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Subject: Fake CAN gets facelift. Deceit still visible.
From: ahein@xs2all.nl (Anton Hein)
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 06:42:37 GMT

Scientology's fake "Cult Awareness Network" has recently undergone a facelift. However, the usual deceit is still very much in evidence.

Long relatively dormant, the site currently is a confusing jumble of old, new, and rehashed content. The level of misinformation can be judged by these kind of lies:

        The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) is the nationís leading referral
	service for reliable and qualified information on cults. 
	(Mission Statement - http://www.cultawarenessnetwork.org/statemnt/)

This old newsletter, also still online, further demonstrates CAN's deceitful nature:

The newspaper Cleveland Plain Dealer recently ran an article which said about the new CAN: "... the organization provides callers with information about religious groups and refers callers to the group they are inquiring about for further information or to people who are deemed experts in that area...the new CAN's role is mediation, to get families back together."

And a November United Press International wire story said the new CAN is: "...a religious tolerance organization that gives people reliable information and reconciles families through mediation. The vile and hateful attitude is gone."

While CAN makes it look as if the Cleveland Plain Dealer and UPI laud the "new CAN," in reality, they merely ran CAN press releases. The above statements are direct quotes from those CAN press releases.

Throughout the site, CAN assures us it has a "different philosophy" than the old CAN. However, it's banner cry of "tolerance" is belied by hateful articles masquerading as press releases, as well as the same unbalanced approach we have come to expect from the "new CAN."

Elsewhere (http://www.cultawarenessnetwork.org/edmonton.html) we are told:

	CAN since it was reconstituted has been extremely successful in this
	regard, taking over 7,750 calls from people all over North America. 

However part of this duty is also to provide warnings about false experts and groups that do not promote this ideal.

This CAN special report is about an anti-religious conference being held in Edmonton, Alberta, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. You will find actual documentation on this site of the bias and motivation of the organizers who have advocated religious kidnapping.

In other words, the "new CAN" is a waste space.

For details about the fake CAN, see:


For information about the real CAN, see:


For real information about Cults, Sects, and Alternative Religious Movements, see:


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