Hammer Attack!

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 22:00:31 -0500 "Xemu X. Xenu Jr. - Xemu's Briggades" <Xemu@NOSPAMRochester.rr.com>

Well I just got off the phone with a nitwit young lady at the below number.

When she heard me ask about Mark Bunker she put me on hold for 2 minutes. She returned. She insisted on taping our call. She put me on hold again. She asked for and got my name. She then did a Betty Boop for the rest of the call by not listening at all to what I was saying. She asked me to repeat what I said two times. There were evidently many distractions behind her. I just wanted to know who would have information.

I asked if she could give me information about the arrest of Mark Bunker. She said she didn't know anything about Mark.. . . I don't know anything at all. I asked if there was anyone there that I could talk to that knew what her organization was doing to Mark, She said no sorry I don't and then said bye. She just hung up on me.

I called right back and she put me on hold again for two minutes. She did her Betty Boop imitation again. Gosh gee I don't know there is nobody here right now. Bye. Wait! I just called back to ask when someone would be available and did she know when would be an appropriate time to call again. She asked me for my name and number. I said I didn't want a call back but that I wanted to talk to someone about the Mark Bunker arrest. She put me on hold again. She returned to ask me for my name and number again. I repeated that I only wanted information when would be a good time to call and that I didn't want a return call. She said OK, I can't help you so bye. Wait! Aren't you listening to me? I just want to know when to call when someone will be there that knows why her "church" had an interested journalist arrested? She said well why don't you just try back in about say 24 hours? So I asked would this time tomorrow be a good time then? She affirmed. I said thank you and we closed the connection.

She is in denial as best as I can estimate. She was artificially trying to be cheerful. I appreciated her efforts at being social. I wanted to know what was going on with Mark's arrest. She evidently was lying when she said that she didn't know anything. Well that isn't exactly true I would estimate, she must know that she has gotten a lot of calls about Mark's arrest. She must know that there was an arrest. She continued to deny even knowing that something had occurred last night. I asked point blank, so you don't even know that there was an arrest last night. She said that she didn't know anything at all.

So what is going on. I want my Xenu TV!!

Mark, I hope your camera's tape is intact for Xenu TV. Again it is odd that they had you arrested in that manner and so forcibly for just being on the right of way to the building. I don't think that the Clams own the building in Chicago. I think that they are renting a space. So the arrest even on the floor of the building wouldn't be particularly legal (but IANAL).

Good luck Mark! and I Want My Xenu TV!!

Xemu X. Xenu Jr.
aka Vernon D. Cain Jr.
www.xenu.net for a clue how xenu stomps on the civil rights of critics.


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