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Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 10:16:30 -0800

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Michael Shermer


In a post earlier this week, with regard to the Great God Debate in which the minister reported that no one abandoned their belief in God that night:

"I am not at all surprised that 0 people abandoned their belief in God in one evening. That is simply not how deconversion experiences happen."

I am pleased to pass along the following disconfirming evidence for my testable hypothesis:


Just wanted to dispute this point. After spending my high-school years teaching Sunday School and being an all-round good christian girl (my nickname was Godsquad--really!), I decided to spend one day NOT believing in God, just to experience the awful loneliness and hopelessness of it. By early afternoon, I felt so liberated that there was no going back! Twenty-some-odd years later, I still remember exactly where and when I suddenly felt too big to go back into the box. Sometimes it DOES happen that way.

Diane Pittman
Cleveland OH

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