Hammer Attack!

Date: 26 Jan 2000 05:52:33 GMT
Rod Keller rkeller@netaxs.com

I have word that Mark Bunker has been arrested in Chicago. The details seem sketchy, so I am posting a transcript of a telephone call from the two dentists who accompanied Mark to the Chicago org, where he was to film a refund of over $200,000.


The following is a transcript of a phone call between "Shukaido" (a Milwaukee-based Scientology critic), and "B", a Chicago dentist and former Scientologist. "B" and her husband (also a dentist) have been attempting to obtain a refund from the Church of Scientology in Chicago, and have reportedly been barred from entering the building to fill out the paperwork in the past. Mark Bunker, a producer for XenuTV was on hand with his video camera to record the events, which were supposed to include a police escort to facilitate their entrance into the building.

According to Mark Bunker, the Chicago Police had advised him to call 911 at 7:20 Central time, and a police cruiser would be sent to escort "B" and her husband to the 7:30 meeting, which had been arranged in advance with staff at the Scientology Org.

At 8:36 PM, I received a telephone call from Jim Beebe in Chicago, advising me that Mark Bunker had been arrested. After calling Stacy Brooks (an executive at the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater, Florida), I called Mark's cell phone number; the call was answered by "B".



Tuesday, January 25, 2000 approx. 8:43pm. This was a conversation between B (on Mark's cell phone) and Shukaido (on his home phone) taped on a digital answering machine with B's permission approx 15 seconds into the phone call.

Recorded and edited by Shukaido Transcribed by Xenuchick

B:  [Shukaido]? 

S:  Now just for the record, I do have your permission to record this? 

B:  Yes

S:  So the Scientologists were staking out the front of the building? 

B: So - when we were walking, we went to get out of the car to go to the
Org everyone was gone. 

S:  Everyone had disappeared? 

B:  Everyone had disappeared from the back of the building. 

S: Ok

B:  We were walking up to the door, I was behind [my husband] and Mark was
behind me.  And I remember two guys in black jackets coming up and they
start grabbing Mark. They really roughed him up!  They grabbed his arms
and he started saying, "Who are you??" They tried to get the camera out of
his arms but he had a grip on it. They then said, "We're Chicago Cops" and
we said, "Where's your uniform? Where's your ID?"  and he said, "Forget it
lady, it doesn't matter who I am".  I said "Why are you doing this to him,
why are you pushing him around?" Then they knocked his cell phone to the

S: Ok

B: This whole time he was holding his camera, he wouldn't let go of his
camera.  He didn't provoke anything! We were only on the sidewalk, we
weren't even on their property. They told us to come for the meeting at
7:30 so we come to the meeting and they attack this guy for nothing. 

S:  You didn't even get in the meeting before this happened? 

B:  No, we were outside! We were standing away from the door, I'm behind
[my husband] and Mark was behind ME so he was WAY outside! 

S:  Did you ever get any-were they cops, did you see any badges or-

B:  Well, finally the guy who had smart mouthed me showed me a badge and
the face was all rubbed off.  I said, "I don't believe this is you, your
face is all rubbed off"

S:  Did he get taken away in a cruiser? 

[Break for answering machine recording.. it goes in 4 minute intervals]

S:  Did he get taken away in a police cruiser? 

B:  No.. they were going to take him away and I said 'I want to see a
police car'. See, we'd called the police earlier and they told us to call
at 7:20 and they'd send a squad car

S:  Uh huh

B: So we called at 7:20 and there was no squad car yet, just these two
guys who came out of nowhere and just jumped him. 

S:  Ok

B:  They didn't say we should call the police, they didn't tell us to get
off the property, they just jumped him!  We didn't know who he was! If he
would have said, "Turn it off, back up" that's fine he would have done it
but they just jumped him.  And they took the camera he had a cell phone on
and he was trying to call someone he said, "I wanna call my lawyer, I
wanna call somebody." And they said "You're going down, we're going to
lock you up and that's it". They wanted his camera and they were gonna
lock him up.  They never said 'turn off the camera, back up'. 

S:  Do they have his camera? 

B:  They have his camera. 

S:  Do you know where he was taken? 

B:  They went on Halstead and-where was that, [addressing her husband]
Ashland and Belmont

S:  Ashland and Belmont. 

S:  Are you prepared to post bond or do we need to get someone there? 

B:  I don't know how much bond would be, I mean, how do you post bond? 

S:  They're talking about getting bond posted.  Uh-I need to get this
information back to Bob [Minton]. So this was completely unprovoked- Did
they ever say what they were arresting him for? 

B:  I couldn't ask them, they said, "Lady it's not your business!" and I
said, ' It's my business I'm a citizen!' I said, ' He came with me, he
came with US. I'm concerned. I don't know if you're a real policeman so
I'm waiting for the real policemen to come the ones who are dressed in a
uniform with a car. So I now it's a cop!  So this other lady came,
(Schloss?) she was a scientist [Scientologist] and she was all on the side
of not our rights. She was on the side of the Scientology church, I think
it was a setup and they were paid by them. I don't know what's up but
there's something really fishy there!  I just said, 'Maam, why are you
taking him away? He didn't do anything, he was just coming with us? 

S:  But did they ever say what he was being arrested for? 

B:  Criminal trespassing. After-it took a long time to get them to tell
us.  And they said, "We're locking you up and we're taking your camera"

S:  Did he ever go on their property-Did he get that far? 

B:  No. No he never did! 

S:  How far did he get? 

