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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:36:22 +8000
Subject: "Mysterious Origins of Man"

>> coffers of the high priests--- truth and reality be damned.

> So you've noticed. <smirk> You'll have the COTE.TXT file
> by now, I'm sure. I think I'll start calling Cote and
> Holden "Galileo" since they think they are. Did you
> think I was too inflamatory with Cote? I don't think so. I
> think I spelled out exactly what he is doing and I'm certain he
> knows it.

No, I did not think it was too harsh. Bullshit is still bullshit, and pointing out out the stink of bullshit is a community service.

>> It cannot be in situ, naturally. No, I've ceased reading
>> Holden's crap years ago. I still have a few megabytes of
>> his "Earth used to orbit Saturn" crap.

> That's the fuck, yes. I got some mail from Holden as well
> which I should add to the BONES directory. He demands that
> MacRae will be discovered to be a fool with egg on his face.
> }:-}
> "Some day!" - Childish school yard rant.

He once called me "The most insulting person" he had ever met on the 'net over the past five years. I wish I had that message printed and framed.

> Give Doctor MacRae a note telling him what you think. He
> did a SHIT load of good work -- all for free! -- and Holden
> repays him back by demanding MacRae lied about his findings
> -- like some kind of Satanic cabal of scientists suppressing
> the "truth."

Teddie reminds me of the Biblical inerrantists who believe that "prophesy" is "all coming together," as they ignore the evidence to the contrary. He believes that gravity was somehow "less" when Earth was orbiting Saturn. Sheeish.

>> Saturday I watched "The Mysterous Origins of Man"
>> nonsense. The bullshit was even worse than I had heard.

> It appeared to be no different than the first showing. Did
> you like the right-wing survivalist stuff?

Well, part of my "favorate" was the structure where the sawed blocks of sandstone and limestone were "too tight to fit a needle through," and where the blocks were "level" (using a bubble level).

Such blocks in the structure are the exception, not the rule. One has to look long and hard for a block that is perfectly level to the horrizon, though it is slightly easier to find blocks that are tightly joined. This fact is explained in the Weirdbase files, gathered by Hicks.

On the show they had someone take a 12-inch bubble level and place it on the top of a low wall, and showed that the bubble was centered in the level.

Then five minutes later they showed the same shot filmed from the opposite direction, as if to pretend that it was a different block. If they had used a four-foot level, spanning two or three blocks, the bubble level would have shown that the wall is not level --- only that particular block was.

How these level blocks and tight joints are supposed to be evidence for a "superior civilization" the show didn't say.

Then the show claimed that the structure was alighed so that the inner gate had the sun show through its opening during the equinox, and the sun rise over the two corner posts, one on each side of the main gate, during the solstices. The two corners were equidistant from the gate --- the bullshit artist who made the claim that the sun was supposed to rise over the corner posts lamented that THEY NO LONGER DO, and he therefore claimed not that his conclusion was false, but that Earth had radically changed.

Since the corner posts are equidistant, the structure would have to be built on the Equator before the three points (center gate, two corner posts) would match during the equinox and solstices. Also, the observer would have to stand at the proper distance in front of the gate to see the sun rise over the corner posts.

Also, if Earth did somehow shift its crust, NONE of the three points should match the three solar events. The show implied that the equinox matched the gate entrance, but the solstices did not.


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