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Subject: Clambake scores in Hollywood!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 17:54:09 GMT

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Dear Clambake:

Some have wondered about the effectiveness of ARS and various web sites so allow me to relate how Operation Clambake got a win in Hollywood. For a variety of reasons, I chose to remain anonymous and will decline to name the Hollywood Personality, who will merely be called "HP" (for "Hollywood Personality.")

One day I got an email from ______@aol.com asking if it was alright to ask some questions about Scientology. I answered by saying yes, but I might be reserved in my reply, not knowing their identity. (The address gave no hint.) They replied and said that they are a name in Hollywood and prefer to be anonymous and then included a couple of screens of information about their interest and a score of questions. Finally, at the end, they gave in and offered a way to find who they are and how to verify it. (Example: Let's say the person was associated with a film studio. I could call Information, get the number of the studio and ask for them and thus confirm. This is only an example.)

So I did as they suggested and confirmed the person. As it turned out, this person (I will call them "HP") was nominated for an Oscar. That is how much of a "name" they are. (And I decline to say for what. Let us say that it was in one of the top categories: directing or acting, and not for editing or special effects etc.)

We talked for several hours, with HP asking many questions about Scientology. Along the way, I asked HP how HP found me. It happened that HP had been "disseminated" to by a major Scientology "celeb" and was interested but then some things happened, such as an incident at a post-Oscar party that really turned HP off about the Scientology style and methods. HP went on the Net and found Clambake and began to devour the information. While reading, HP found something I had written that Clambake had archiaved and it struck a chord. HP found my email address and sent the message.

As remarked, we spoke for hours, with HP asking scores of questions after visiting Clambake: abortions, Xenu, Celebrity Center, Hubbard, the "Purification Rundown," Gilman, the RPF, Lisa McPherson... The questions went on and on. (HP had clearly done some serious reading!)

Soon HP was laughing and telling _me_ about the cult's problems in Hollywood and how much they are despised, giving many prominent names and expressing how relieved HP was to now know why. Despite the brown-nosing and hard-sell so dominant in that industry, the Scientologists were worse than them all, HP said. Cult members were not only disliked for their methods but were seen as a pathetic joke. It was no wonder that people like Nicole Kiddman were backing away. (And rumor is that Cruise is also cooling off on being a PR front man.)

In the end, HP was quite grateful and eager to tell others in the industry about the cult. (Given HP's position, that will be not only quite wide but heard by many. Being an Oscar- nominee goes farther than an OT3 certificate.) HP also promised to send along any others who might have similar questions.

That is why Operation Clambake can take a win. A Hollywood name/celebrity the criminal cult tried to grab has learned the truth. They join a growing list of Hollywood personalities who are warning others about "Pod Palace" (Hollywood's very accurate name for Celebrity Center.)

Respectfully submitted (laugh),
A friend

Best wishes, SP4 & Adm. TOXE CXI
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