Hammer Attack!

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 23:05:26 GMT
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FOX 13 NEWS SEGMENT, 2/02/2000

NEWS ANCHOR: Some out-of town journalists got more than they bargained for yesterday. A person who was working with the crew was attacked by a man wielding a hammer. The whole thing was caught on tape, and Fox-13's Amani Channel has the story.

[footage of German TV crew--caption, "Clearwater"]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): A warning from a German TV producer.

RICHARD BERNARD: What if I smash that [BLEEP] for you?

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Then the attack.

RICHARD BERNARD [smashing camera]: I'll smash it! You'd better go, I called the cops.

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): It happened yesterday in a normally quiet Clearwater neighborhood.

[German film makers Peter Reichelt and Hans Michael Kassel; Mark Bunker; black-and-white picture of Gottfried Helmwein]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Two German film makers and one local cameraman said they were working on an investigative story on Gottfried Helmwein, an Austrian artist now reportedly living in the Bay area.

PETER REICHELT (caption--"Peter Reichelt, German journalist"): He left Germany two years ago without saying where and, um, for the last month we looked for him and found him finally here, and wanted to ask him about his, um, relation to the top management of Scientology.

MARK BUNKER: I was assisting--

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Mark Bunker works for a local Scientology watchdog group.

[footage of Richard Bernard]

RICHARD BERNARD: I'm on the public property, too. You wanna start some [BLEEP] with me? [shoves the camera]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): He caught the whole thing on tape.

MARK BUNKER (caption--"Mark Bunker, Lisa McPherson Trust"): This was the first time that I'd met these film makers. They were in town to shoot this. They stopped by to say hello. They asked me to come along as back-up and I said, "I'd be happy to."

[close-up of Peter Reichelt, Peter Reichelt and Hans Michael Kassel]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): The German producers say the man who emerged from the house was not the person they were looking for.

PETER REICHELT: At that moment I saw this guy, uh, crying obscenities to, to him, to--to one of our cameramen and to us, and they hit two times with this hammer.

[footage of Richard Bernard where he's saying "I'm on the public property, too. You wanna start some [BLEEP] with me?"]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Clearwater police say the man involved in the altercation is Richard Bernard, and that he happened to be working at the house as an electrician.

WAYNE SHELOR (caption--"Wayne Shelor, Clearwater Police Department"): They called the police saying these people were trespassing. By the time the police got there they were back on the sidewalk, um, and there were allegations that one person had assaulted another with a hammer; others said that it never happened that way.

[Clearwater police car driving down the street]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Police did not immediately charge anyone, saying the facts are still unclear

[Clearwater police department building]

AMANI CHANNEL (VOICE OF): Clearwater police have now forwarded this case to the state attorney's office.

AMANI CHANNEL--ON CAMERA (caption, "Amani Channel, reporting"): And it may take several weeks before a decision is made whether or not charges will be filed against the alleged attacker, Mr. Richard Bernard. In Clearwater, Amani Channel, Fox-13 News.

NEWS CASTER: And police say Mr. Bernard gave them no explanation why he confronted Mr. Bunker. The Church of Scientology says the electrician is not a member of or in any way affiliated with the church. The German reporters have since returned to Germany.

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