Even though the world won the battle against the Nazi fascism of Germany, there are those working in America who wish to make that struggle a vain one. That's because we never won the fight against religious bigotry.

Move over, Adolf, here's Bob Larimer:

Here you will find information about one of the more evil purveyors of hatred and bigotry in America: Bob Larimer. This time it isn't the Jews which are destroying the world (at least not yet, hey Bob?) His particular fear is of homosexuals. Because of his problem he seeks to impose the pathology of his fear and hatred upon millions of innocent people around America.

A research assistant summed-up this bigot best:

"Did you know that Bob Larimer is one of the scum who tried to push anti-gay initiatives in Washington State? He's currently the leader of 'Washington for Traditional Values,' and is the opponent of equal workplace rights for gays in Washington Initiative 677.

He's currently president of Washington For Traditional Values (an offshoot from the Washington Citizens' Alliance and once stablemate of Lon Mabon's Oregon Citizens' Alliance.)

He also has a number of front groups including NOPE (which is fighting equal protection for gay people in the workplace and credit provision and housing and public accommodations.)"

There's an understatement. As you review the contents of this bigot's bizarre, insane ranting against Initiative 677, you can't help but notice the Nazi propaganda machine in motion again.

To provide further background into the hate rhetoric people like Bob sell to their fellow Christian followers, I've attached some primary examples of the homophobe propaganda and statements of hate.


I would like to point out before hand that I'm constantly reminded that these people do not represent real Christianity and that it is a very difficult task to maintain the perspective of that knowledge. Toward that end if I offend Christians -- real Christians -- along the way, I not only apologize before hand, I would like to solicit comments on where the offense is so that I may correct it.


Section 1: The war against equality for all.
Section 2: Resentment-filled reply.
Section 3: Why won't Bob answer for his hate rhetoric?
Section 4: Typical fascist hate and fear mongering.
Section 5: What the Religious Reich have in store for you.
Section 6: Justifying one's ideology of hate with religion.


Section 1: The war against equality for all.


The N.O.P.E. (No Official Preferences in Employment) Committee to Defeat Initiative 677 Announces:

Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, Alveda King, is coming to Seattle, Washington to oppose Washington's homosexual initiative.

The bigot is lying: I-677 isn't a "homosexual initiative." It's an initiative which addresses neither heterosexuality or homosexuality. It seeks to impose legal recourse to force equality for all as dictated by the Bill of Rights.

The bigot also lies with the name of his hate group: NOPE. There is no "official preference" at issue here. There is a drive for equality for all. I-677 doesn't grant special recognition of any sexual orientation whatsoever. Typical hate-mongering rhetoric.

Civil rights leader Alveda King will participate in a Seattle news conference on September 10, along with N.O.P.E. committee Spokesman Bob Larimer, to oppose a Washington state ballot measure giving special legal standing, protections and rights in the workplace based on wide-open definitions of "real or perceived" sexual orientations.

Another lie: There's no such thing as "special rights" or "special legal standing" involved here. The I-677 measure doesn't care what sexual orientation people have; it seeks to impose legal recourse for discrimination against people due to their sexual orientation. It works to impose sanctions against homosexual employers who terminate heterosexual employees due to their sexual orientation also. As such there's nothing "special" about it.

Alveda King was recently in California standing with internationally acclaimed black pastor E. V. Hill and more than one hundred of Los Angeles' black ministers in opposition to similar legislation elevating homosexual behavior to "civil rights" status. While in California, King expressed outrage that 'sexual preference' is being equated with skin color. King stated: "By inserting this behavior into civil rights law, the true meaning of civil rights is destroyed."

Well, that's one bigots opinion. That her skin hue is dark doesn't detract one iota from the fact that discrimination and bigotry remains discrimination and bigotry.

Black skin and one's sexual orientation are something people are born with. It's not a choice or a "lifestyle" as homophobic bigots would want their followers to believe.

King is a veteran civil rights leader. She has participated in nonviolent sit-ins with her uncle and father during the peak of the civil rights movement. Her home has been firebombed due to her activities.

