Hammer Attack!

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:14:53 GMT MilwaukeeSP@hotmail.com

Good evening.

I have spoken to Mark Bunker several times today in an attempt to keep everyone on #Scientology updated constantly on his status, but didn't intend to post anything here; I'd much rather allow Mark to tell his own story once he got home.

However, Mark has just given me an "all-points bulletin", and I felt it was a little too important to let slide until later.

As I'm sure most of you already know, Mark Bunker was arrested while on a Xenu TV shoot in Chicago yesterday evening as he was escorting a married couple (both dentists) to the local Org as they attempted to gain entrance to the building in an attempt to obtain a refund.

I will not not repeat those events in gross detail. However, it is important to note that Mark's camera was taken into custody with him, and was not returned when he was released at midnight.

Mark has been working all day to reclaim the Minton and tape, which were shipped to another building. He even had to cancel his flight back to Clearwater.

The camera was returned shortly before 9PM Central time. However, when it was presented to him, the tape was missing. Just so there's no doubt here: According to Mark, the tape was not taken by the police as evidence, it is missing.

The presiding judge will naturally take this into consideration during any proceedings that are to follow.

Mark has stated that he has no problem with people calling the Chicago PD to demand an investigation into the disappearance of this evidence. The telephone number is 312-744-5983; please ask to speak to the commander.

-Shukaido (The critic formerly known as MilwaukeeSP)


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