Author: Phyllis Andersen

Date: 1999/05/31
Forum: rec.crafts.textiles.quilting


I went to the Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA yesterday. I used to stop in there when I would be in the area. I think this might have been my last visit. Controversy has surrounded them for a long time, but there is newer controversy. There was a young man sitting on the sidewalk in front of the quilt store holding a sign that said: "Piecemakers ruined my family and now they are suing me for $5 million".

I ignored them and entered the store, wondering what it was all about. As I pulled the door open, there was a large sign "Government inspections done by appointment only" posted on the door. I purchased a yard of fabric and picked up a sheet of paper at the register. It was a copy of the Piecemaker's letter to the editor of the Costa Mesa newspaper. In it, it said that this young man's mother is a member of the Piecemakers.

I'm beginning to think that this organization has an attitude that will prevent me from shopping there anymore. Also on this sheet of paper, they stated that they don't feel that they should be subjected to inspections by the fire department. As a business owner, I am subject to these surprise inspections, and think nothing of it. These inspections are conducted to protect the public. Why should Piecemakers be above the law? Because they are a "religious" organization.....some say a cult? My father used to live in Costa Mesa and he followed the newspaper stories a couple of years back.

It seems that the Piecemakers decided to add a restaurant in their store. They serve soup, sandwiches and baked goods in a small lunch room. The city insisted that they must pass the usual health inspections that all restaurants are required to pass. The Piecemakers disagreed and just decided to open without the inspections. It would appear that the Piecemakers are not all that peaceful and feel they are above the law.

I have heard that when a new member joins the Piecemakers, they are required to hand over all of their property and possessions to the group. I do not have confirmation of this, so it is possible that I am wrong. Many of my local quilting friends have long said that they won't give the Piecemakers one cent of their S.E.X. money, but I was trying to keep an open mind. I think my mind is closing :-) Bigbearlady.....crossing one shop off the list


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