Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:06:58 EST
Subject: The Mormon Cult keeps pedophilia legal in order to cover it's embarrassing past.

The Mormon cult claims to hold marriage as a "sacred institution." This accounts for their spending millions of dollars in Hawaii and throughout the United States in attempts to keep gay marriage illegal. They also encourage so-called "experts" from their church owned Universities to testify that for some reason gay marriage threatens heterosexual marriage.

I find the cult's behavior, and beliefs regarding marriage to be hypocritical since they will not stop marriages in Utah from being legal forms of pedophilia. In Utah it is legal for 14 year old girls to marry, and many do to older men. The Mormon cult could easily stop this abuse by passing legislation preventing the marriage of 14 year olds. The Utah State Legislature receives it's marching orders directly from the Mormon cult; and if the cult decided that 14 year old girls should not marry then they could get the bill passed easily.

I have been thinking about why the cult would oppose gay marriage, and support the marriage of young girls to pedophiles. The gay marriage answer is easy; they are appealing to the phalanx of Christian homophobes in order to make their church seem more like a mainstream Christian cult.

To understand why the cult will not protect young people from pedophiles one need only look into Mormon history. The cult's founder Joseph Smith was a polygamist known to have a minimum of 30 wives, many of whom were already married to other living men. But that is in reality nothing to other of Smith's criminal sexual behaviors. Joseph Smith was a pedophile. He married 14 year old Helen Mar Kimball when he was in his 30's. He proposed marriage to a 12 year old girl, fortunately he did not get his hands on her!

If the modern Mormon cult were to push legislation banning the marriage of 14 year old girls to older men they would be admitting that their prophet was a pedophile! It is no wonder then that they choose to allow this atrocity to be continued in Utah. The Mormon cult will go to any lengths to cover it's embarrassing past. To admit that their prophet was a pedophile/rapist would be to damage their claim as "The one true church on the face of the earth." The bottom line is that the cult allows innocent girls to be raped in order to save face. To allow this type of atrocity to continue in the name of creationist cult lunacy is beyond my comprehension.

Best of luck sir, and please continue to stop the lunacy.


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