Which makes it all the more ironic, yes. All the more so when it is shown that Bob's level of hatred and bigotry against millions of innocent people have led and continues to lead to inhuman tyrannies being inflicted upon homosexuals, ranging from beatings to outright murder.

Alveda King is the founder of King of America, Inc. She is also a member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change; and she is a former Georgia state legislator.

For more information, call N.O.P.E. at: 360-850-1272.
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UNSUBSCRIBE C-NEWS to unsubscribe, to
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In fact if you show any sign of intelligence these bigots won't put you on the mailing list.

Section 2: Resentment-filled reply.

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 17:15:58 -0700
To: Fredric Rice
From: Bob Larimer (blarimer@e-z.net)

Do you really think I'll waste time bandying words with someone who is comfortable calling people "lunatics?" I have a campaign to run. [1]

Your notion of "celebrating diversity" appears to be hurling epithets at those who dare to exercise their freedoms as Americans to disagree with you. [2] Wonderful tolerance, there. [3]

Bob Larimer

[1] Yes, Adolf Hitler also had "a campaign to run."

[2] As if homophobic, hate-filled rhetoric (which gets innocent people beaten and murdered) is "just another opinion." Adolf Hitler also had "just another opinion."

[3] The irony would compel laughter were Bob's evil not so deadly.

Section 3: Why won't Bob answer for his hate rhetoric?

Fri Sep 12 18:47:18 1997
Bob Larimer (blarimer@e-z.net)
From: Fredric L. Rice (frice@raids.org)

bl> Do you really think I'll waste time bandying words with someone who
bl> is comfortable calling people "lunatics?" I have a campaign to run.

<laughing!> Neat. You have all the time in the world to demonize millions of innocent people who do no one harm and yet you have no time to answer for your religious hatred. Just demonize then run and hide: That's your style.

Your publicly-stated ideology of hatred and bigotry is observationally evil and yet you want to pretend that you can ignore the hurtful truth just because your 14'th century hatred brands you a lunatic.

YOU contacted ME and mistakenly exposed your hate-spew. Since your gods don't exist, now you must answer to me for your evil.

Lose the hatred, Bob. Lose the Christianity. I can help you escape from that evil you've fallen into but you've got to ask for help. The charter of the Skeptic Tank expressly forbids offering unsolicited assistance. If you're looking for courage to escape, check out:


And just walk away.

bl> Your notion of "celebrating diversity" appears to be hurling
bl> epithets at those who dare to exercise their freedoms as Americans
bl> to disagree with you.

Your brand of evil gets innocent people killed. Your evil is what Adolf Hitler advocated. Your evil is covered in the long and bloody history of your fascism.

My pointing out the hatred of people like you harms no one. Of course it makes your type upset, resentful, and angry to have your bigotry and hatred rubbed into your noses.

Or do you want to pretend that intolerance is beautiful like your fellow neo-Nazi fascists Randall Terry and David Duke?

Well? Answer the question, bigot.

bl> Wonderful tolerance, there.

Your hatred and bigotry remains unchecked. I have no tolerance for bigots who wish to reintroduce the Dark Ages. When you're ready to walk away from that hatred and evil, however, please let me know, okay? I can help you.

Thanks in advance.

fr> Why haven't you answered me?
fr> Are you embarrassed by your hatred and bigotry?

It seems you fascist Nazis must be brow beat before you'll break your embarrassed silences, huh?

Section 4: Typical fascist hate and fear mongering.



Aloha kakahiaka kakou.

This "report" comes under the heading "Know Thy Enemy" and is undoubtedly the biggest crock of propaganda I've seen in a long time. It only underscores Sekulow's true profession: schlockmonger. Any other subshyster would be too embarrassed to put his or her name on this crap, but not Jay Alan Sekulow, chief counsel to Pat Robertson and our loving "friends" at the Christian Coalition.

