POMONA -- "No dogs, Negroes, Mexicans."

That's what was written on a sign hanging inside a house where a drug lab capable of producing more than $250,000 worth of methamphetamine at a time was being run by three suspected white supremacists Tuesday afternoon, Ontario police Macias said.

A multiagency task force led by the Ontario Police Department and including federal and local police officers served a search warrant at the house in the 1200 block of West Second Street and seized more than 60 handguns, rifles and semiautomatic weapons and 1,000 rounds of ammunition, Macias said.

Some of the semiautomatic guns were modified to accommodate silencers, he said.

A picture of Adolf Hitler and several Nazi flags and trophies were also taken from the h ere the three suspected drug-making racists were living.

Officers from the Ontario, Fontana and Upland police departments, the California Department of Corrections, and DEA and FBI agents worked together on the investigation after getting a tip that a methamphetamine lab was there.

As the officers moved in about 4 p.m., they spotted 41-year-old William Vern Farnsworth leaving the house. They stopped him and arrested him but released him later, pending further investigation.

M Odell Glatfelter, 48, who was hiding inside the house, was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine and booked into Los Angeles County Jail, police said.

Mark M. Alders, 47, was found sitting in a stolen car across the street and was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine and a parole violation, Macias said. Alders was booked at Pomona City Jail.

"All of them were identified as participants in the clandestine lab," Macias said.

Farnsworth and Gl r apparently live in the house, but Alders told police he was a transient who was just staying there, Macias said.

When the officers got to the house, they searched several adjacent garage structures and found 30 handguns and revolvers, some of them semiautomatic and modified for silencers. Thirty-two rifles, shotguns and assault rifles were seized, along with a small amount of heroin and marijuana, police said.

As the methamphetamine lab was dismantled, officers estimated it was capabl producing 28 pounds, or $250,000 worth of the drug per cooking session, Macias said.

"The lab showed signs that it had been used in the past," he said.

Officers also took more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition of various types, and the Los Angeles County Bomb Squad was called out to remove blasting caps, fuses, detonation cords and other explosive materials.

It was unknown late Wednesday what, if any, Nazi group the suspected racists were affiliated with, who the cache of weapo registered to or what the men intended to do with them, Macias said.

The case was forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for review, and the three could face additional charges.


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