B:  He was-he was close to the street, not in the street but on the edge
of the sidewalk, towards the street. 

S:  He was on the sidewalk about to cross the street? 


B:  No, [my husband] was close to the door, I was behind him and Mark was
behind me.  But he was-

S:  So was he in the parking lot? 

B:  No, we were right in front of the Org. We were on the sidewalk, and we
were walking in front of the building to the door and he was filming so he
was closer to the street than to the door of the org because he was
filming all of us, he has to back up a little to get all of us. 

S:  Ok

B:  They jumped him! 

S:  Ok I'm going to call-I'm going to call Bob [Minton] again and let him
know that you have Mark's cell phone. 

B: Yeah- well, I don't know how to use it. He wanted me to call, but I
don't know how to use it.  Yeah, my daughter does, we picked her up so-

S: Ok-

B:  What's your number? 

S:  My number is [Deleted].  Are you guys ok? Did you go for your meeting? 

B:  I didn't go inside because I said to the policeman that I knew, 'I'm
scared. What if they get me in there and never let me out? You saw how
they are, they are like really--- this all happened before the other squad
car came so they couldn't see how these other officers roughed them up. 
You know?  So the lady said, "I'm going to listen to both sides of the
story. I want to hear their side".  So she heard the policeman's side. Who
knows?  They were paid. The lady (Pam?) from New York, she said they were
hired to protect them.  So we were hired by the org, and that's why they
jumped him.  So-they wanted us to come inside, they said, "We have a nice
warm place for you inside, you know, with a dictionary and blah blah blah"
Cuz she gave me the (not audible) and I said, "Well, I can't wait here cuz
I don't have a dictionary now do I? So I guess I won't find it." And she
said, "Well you can come inside, we have a nice warm---" and I said,
"Listen, don't tell me what to do. I'm not going to go inside, I don't
trust you people, I saw the kind of reception you had.  All you had to say
to this guy was don't come in.  That's all! You didn't have to do that!"

[Break in the tape- inaudible, but she is talking about being asked to
sign an agreement that indemnifies Scientology and all groups, including
The Marcus Group, a Scientology- friendly management consulting service,
against whom they have a lawsuit.]

B:  She said, "I want you to sign the waiver" I said, 'Look, do I look
like I was born yesterday?  I said, 'Ah, it says Scientology and all
affiliated groups, is that Marcus? We have a lawsuit against Marcus. You
think I'm going to sign this? Do you think I'm crazy? You'd better give me
all my money back.' She goes, "Well, [inaudible] to each other, Yes, we
botched it up-" and I said, 'Look just shut up, quit talking to me. I
don't even know you. You're another one. All of you with these big titles
who are here for one week and then I never see again. So as far as I'm
concerned, you're nothing to me.' So here we are standing outside in the
cold, freezing our asses off outside of the Scientology property if you
want to talk to me you can come over here and freeze your butt.' And she
said, "But it's cold, can't we go inside?" I said, 'I don't think so.' Cuz
I never went inside, I didn't know what to do.  I wanted to call Bob
[Minton] and ask him what I should do next! [laugh] You know. 

S:  Well, I will let him know that you have Mark's cell phone. I'm going
to advise him of the situation---

B:  Yeah

S:  And we'll take it from there.  I don't want to run the battery any
more than I have to. 

B:  Ok

S:  All right, I'll be in touch. 

B:  All right

S:  All right, thank you, bye. 

The following is a follow-up call made by "B" (on daughter's cell) to
Shukaido's home at 9:45pm

S:  Now clarify this for me, I've seen pictures of the org, there's a
sidewalk at the street, there's a parking lot and a sidewalk in front of
the building. 

B:  There's no parking lot. 

S:  There's no parking lot. 

B:  No, there's just parking on the street. 

S:  Ok.  But he never went off the sidewalk, he never went on private

B:  No, he was on public property---

S:  Ok

B:  Because isn't a sidewalk public property? Yes. 

S:  Yeah

B: Yeah, cuz he was on the edge of the sidewalk, close to the street
farthest away from their property. 

S:  Was he walking down it or had he just stepped onto the sidewalk? 

B:  We were walking to the door... we were walking to the front of the Org
to the door that is usually open. 

S:  Mhmm

B:  And no one was out there to greet us and they usually are, and I
thought, Well, they aren't going to let us go in, but it was a setup
because [my husband] had his hands on the door to see if it was open I was
behind [my husband] and Mark was behind me, a few feet behind me to film
us and [inaudible] the door.  So he was not anywhere on their property, he
just had the video camera on. 

S:  Mhmm

B:  And these two guys out of nowhere came and just jumped him. And he
said, "What are you doing, I'm just videotaping this." And they said, "Oh,
this is illegal" and I don't remember what else.  I hope they give us the
tapes back, do you think they will give us the tapes? 

S:  Well.. they might use them as evidence, but I'm concerned over whether
or not they will be intact.

B:  Yeah-They might hold his camera too, right? 

S:  I don't think they can justifiably hold the camera. I mean, it itself
is not evidence, but they might consider the tape as evidence. 

B:  Yeah, well, they have the tape of [my husband] and I [Talking to
husband] --Maybe your whole tape is on it, the interview]

S:  I hope not. 

B:  Well, I know part of our interview is on it. 


B:  Ok, I'll-we'll call you when you get him out, it won't be till real
late though---

S:  I just want to make sure he's ok. 

B:  All right then, [Shukaido] thanks, bye

S:  Bye

= = =

Completed Tuesday, January 25th, 2000 at 11:44 PM CST.

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