The American Center for Law and Justice
Jay Alan Sedulow

The Homosexual rights movement is like a runaway train racing down a mountain pass. For several decades, this train has been gaining stream, but it was not until the last few years that its speed began to increase exponentially. The train is still largely out of sight, so most people are unaware of the destruction that is headed their way. But if you listen closely, you can hear the train approaching. It is coming closer with each passing day.

Right away the bigot let's slip a lie: There is no such thing as "Homosexual rights." There is unequal protection under the law and homosexuals who wish to demand their equal rights under the law. Additionally, homosexuality is an orientation, not a political party; it's being willfully capitalized here to try to pretend one's sexuality is some kind of proper noun.

In this confidential report, I expose the homosexual agenda for what it is: a runaway train bent on destroying our communities. I want you to know where that train is headed, and what it will do to our society if it runs it course. I want you to be able to recognize it so you'll know when it comes to your community.

In fact the bigot doesn't provide any evidence to support his fascism. His motivations aren't to get fellow bigots to "recognize" his fictional "homosexual agenda" -- his motivations are to spread hatred and bigotry simply because it makes him feel good and fills the Christian cult's coffers with fast cash.

There's one more thing. I want to show you what you can do to help stop this train before it destroys our families and the very foundation of our society.

Translation: I want to provide justification for rounding-up and executing millions of innocent people and doing what it takes to feed my hatred.

/s/ Jay Alan Sekulow

Understanding The Gay Rights Agenda

The homosexual rights movement is engaged in a concerted effort to radically alter the definition of marriage, and thereby of the family, in America. This is their ultimate goal. Everything else--the equal protection movement, the push for benefits to gay partners, the education agenda, and the fight for same-sex "marriage"--must be understood in this context.

In actual fact demanding equal rights and equal protection under the law is what civil rights and Constitutional rights groups are doing. This bigot wants to think that just because homosexuals are eventually going to get treated equally, he some how loses something and the result is the end of American civilization.

Homosexuals are not only out of the closet, they are out to destroy the family as we know it. The evidence for such a strategy can be plainly seen. For example, the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's "Marriage Project," as well as other programs, are using the push for same-sex "marriage to help bring about a cultural revolution in our society. These activists have patterned their crusade after the civil rights leaders. This quote from Evan Wolfson, who heads the Marriage Project, is typical of the homosexual rights movement: "As Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, 'In this Revolution, no plans have been written for retreat.' We must ready ourselves and advance toward other goals" _(Crossing the Threshold: Equal Marriage Rights for Lesbians and Gay Men by Evan Wolfson)._

The bigot doesn't explain how granting equality to homosexuals will "destroy the family as we know it." Does he really wish to pretend that his family and the families of hundreds of millions of people in the United States could be so easily destroyed? Or is he mouthing off hate rhetoric specifically designed to advance lies?

What "other goals" was Wolfson referring to? Michael Signorile, quoted in _OUT Magazine_, sheds more light on this radical agenda:

"Homosexuals must fight for same-sex marriage and its benefits and then, once granted, redefine the institution of marriage completely . . . to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution."

Wolfson and Signorile are not alone. The National Coalition of Gay Organizations created a "Gay Rights Platform" that included these goals:

Repeal _all laws_ prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons; repeal all laws against prostitution; repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent; repeal all laws that restrict the gender or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; extend legal benefits to all persons who cohabit.

If these extremists have their way, America will not only condone homosexuality, but will become the world's greatest promoter of every form of sexual deviancy. The traditional family will be left in ruins and moral constraints wil (sic) be cast aside--all under the guise of equality. If you look around, you can see that this is already happening. The train is approaching.

The hate-mongering bigot seeks to tie all gay activists together as though they were some kind of all-powerful cabal in complete agreement as to their aims, goals, and desires. In actual fact the primary motivation of civil and Constitutional rights organizations is equal protection under the law for homosexuals and heterosexuals with no discrimination.

