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Subject: "How would you know if nobody ever told ya?"
From: heldal@online.no (Andreas Heldal-Lund - www.xenu.net)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 15:09:02 GMT

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Name/Nick: Bryan

My mother died at the age of 46 in 1996. I was 25 - and very grief stricken and depressed as a result of this loss. I read a lot of different things in search of something that would bring me through this grief. I found the book Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health and read it cover to cover. I have to admit, the basic premises of the book intrigued me (at the time) - but I was in a very vulnerable state. I reread parts of the book from time to time over the next year or so, and finally went to a local church of Scientology - (the LA church at Sunset & L.R.H. Drive). It was after this trip to the church, and the bizarre encounters I had with the staff there that I decided to look more closely at what exactly Scientology was. See, the thing that got me about the whole operation was this: I actually liked the book Dianetics. Assuming (just for fun) that the concept of auditing and engrams and all that was true - it seemed like a really cool concept. Talk away your problems. Uncover painful episodes and make them disappear. Nifty! But all of these fees, and the whole religion thing that the "church" attached to the concepts in the book seemed bizarre to me. If Scientology was only about the basic concepts in the book Dianetics, I probably would have studied it more and tried auditing. But the religious aspect of it all seemed so contrived and false and unethical (mainly because of the fact that EVERYTHING cost lots of money to participate) that I blew it all off. The church did get about $40.00 out of me for the introductory course. I paid the money and got the textbook (which was ridiculous and written at the 1st grade level), but never went back to "do" the course at the church.

One thing in the book Dianetics that definitely bothered me (and contributed to my decision to dismiss it all as craziness) was LRH's many references to the "engrams" associated with pregnant mothers attempting to abort their children and having sex while pregnant. LRH made it sound like every woman on the planet tried to abort their child. Very disturbing - and completely untrue.

Anyway - great web site. Very interesting and informative. I've learned a lot about the dark side of Scientology here. I am reminded often of one of my college physics professors, who often said: "How would you know if nobody ever told ya?"

So true. So true!


Best wishes, SP4 & Adm. TOXE CXI
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