Mon 27 Sep 99 18:39
Karl Schneider
WOOOOOOOO, another moron

I left some sort of comment on this idiot's site (no, I don't remember the URL......sort of like I don't remember having a seagull shit in my eye)...

He offered a "wager" of $1000 that I couldn't supply ONE piece of "proof" of 'evilution', and in the very next breath made a production out of being a *non-gambling Christian*. I pointed out that rather obvious contradiction and then asked what EVIDENCE would he accept.

Here's his answer, verbatim, with all the expected fundy misspellings and confabulation of the English language they are wont to commit:

Subject: The last reply to your half baked reply! Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 17:01:10 -0500 From: "Justin L Cottrell" To: "Karl Schneider"


I have decided to terminate this correspondence do to your prepubescent ignorance of facts that I so eagerly set in front of you. The second reason for this termination is due to the lack of oxygen that your mind seems to be getting, perhaps due to Cranial Rectumitus. Thirdly few creationist, and absolutely no evolutionary book that you will find address the problem of the early European genealogies that you so blatantly ignore. All that I can say in resonse is bless your little chronic heart.

Again you show that you see no further than your nosetip. In when Jesus was born in 3-6 B.C. Mexico was full of Mayan Indians. Furthermore Jesus was not used by the Spanish people until after 300 A.D., and probably closer to 400 A.D. Also one quick comment, the $1000 FRN is not a bet, but a payment for evidence that I know without a shado of a doubt exists. And another note concerning the evidence, I would accept real evidence if it existed, whether it agreed with the Bible or not.

Lastly this is not a cut, but an assumption on my part, that I base on your ignorance to facts, ethics, and general knowledge of anything in this world, other than how to ignore truth. Here is my assuption: Do side with any of these= 1. The queer rights movement 2. The animal rights coalition, or movement 3. The evolving U. S. Consitition theory 4. The I support Slick Willy (you no Billary Clintons other) 5. The Al Gore campaign (Ha-Ha) 6. The Pro-choice movement 7. The anti-gun movement 8. The anti hunting, fishing, or pet ownership movement (and yes these are all connected) 9. The New World Order (you know the one that NATO wants) 10. That you have to have a degree to know how to freely think

Oh I forgot to mention this you have been fun, and yes you resond in the normal way that most all "Evil"utionists respond, and that is hot-headed. And just for your own information I my temperature never rose, but yours sure did. Lastly I work in perhaps the harshist enviroment in this country, and I don't mean a scientific one either, and my co-workers are professional antagonizers that are constantly bringing attitudes of weaker people such as your self to their respective boiling points. I can safely say that you are a mere novice at provocication, arguing, and obviously research, I am also assured that if you opened those pup eyes of your for even a second at real research, instead of blowing your top unprofessionally everywhere, you would be astonished.

In His most high and heavenly name, auf Wiedersehen Hund!
Justin L. Cottrell

I attached FTSOJ.GIF to my reply. Hope he enjoys it.

... "Creation Scientists wish to ban science in schools" - L. Appleton


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