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Subject: Cult! Alert! - Amazon.com Needs Your Help
From: ahein@xs4all.be (Anton Hein)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 16:52:21 GMT

Anton Hein's (ahein@xs2all.nl *change 2 to 4 to email*) reply to Jonas Flygare , who - on 20 Jun 1999 11:03:47 +0200 - wrote:

> I mean, it must be bad enough being stupid, but to put it up like that > for everyone to see... Gee, I wonder if CAN and FRF are one and the > same thing?

Hah! They are. At the

	Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice 

site, Nancy O'Meara has listed herself as follows:

Ms Nancy O'Meara Foundation for Religious Freedom

Date of Registration: 2/24/98 Faith tradition: Scientologist Gender: Female Birthdate: 05/15/52 Profession: administrator Organization: Foundation for Religious Freedom dba Cult Awareness Education: High school Other Degrees: Minister

Contact (...)

Email (1): nancyo@telcocom.com Email (2): nancyo@telcocom.com URL (1): http://www.cultawarenessnetwork.org [...more...]

FRF is described as:

Mission The mission of the FRF is to promote interreligious cooperation on the key issues affecting us all including illiteracy, drug abuse, and morality. FRF's Cult Awareness Network provides factual information about a myriad of religious groups, qualified expert referrals, reconciliations, and mediations. (...)

IFV Representative: Ms Nancy O'Meara Email (1): nancyo@telcocom.com Email (2): inform@cultawarenessnetwork.org URL (1): http://www.cultawarenessnetwork.org

Membership Membership organization: Yes Number of members: 500 [...more...]

The webmaster for both FRF and CAN is Dave Hinkley. He claims to be a Christian. His own site is


which provides free hosting for churches and religious organizations. The site is prominently linked to by FRF. This is one of the many ways in which FRF sucks in people.

Something interesting:

Relioustolerance.org, which may be independent of CAN/FRF, but which is consistently promoted by both, says:

        The "new" Cult Awareness Network is operated the "Foundation for
        Religious Freedom," a California corporation. It is controlled by a
	multi-faith Board of Directors, whose current chairperson is Dr. George
	Robertson, a Baptist minister:

Pastor George Robertson, DD Vice President & Chairman, Christian Education Department, Maryland Bible College & Seminary, 6023 Moravia Park Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206

He is also the Corporate Affairs Administrator and Staff Pastor with the Greater Grace World Outreach Church. This church "can be traced to 1964 and the organization of a 15-member group at a Baptist church in Wiscasset, Maine. "The Church is a fundamentalist Christian Church with a strong belief in the authority of the Bible." (1)

This church was in the news a few years back. Watchman Fellowship, a Christian apologetics and countercult ministry, has details:

	Greater Grace World Outreach, Carl H. Stevens, Jr. Baltimore, MD:
        Formerly "The Bible Speaks." Courts required church to return funds to
	millionaire contributor for unethical and illegal actions. Allegedly
        practices mind control and shepherding. See "Shepherding."

"Greater Grace" Influence In Nashville? http://www.watchman.org/stevens.htm

This is the same Robertson who founded "Friends of Freedom," an organization funded by the Church of Scientology:


and of course Robertson is listed as one them "experts" CAN refers people to:


I think we ought to keep a closer eye on these folks and their organizations.

About the fake CAN http://www.apologeticsindex.org/c19.html

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