David Rice

Two days ago I heard a sermon about the author of the Book of Mormon. Smith stole it from Samuel Spaulding --- there are several documents that demonstrate this, found in the Mormon BoM museum itself.

The same documents expert who the Mormons called upon to check "The Mormon Howard Huges Will" matched a sample of Smiths' "unknown scribe" with Spaulding. What this means is that not only did Smith PLAGERIZE the Book of Mormon, but he used TWELVE PAGES of Spaulding's novel, WRITTEN IN SPAULDING'S OWN HANDWRITING!

Needless to say, the Mormon cult is not too happy with this discovery. :-)

Another document was found that shows Smith was arrested for fortune-telling twice. The second time he took "leg bail" (i.e. he ran away) until the statuate of limitations was over.

He sort of reminds me of Hubbard....


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