lifted yesterday by Anthony S. Jones in an ex parte application for an amended TRO, and served on Woolard earlier today.

In a declaration, that is not signed, or show what the last page is, Woolard says that on May 27th, 1995 I was stalking her at a bar in Burbank. In fact I was 1,500 miles away in Thompson, Iowa--for this was the day of my Dad's funeral.

She said after seeing me at the bar in Burbank watching her, she "became terrified and ran into the women's bathroom to get away from him. She immediately began hemorrhaging from her rectum because of the emotional distress she was once again experiencing by being in the vicinity [1,500 miles] of the defendant. When her friends went into the bathroom to see what was wrong they found her bleeding profusely. They phoned for an ambulance. She was transported and treated in the emergency room at Thompson Memorial Medical Center in Burbank. Later at about 6:00 am on May 28th, 1995 she was transferred by ambulance to Olive View - UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar for further treatment. She was released later that afternoon."

Unlike in her January 23rd, 1995 sworn declaration--which Scientology Helena Kobrin FAXed to the Los Angeles Times to kill a story about the 1-14-95 blood attack--in which Woolard says:

"I have never been in a Church of Scientology and I don't know anyone who is a Scientologist,"

Woolard, in the new declaration says:

"As described above, prior to this incident the Plaintiff had never been a member of the Church of Scientology, had never known any of its members and had never taken directions from it."

Subsequent to this incident, I was not unconvinced that she was not a freezoner trying to set-up Scientology. I even considered that maybe she was telling the truth--that she was an IRS Agent--perhaps trying to set Scientology up. If Ingram is half an investigator, he would have found out that I have the reputation of being very honest. I even paid back my government guaranteed student loan in the 70's. Yet, Scientology never considered here, that an honest man might be telling the truth. They had an opportunity to try to lay this off on the freezone, and did not take it. I submit it is because it is exactly as it seems, a bungled Scientology set-up attempt. They know it, and is why they never considered what I said might be true.

Just as soon as she got the papers lifting the gag order on me, someone-- perhaps she--moved to pre-empt anything I might post on the Net by posting the anonymous court papers. Two hours after she was served, at 2:31 pm PST the anonymous post appeared.

Like I wasn't at the Whiskey Bend bar May 27th, but at my father's funeral; and like I was working when Woolard reported I was outside her apartment November 16th, I was not even at the courthouse. [in response to a claim that Tom got up and ran out of the courthouse during session] I don't think the Scieno's know exactly what I look like. Buy the December issue of _Wired_ to see my picture...

Where was I? Home, taking a nap. This second set-up attempt was so pathetic, it was laughable. I simply don't understand the stories that this cult was feared in the past. This "technology" doesn't work.

Don Wager, Esq., Linda Woolard's attorney has somehow ascertained the name of my insurance company, and has contacted my insurance company, paying for my defense, in an apparent attempt to undermine my insurance coverage, and defense, in the Federal action RTC & Bridge Publications V. Erlich, Klemesrud & Netcom.

Woolard's attorney has mis-represented the Superior Court's order of 12/6/95 to my insurance company.

Since the Superior Court case was settled, and Woolard cannot use a lawyer for small claims, why is Attorney Don Wager working for Woolard? How is she able to pay him? How did he find out who my insurance company was? How is he paying for investigation to find this out facts about me--such as who my insurance company is?

It will be interesting to see if--as in a case against the Cult Awareness Network--a letter writing campaign from individual Scientologists to my insurance company, follows the Woolard contact of my insurance company.


Tom about a subsequent small claims case brought by Linda Woolard:

After I found out her name January 25th, a journalist checked DMV for an California ID card on her, and could not find one, though she claims to have had one. She said in court that she did not know about the internet, so someone else provided her to ARS messages to submit to the judge. (However, her occupation on the police report was listed as "Domputer" [sic]). She submitted medical bills from her emergency visit to the hospitals after she had a bleeding episode the night of may 27th. She said I caused that to happen in court by threatening her at the Burbank bar; when in fact I was in Iowa. She had no other medical bill to show the court prior to May 28th, 1995.

The court bailiff, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy was informed that there may be a warrant out for the private detective sitting in court next to the Plaintiff, for felony impersonation of a peace officer. The Deputy had the phone number, a picture and the case and warrant numbers. He said he would check it out. Yet, Ingram was allowed to sit peacefully in court next to the LAPD officers for twenty minutes or more, until he stroll out of the Los Angeles Municipal Courthouse, a few minutes before the judge asked to talk to him. Ironically, "impersonating a peace officer," is what I testified that the Plaintiff did the night of January 14th. It is what the Plaintiff did, among other things.

If I won, I won. If she won, the award, it is based on untruths told in court that day: 1) I was in a Burbank bar May 27th; 2) I was outside her apartment the evening of November 16th; 3) Her original Superior Court order was upheld in her favor in the hearing December 6th. These statements are demonstrably false, and I would have proved that if the judge would have given me the chance. Furthermore, they were demonstrated to her to be untruth in the Superior Court hearing earlier on December 6th, 1995.

After handing about 15 ARS messages to the judge, she went on to say she has never heard of "Seismotology," and doesn't know anything about it.

I had material that would have disproved all of this, but the judge would not look at my material, or give me the time to mention these discrepancies. The judge only looked at highlighted ARS postings that truthfully described the evidence and events of the evening in question. The plaintiff paid with some sort of anonymous checks, for the two police officers to come to court. The judge asked them why are you here. They responded, they didn't know. They did here the plaintiff make a very serious accusations that she neither mentioned in the 911 calls, or told to the police at the scene--an accusation that was faxed by Helena Kobrin from the Church of Scientology International and OSA, to the Los Angeles Times libeling me.

If Plaintiff is awarded money from my insurance company, it will be from a case in which incorrect statements where made. This will come out in the federal case.

Ingram was there, and walked in with her. He left after about twnety minutes leaving the Plaintiff on her own. Perhaps he had to catch a plane to Rotterdam.

I want to thank the Plaintiff for paying the LAPD officers to come a hear the discrepancies between what she told them, and and said on the two 911 calls; and what she said under oath.

Martin Hunt / martinh@islandnet.com / March 23 1997

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