Relatif Tuinn:
RT> I agree with you on most of this, but for Oral Roberts, i dont
RT> remember him ever once ripping people off, or selling God.

Karl Schneider:
Oral Roberts is one of the *original* ripoff artists. I grew up living 2 blocks from him in Tulsa and his son Ronnie was a good friend through high school. He committed suicide a couple years after we graduated (Edison HS 1959).

I can guarantee you that was a direct result of his awareness of the slimy character of his father. Oral and Richard now each have homes larger than most Holiday Inns and are regulars at Southern Hills Country Club which has a $35,000 annual membership fee.

Another of my good friends, Chuck Ramsey in high school was the son of Oral's Comptroller... he supervised the opening up of the dozens of sacks of mail each morning containing cash and checks. There have been thousands of ignorant suckers who have lived in penury supporting this bastard's lifestyle; my aunt in Edwardsville was one.

Roberts (along with a lot of other 'Christians') better fucking well HOPE there isn't any God, because if there is, they're gonna be in real deep shit.


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