Additionally, America already does condone homosexuality just as America already condones heterosexuality. Most of America doesn't have the sick fascination of these homophobic bigots and don't care what people who love each other do in the privacy of their own homes. But then most people aren't latent homosexuals driven to homophobia by the conflict of their religious beliefs and their embarrassing sexuality. (See "Testing penile physiological responses with homosexual stimulus")

Why Gays Are Gaining Cultural Acceptance

In the last two decades, the gay rights movement has gained unprecedented cultural acceptance. Homosexuals in America have transformed their image so well that it now appears a majority of leaders in science, entertainment, education and business support the homosexual lifestyle.

Science has been working on explaining human sexuality and have an overwhelming body of scientific data describing sexual orientation of humans (and other animals) as being a broad-spectrum neither fully heterosexual or homosexual. Science also shows that one's sexuality is probably set and immutable by the age of 9. The AMA specifically pulls the license of any doctor who seeks to "cure" homosexuals since they're engaging in scientifically-proven quack medicine.

For example, in the December 1996 _Baehr v. Miike_ ruling, when the State of Hawaii became the first court to ever legally sanction same-sex marriages, the Circuit Court relied, in part, on the testimony of "experts" in the field of psychiatry. According to Kyle Pruitt, "Gay and lesbian parents are as fit and loving as non-gay parents and couples." The Court referenced the testimony of a Dr. Schwartz: "There is no reason related to the promotion of optimal development of children why same-sex couples should not be permitted to marry." The homosexual movement uses the testimony of such "experts" to validate a lifestyle and even promote the purported positive social benefits of homosexuality.

Another bigoted lie: There is no such thing as a "homosexual lifestyle." In any event, imagine the nerve of using scientists and medical doctors to determine the validity of an object of inquiry! (I'm being ironic here, you know. There is no better method for making an accurate determination of Truth than using scientific method.)

Hollywood has helped in this image makeover as well. Slowly, cross-dressing and then homosexual characters have been introduced to movies and television. Finally, full acceptance came on April 30, 1997, when Ellen Degeneres' alter ego in the sitcom _Ellen_ announced that she was gay. This carefully orchestrated "coming out" party, which was celebrated openly by the media elite, marked another milestone in the mainstreaming of homosexuality in America.

"It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! They're all after our children!"

In fact as American society matures and throws-off the abuses of our still heavily priest-ridden country, the demand for equality has been making solid progress -- something hate-filled bigots fear.

More quietly, the homosexual cultural revolution has invaded our workplaces as one company after another adapts to the changing culture. Such corporate giants as Apple Computer, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, The New York Times, Sprint, Time Warner, Walt Disney, Xerox, and many others now offer benefits to domestic partners (see _World_, April 26, 1997, p. 16-17).

Because the policies of Fortune 500 companies invariably "trickle down" to smaller businesses, the societal effect of changes in the workplace can be dramatic.

Yeah, imagine the dramatics. Homosexuals -- if they get equal rights and equal protection under the law -- could finally sue homophobic bigots for firing them from their jobs for no other reason than because they're homophobic bigots.

Just imagine. Gay couples could be given the right to obtain medical coverage for their children and for themselves.

Perhaps the key battleground is the classrooms of America, where pro-homosexual education materials like _Daddy's Roommate_ regularly appear on the reading lists of even our youngest children. Here at the American Center for Law and Justice, we receive calls from shocked parents who report blatant examples of the pro-homosexual agenda. Schoolteachers also often turn to us for help.

Yes, let's not only hide the real world from our children, let's try to get Creationism into them at the same time and really keep them ignorant and submissive to the Christian priesthood. That'll learn 'em.

How Homosexuals Are Using The Courts

At the same time that homosexual rights activists conduct their "slow march" to cultural acceptance, a panzer movement is underway through the courts that is designed to fast track the homosexual extremists toward their goal of making homosexuality a protected status while redefining the family.

Another lie. (Yes, I was just as surprised as you were.) There are no organizations seeking to make homosexuality a "protected status." Every organization and individual seeks to make one's sexuality not subject to unequal or unlawful protection under the law.

Every bill or measure constructed by civil and Constitutional rights groups demand equality for heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.

