Hammer Attack!

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 19:17:20 -0500 (EST)

A short segment on the Lisa McPherson Trust opened the Friday broadcast: an upbeat Bob Minton displayed artist renderings of the proposed facade for the LMT, top cop Wayne Shelor expressed rather unhappy feelings, another cop admitted uncertainty over how to handle a regular old non-$ceino, non-Trust person who inadvertantly crosses the Watterson Ave. Lines. The Lines appear to be permanent, as longlife roadway marking paint was used for "burn-in".

There were shots of the LMT's interior, Watterson Ave. and the area adjacent to the Trust, plus an obvious OSA monitor-goon tooling down a street. I'm not sure if the hammer attack was mentioned, because I missed the first half-minute. Doubt it though, as there was nothing made of it in the post-video part of the segment.

Yesterday, Fox13 and the locally-oriented BayNews9 did short pieces on the motion-denial re Dell Liebrech as executor. Fox13 seems very interested in the whole subject; I hope they'll do semi-regular stories with a focus on the upcoming civil/criminal trials.


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