It's not enough for the purveyors of hatred to target only the objects of their fears. They also must "punish" the sane around them which live in peace and tolerance with those the hate mongers are taught to hate.

Here is another newspaper article about a hate group which also targets anyone who doesn't engage in homophobic bigotry.

The domestic terrorist hate group "Operation Rescue" has been responsible for instigating murder and arson around the United States. The leaders of the cult has lately instructed their followers to jump onto the hatred of homosexuals bandwagon simply because hatred of gays (and minorities) are on the rise while anti-abortion fanaticism is on the decline. There is more revenues to be taken from the cult's followers simply because there are more homophobes than anti-women bigots among them.

As usual, the hate mongers use their master's deity constructs to "justify" their hatred.

REUTERS, May 27, 1998
Anti-abortion group to protest gay fest at Disney
By Brad Liston

ORLANDO, Fla., May 27 (Reuters) - Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion, anti- gay group known for angry confrontation and civil disobedience, will stage protests inside Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom during an annual gay celebration there in June, the group's leader says.

More than 100,000 gay and lesbian tourists plan to visit Orlando the first weekend of June for a three-day celebration at several of the area's theme parks, including Disney World.

``We'll be there. We'll be inside the park and we'll make ourselves known,'' Rev. Philip ``Flip'' Benham said in an interview with Reuters from his Dallas, Texas, home late Tuesday.

``If they think they're going to just drive by us at the gate, they're wrong. They'll get the same thing inside the park that they get when they show up at the abortion clinics.''

Operation Rescue is known for staging high-profile protests -- Benham calls them ``proclamations'' -- involving verbal confrontation and the passive blocking of access to abortion clinics.

The protests generally are not violent but are heated and sometimes lead to large numbers of arrests. Benham himself was arrested outside Disney World's gates last December for obstructing a public street during a protest.

But his promise to take the protest into the Magic Kingdom itself, where access is usually blocked only by long lines at Fantasy Land or baby strollers outside Cinderella's Castle, is unprecedented, local police said.

``I've been here 12 years and I've never heard of anything like this,'' said Jim Solomons, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

He said three emergency response teams will be available if there is trouble.

Gay Days events are sponsored by several gay-rights groups and gay-owned businesses, not by Walt Disney Co.

But Disney has drawn the ire of many conservative Christians for allowing its facilities to be used for the annual gay celebration.

``Sometimes this stuff really tries my patience,'' said Roy Disney, vice chairman of the company founded by his uncle Walt, in a recent interview with Reuters.

He was referring to the spate of boycotts leveled at Disney, most notably by Southern Baptists, after Gay Days last year. ``We're here for everyone. What do these people expect us to do?''

In a word, said Benham, ``Repent.''

Benham, a 50-year-old minister ordained in the Free Methodist Church, said Disney has become a target because it once epitomised family values, but now touts ``a world view that says 'My right, my body, my choice.' But one day (Disney Chairman) Michael Eisner will have to bend his knee before God. It's God's right and God's choice.''

Tom Dye, publisher of Watermark, a gay and lesbian newspaper published in central Florida, said gays will be there only for fun and have no intention of taking the bait from Operation Rescue.

``This is a fun event,'' said Dye. ``It's growing every year. If there are any problems, I'm sure Disney will handle them with its usual professionalism.''

Disney spokesman Bill Warran commented on Benham's plans: ``While we respect everyone's right to a point of view, we also will work very hard to ensure guests visiting our resort will have the best possible experience while on their vacation. Our policies would not allow that type of activity in our parks.''

Gay Days has been an annual event at Disney World since 1991, when a group called Digital Queers -- a few hundred Orlando-area gays who communicated through computer bulletin boards -- chose Disney World as a place to meet face to face.

In the early years, gay celebrants wore red tee shirts so they could recognize one another.


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