It's the same strategy that abortion advocates used to create a constitutional right to abortion. Now, the crusade for a constitutional right of sexual orientation is underway.

Make a note of homophobic logic.

Why the courts? Because judges are not accountable to the democratic process. Once they decide to abandon the rule of law, they wield enormous power as social architects. As a result, it takes just a few votes, not 51 percent of an elected assembly, to change the laws.

America isn't a democracy; it's a Constitutional Republic... something which angers these homophobic bigots so much it's a wonder they don't leave the country and move to Iran: Some place they like better.

In fact discrimination against homosexuals is unconstitutional; whether all 260 million Americans voted to execute homosexuals or not, doing so is against the law.

Abraham Lincoln understood this fact. In his First Inaugural Address, Lincoln said:

The candid citizen must confess that if the policy of the government, upon vital questions, affecting the whole people, is to be inevocably (sic) fixed, by decisions of the Supreme Court . . . the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having, to that extent, practically resigned their government, into the hands of that eminent tirbunal (sic).

In 1993, two Hawaii Supreme Court justices, dissenting in _Baehr v. Lewin_, recognized that this scenario of judicial tyranny was unfolding in their state. Justices Heen and Hayashi warned that the Court was manufactuing (sic) "a civil right which is unsupported by any precedent." They saw that the legal trend in Hawaii would have "far-reaching and grave repercussions on the finances and policies of the governments and industry of this state and all the other states in the country" (see _Baehr v. Lewin_, 852 P.2d at 70-74).

Curiously the bigot decided not to quote what these "far reaching and grave repercussions" are. This bigot seems to want to pretend that granting people equality some how detracts from his life.

In any event the same complaints were uttered by plantation owners and racial bigots of the America not 100 years ago. The struggle for equality will continue regardless of how many hate-filled bigots want to maintain the status quo -- and their hate-generated revenues.

The courtroom is the key. If homosexuals can win the battle of the courtrooms, they will be guaranteed victory in the culture war. That is why the American Center for Law and Justice has implemented a nationwide strategy to confront this issue. We have been heavily involved in the battle in Hawaii and are committed to defending marriage and the family on a state-by-state and, if necessary, county-by-county basis.

In fact Americans have already won this bigot's "war." The result is the Bill of Rights! What remains is enforcing these laws which America already fought for.

What Same-Sex Marriage Could Do To America

With the stroke of a pen, the Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii became the first court in the history of the world to legally sanction same-sex marriages. This is despite the fact that 73 percent of Hawaiians polled oppose same-sex marriages.

Once again the bigot expresses his ignorance as to what a Constitutional Republic is. Once again the homophobe seems to think that the United States is a Democracy.

The American Center for Law and Justice has labored intensively to ensure that this ruling does not become the law of the land in Hawaii or across America. We are closely monitoring the Hawaii Supreme Court's review of the case. Plus, we played a critical role in working to see a constitutional amendment defending traditional marriage come to a vote before the people of Hawaii.

In fact the first time America sought to correct its bigotry against the minority, it took a civil war. This time it'll take constant hammering to keep the homophobic bigots down until they and their ideologies of hatred die out like the dinosaurs.

The final outcome of this battle in Hawaii is not yet known. If homosexuals are allowed to marry in Hawaii, all other states, the federal government, and private businesses may be forced to recognize these marriages in a variety of ways, including:

Full state sanctioning of the homosexual lifestyle; government benefits, including Medicare and Social Security; work leave to care for a sick partner; retirement benefits; joint health, auto and home insurance policies; tax advantages; immigration for a partner from another country; joint parental custody; divorce rights and alimony; inheritance rights; full adoption rights.


In spite of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which I supported in testimony before the U.S. Congress, thousands of homosexuals would flood to the "Aloha state" and then return to their states demanding their marriages be recognized under what is called the "full faith and credit" clause of the U.S. Constitution. As one lesbian activist stated, "We'll be on the first plane out [to Hawaii]! So many of us are just waiting for the day that our relationships are legally recognized" (Deb Price, _Detroit News_, August 1995).

