Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 18:45:18 EDT
Subject: Christian lunacy


Here we see the depredations of Christian lunacy taken to its logical extreme. This kind of idiocy is exactly the result to be expected by those who seek refuge from reality in quaint myths. Most Christians are far better at compartmentalization than this sad victim and her tragically victimized children.


Mom Charged With Starving Kids

.c The Associated Press

PETALUMA, Calif. (AP) -- A mother who starved her kids for a month while awaiting the Holy Spirit has been arrested on child abuse charges, police said.

Petaluma police found Kris Teixeira, 37, and daughters Cecelia, 9, and Sylveena, 7, thin and pale Monday in an upstairs bedroom at their condominium.

The girls were so weak from starvation they were unable to walk, according to Sgt. D.J. Phimister. The daughters were in a hospital Tuesday.

After her release from a hospital Tuesday, Ms. Teixeira was held on on charges of child abuse and failure to provide for a child.

The mother told authorities the three had lived on only water for a month in hopes the girls would be taken by the Holy Spirit.

According to police, Teixeira also said the family had not left the upstairs portion of their home in more than a month. She said she had been "directed" through the ringing of her phone to stay upstairs because it was the closest place in the home to the Holy Spirit.

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