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this just in from Reuters:

Nun Admits Scrawling Racist Graffiti

JOLIET, Ill. (Reuters) - A 66-year-old Franciscan nun has confessed to scrawling racist graffiti on the bathroom walls of the hospital where she was a chaplain, police said Thursday.

Sister Dorothy Toman confessed when confronted about the graffiti written with a black marker found on two separate days late last month in five bathrooms at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center.

"She said she did it to see how the hospital would react," Joliet Police Sgt. Terry Mazur said.

"She admitted to writing the words 'white supremacy'," Mazur said, adding he was not equipped to offer a comment on Toman's mental state.

Security cameras showed Toman was among those who entered a women's bathroom late last month where graffiti was found, and she admitted her actions when questioned by a detective.

Toman, who had worked at the hospital for about a year and was one of 10 chaplains offering solace to patients, was charged with two counts of criminal defacement of property and released on $100 bond.

Hospital spokesman Clint Giese said Toman was not a suspect in the distribution of pamphlets and flyers espousing racial hatred that were found on the desks of some black employees earlier this year.

Well, I suppose on the "sticks and stones" principle, we ought to favor the scrawling nun over the turd with the gun, but I cannot get very enthusiastic about either of them.

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