If same-sex marriage is allowed, the family would never be the same. America's moral landscape would be transformed literally overnight. That is why the same-sex marriage issue--and the unfolding drama in Hawaii--is undoubtedly the most crucial battleground in today's culture war. In fact, it could be the decisive battle for the soul of America.

Note how the bigot doesn't explain how "the family will never be the same." He just asserts without thinking or explaining that it would be. Also notice how he seems to think that his own marriage and the "soul of America" is some how in danger of being destroyed or something. Is his marriage really so weak?!

An Action Plan For Defending The Family

"Homophobic." If you haven't been hit with that charge yet--and you are a concerned Christian who believes in traditional marriage--you will be soon enough. In fact, you can expect to hear that charge more and more in the coming months. But it's a charge that demands an answer. For unless we can answer it, the homosexual extremists will have their way in our business, classrooms and even our churches.

Note how every homosexual and civil and Constitutional rights organization are pretended to be "extremists." Every homosexual and heterosexual wants to be left alone; to be allowed to have equality in the workplace, in the classroom, and yes -- even in their church.

Turning Back the Runaway Train

I believe we are at a crucial point in the battle over homosexuality and the meaning of the family in America. We must draw a line and determine to stop the advance of this radical agenda. We must be on the alert in every community across the nation, and stand ready to win the battle in the classrooms, courtrooms and legislative halls of our land.

No matter how many we have to kill this time.

But we must do more than hold our ground. We must reclaim the land that has been stolen and re-establish the moral, cultural and legal supports for the traditional family.

We can draw the line. We can stop the "runaway train" of the radical homosexual agenda right in its tracks. And if we band together and commit ourselves to a common goal, we can turn that train back and protect our families and communities for generations to come.

[photo of Jay Alan Sekulow with caption: _Jay Alan Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice._]

P.O. Box 64429
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467-4429

Section 5: What the Religious Reich have in store for you.

Here's another lovely example. The rise of Nazi fascism started out with the exact same rhetoric against Jews: fear mongering without a shred of evidence to back up their outrageous claims.

Note how these bigots pretend homosexuality is some kind of plague and also note how these bigots seem to think they represent "community standards" -- just like the so-called "Christian" Coalition pretend they're representative of Christianity.

When Negros moved into white neighborhoods, racist bigots spoke and wrote these very same pathetic arguments against the "upity nigras" setting out to destroy the American Way.

Lastly, note the lies: Homosexual parents are just as successful at raising their children than are heterosexual parents. Every study conducted with scientific method indicates that one's sexual orientation simply doesn't matter to anyone by the individual!


State of North Carolina
Davidson County
Before the Honorable Board of Commissioners

WHEREAS, the Davidson County Board of Commissioners is charged with protection of the safety, health and welfare of the community, and

WHEREAS, there continue to be assaults on those community standards which have historically and traditionally served to protect the public safety, health and welfare; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners believes that as the elected representatives of the citizens, it is selected in part to articulate and protect those community standards; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners believes it must not sit silently and watch those community standards be undermined; and

WHEREAS, homosexual rights issues have recently again been the focus of policy decisions from the federal to state and local levels of government; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners desires to establish a public policy, which will be forwarded to appropriate elected officials on behalf of the community; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners makes the following findings of fact:

  • That the traditional family structure is in accord with those community standards; and

  • That this traditional lifestyle has been proven to be the primary and best method for fostering a positive development in children and a support network for the elderly; and

  • That this family structure has provided the best mechanism for maintaining a lifestyle which leaves citizens independent of their government for support; and

  • That lifestyles advocated by the homosexual community should not be endorsed by government policy-makers because they are incompatible with the standards to which this community subscribes; and

  • That homosexual lifestyle units are directly contrary to state laws.


