Hammer Attack!

Date: 26 Jan 2000 06:20:17 GMT
JimDBB jimdbb@aol.com

It is true. As reported in Rod Kellers post, Mark Bunker was arrested tonight (tuesday) while standing on a public sidewalk outside of the Chicago Org. I won' t repeat what Rod reported but there may be more information later today-Wednesday.

It appears that this was a setup, that the Chicago Church of Scientology hired off duty police to act as their thugs. This is clearly a violation of Mark Bunkers civil rights and the Chicago Police and the Chicago Church of Scientology may be in for major lawsuits.

Incidentally, guess who also was there... Sylvia Stanard from the DC Org. I wonder if the DC Orgs traveling thug, Thierry Duchanauc was part of this.

Here are some phone numbers:

The police station where Mark was taken 312-744-5983

Chicago Church of Scientology
3011 No. Lincoln
chicago, Il  60657

Carla Nelson who was involved with Laura Terepin, the CAN spy, is on staff here.

the Chicago Tribune 312-222-3232



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