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Subject: Picket Report: Special Guest in Atlanta
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:36:41 GMT

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 05:24:38 GMT, in alt.religion.scientology you wrote:

At a quarter to seven, Ethercat, Joker, Stacy Brooks, and I began picketing the Atlanta org.The parking lot was fairly full, and at first there were some people coming and going. Joker operated the video camera while the rest of us carried signs - Stacy had 'Scientology Banned in Greece' backed with 'Scientology Convicted in Canada'. Ethercat had 'Co$ Stole My Friend' backed with 'Scientology Suppresses Free Speech and Free Thought'. I had 'Scientology is a Scam' and Scientology: Tax Exempt UFO Cult'.

As usual, we got a steady stream of honks and waves and thumbs-up. After about 15 minutes Bubbles (she would not tell us her name; she is the one photographing us in the pictures Ethercat put on the arscc-atl picket report for the March 27th picket) came out to take pictures of the picketers.Ethercat asked her what she was going to do with the pictures, and Stacy asked if we could ever see them. Bubbles shook her head no as she walked very quickly back into the org. Then Linda, the OT6 showed up, asking where Mad_Cow was (hey Cow, she remembered your name this time!). I just said that he was with us in spirit. We talked for a while; she asked me what I had against her beliefs, and I pointed out that I did not speak against the free-zoners. She asked who they were, so I told her about Scientologists who did not have to spend every penny they made on auditing. She said they were probably changing the tech, and I said no, that was what RTC was doing whenthey put out Hubbard's books and changed the text from what was in the originals. She quit talking to me.

Soon Susan arrived, asking me why it was alright for us to picket her church, but not for her to picket us. I tried to explained the difference between individual people and organizations, but she did not seem to understand, or wish to pursue the matter further. She recognized Stacy right away. Stacy and Ethercat both did a good bit of talking with her, while Joker spoke with Linda. I will let them tell what all was said, if they wish.

We had already decided to leave at eight, and when a DeKalb County police officer arrived at 5 'til, we decided to mosey on. As we crossed the parking lot next door, the police officer pulled in behind us. He was interested in finding out what our picket was all about, so Stacy gave him some interesting facts - talk about straight from the presses! He ended up taking a selection of our flyers (Stacy brought them - Xenu, and the WSJournal's IRS story). He said he would put them on the bulletin board at the precinct.

It was neat meeting Stacy; she is great fun to picket with, and a really nice person. And it was great having a new picketer joining us - Joker did a magnificent job of taping, getting every important minute on video. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we get some stills on the web-site.

There is lots more to tell about, but it is late, and work comes early. Ethercat, Joker, and Stacy all had experiences of their own while I was talking with Linda, and then Susan. It was a great picket, and likely will take several more posts to tell the full story.

'Til next;
The Few, The Proud, The Banned;
2x on the Scieno-nanny.

Scientology: now it is different. Now your abuses will be told and memorialized forever on the Internet. We have each other and we will see your criminal element eliminated before we are done. Grady Ward

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