1. The Davidson County Board of Commissioners openly and vigorously supports the current community standards and well-established state statutory laws regarding homosexual lifestyles; and

2. The Board of Commissioners pledges not to fund those activities which seek to contradict these existing community standards; and

3. The Board of Commissioners, as the policy-making political body of the Davidson County community, seeks the support of other elected officials in protecting its standards; and

4. The Board of Commissioners believes that this policy will serve and protect the health, safety and welfare of its constituents; and

5. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Board of Commissioners believes that the homosexual lifestyle adversely affects the citizens of Davidson County and does not adhere to our traditional family values, and

6. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Commissioners does not support the concept of single-sex marriages or homosexual-partner benefits and will notify all elected members of our state government to urge them to continue to support legislation to ban single-sex marriages and homosexual-partner benefits and will urge members of our federal government to continue to support legislation to ban single-sex marriages or homosexual partner benefits in the United States.

7. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that since the traditional lifestyle has proven to be the primary and best method for fostering a positive development in children and since homosexuality choice made by adults that conflicts with the traditional lifestyle, the Board of Commissioners does not support any legislation or policy that allows the adoption of children by homosexuals.

8. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Board of Commissioners strongly condemns this lifestyle and intends to send this message to policy-makers of this country.

Adopted this the 10th day of December 1996.

Larry W. Potts, Chairman
Davidson County Board of Commissioners

Section 6: Section 6: Justifying one's ideology of hate with religion.

It seems to me that there is a fatal blasphemy behind what these people advocate. The Jesus Christ depicted in the Christian mythologies wasn't a bigot! Paul/Saul of Tarsus had some distaste for women yet he didn't hate homosexuals. Being the creator of the Christian religion one would think that departing from the examples of Christ and Paul would be undesirable.

As you've just seen, however, these homophobes attempt to justify their ideologies of hatred with the Christian bible. They focus upon an obscure sentence plucked-out of one chapter and obsess themselves into a spittle-flying frenzy in their need to demonize the innocent and justify their guilt.

But it's worse than that:

  • They pretend that their gods will punish all of America for granting homosexuals equal rights and equal protection under the law. That's a supreme blasphemy. It turns their gods into unjust, tyrannical despots.

  • They pretend they're representative of Christianity. That's a supreme blasphemy. Christians are supposed to dedicate themselves to the teaching of Jesus, not get mentally derailed to destruction by their petty bigotry and distaste. Most Christians are willing to live and let live so long as no one is harming them. They don't try to concoct elaborate conspiracies and world-destroying cabals of enemies bent upon the destruction of families.

  • They dedicate themselves to illiteracy and willful ignorance. All available scientific data indicates that one's sexuality -- like one's skin color or the color of one's eyes -- is something one is born with. These people ignore the plethora of scientific data in favor of what they wish to pretend is "god's law" -- as if simply believing in gods will make truth disappear. That's a blasphemy. The gods gave humans the ability to think and acquire education for a reason. To willfully set aside that god-given gift to justify one's hatred is a supreme blasphemy.

  • They don't read their own mythologies. As was shown above, the "sin" of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with sex. These people blasphemy their own gods by incorrectly attributing their hate-motivated beliefs to their own sacred scripture.

    • The bigot forgot to mention that the laws of Moses were intended for Jews, not Gentiles. Peter included the Gentiles late in the movement and Jesus would have been extremely upset if he had been alive at the time.

    • The bigot also forgot to mention that Paul/Saul's letter reflected an extreme phobia for sexual behavior of any kind; between man and woman as well. Paul's letters to the congregations he concerned himself which indicated that marriage was the lesser evil when it came to engageing in sexual behavior of any kind.

    • The bigot also some how forgot to mention that the old covenant was supposedly replaced by the new. All the once-useful restrictions against wearing mixed fiber clothes and dietary laws get ignored by nearly every contemporary Christian. Why doesn't the bigot rant against nylon?

I would be happy to ignore such evil were it not for the fact that such hate rhetoric gets people killed and that these bigots are working hard to stall social progress.

I would be happy to let these people rant in their own tight little circles until they die out of their own accord were it not for the fact that myself -- not being a Christian -- am next on their list.


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