Hammer Attack!

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:12:08 GMT
Gerry Armstrong armstrong@dowco.com

I called the Chicago org a few minutes ago 773-348-7456, spoke to the receptionist and said I was calling about the Mark Bunker affair. She asked my name, which I gave her, and she said she'd put me through to Mary Anne, the D$A, and she put me on hold.

After half a minute or so Mary Anne Ahmad came on the line. I said I was calling about the Mark Bunker matter. She asked my name which I gave her, Gerry Armstrong. She asked where I was calling from and I said Canada. She asked if she had met me at a CAN Convention. I said she might have because I had been to a CAN Convention. She asked if I have long hair and am in a photo naked with a big globe. I said no. She wanted to know why I was interested in the Mark Bunker matter and I said I wanted to write about it. She asked who I wrote for, and I said internet news.

She told me that Mark had called $cientology's lawyers earlier in the day asking if he could come into the organization (she used the word "church," but I won't) and videotape that evening, and had been told he could not. I asked if Mark had come into the organization, and she said he had, but then changed and said no he had not.

I asked if Mark was on the sidewalk, and she said he was not. She said he was on organization property but not in the organization. I asked if anyone comes onto organization property will they be arrested. She said that if they're told to leave and don't they will. She said that Mark had been told by one of their "security personnel" and "an official" to leave and he had refused.

I asked if the organization will be pressing charges and she said definitely. I asked what will be the charge, and she said trespassing. She said that she would make no further comment until there is a ruling.

She voiced a concern that I would change what she said, and I said that no I got it word for word. She wanted me to repeat it back, but I declined. I asked her if she would change what she said and she said that no that is her story and she's sticking to it. I thanked her and said good bye.

(c) Gerry Armstrong


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