Chthulu loves me this I know,
        For the Necronomicon tells me so.
    On a cracker I belong.
        Or in a broth, I can't go wrong.


In fact, most of the so-called atheists in this echo are
Scientologists, whose religion is based on the study of
knowledge. Leipzig is one of them. - George Garard

My interest was, and still is, in prophecies pertaining to
the end times, and the rise of the Beast 666. -- Steve Asher

Christians don't molest children. HOMOs do. - Tim Richardson

Why you ignorant faggot-lovin' idiot. **HOLYSMOKE** is not only a
`FLAME' echo, it harbors suck-dick faggot-lovin' idiots like you.
- Tim Richardson, Christian

You did no such thing here in the real world. - VICTOR REYES
(Holysmoke is the real world, apparentlym for some.)

What kind of hippy feel good happy fruit truck did you fall
off of? - VICTOR REYES

The job of the US military is not to kill people. - Jeff Binkley

How hard is it to write a simple sentense? - Stan Hardegree

Miscarriage is the liberal way of trying to indict God as an
abortionist.  Man is perfect by design and imperfect by choice.
Childbirth wasn't part of the original deal.  God gets a pass.
- Stan Hardegree

- Tom Briggs

Certainly, but don't make the mistake so many in here do,
that the universe is ONLY that which is physical and physically
detectable! - George Pope

By agreeing to copulation they agree to potential birthing.

There is no intelligent life in this Echo. - TIM RICHARDSON

I am neither afraid of any Canadian FAGGOT-LOVERS such as
Michael Gothreau or Dave Hamilton, nor any SUCK DICK FAGGOT
either one of those two FAGGOT-LOVERS know.  A second part of
that bald-faced lie is the fact that I have `never', anywhere
in Fido, ever expressed 'hatred toward HOMOsexuals.' Not ever.
- Tim Richardson, Christian

I will grant you one thing however. The intelligent designer
seemed to get something wrong when He made made it possible
for people to think that they 'came from monkeys!'
- Laurie Appleton

When I die I think I am going to request to be buried with a
long stick.   That way I  can toast marshmellows over your fire.
- Jeff Binkley, Christian

How so very Jesus of you! - Dan Ceppa

Go stick your crucifix up your ass. - Michael Gothreau
Aww, give him something new to do--that is already the
only way he has of scratching his ears. - DON MARTIN

Work hard, as there is quite a bit of your stupidity to bury.
- Dan Ceppa

You just keep on going with the thread, Bjorn.  My thoughts
will be along presently. - Stan Hardegree
You've never even been introduced to them. - Dan Ceppa
Huh? - Stan Hardegree

You can just imagine the drool on the keyboard. - Michael Gothreau

How much do people who scrub toilets make, anyway? - ROSS SAUER

It's the anorexic whore doing the spewing, not me. - ROSS SAUER

Is God so small he needs a Pledge for validation? - Ross Sauer
No, he has us say it just to irritate the atheists who believe it
is their god given right to dictate public speech. - Jeff Binkley
God 'has' us say it? - Karl Schneider

You were born 20 years too late, Binkley;  you could have
been in bed with Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar... and wouldn't
even have noticed when they were sodomizing you. - Karl Schneider

You're full of advice, why not start a column? - Jeff Binkley
You're full of shit, why not start a fertilizer plant?
- Karl Schneider

Note to Ashcroft:  If you're watching, fuck you. - Karl Schneider

He dosen't even seem to understand how toilet paper works.
- Martin Goldberg

Not at all..  Reality is Creationism, the Great Conspiracy
existing, and the Bible.  Fantasy is Evolution, that atheists
don't follow dogma, and that there is no liberal agenda.
- Ken Young

This to become and endless exchange of correspondence.  You
will just have to take my word that there is an afterlife.
- Jack Abendroth

Drinking is accepting going into situations with impaired
judgement. Getting too drunk to say no means the person
didn't want to say no but didn't want the responsibility
that came with saying yes. - Matt Eggleston

Sure do get a boatload of idiots though. How was the trip?

I don't..  After all, if my existence isn't evidence of God
being real, what is?  :) -- KEN YOUNG

Living well is the best revenge - Gwenny The Pooh

'In Cyber-Space, no one gives a damn if you scream.' - Steve Rose

Okay, then, remember this bit of advice:  when a girl asks to see your
sex organs, stick out your tongue and hold up a finger - Hector Plasmic

I don't care if you're a Lesbian trapped in a mans body
- Thomas Blumenstetter

BUT... if I told you that 1+1=1, as idiotic as it seems, until
I am proven wrong I am right. -- Zach Webb, HOLYSMOKE FidoNet

We are all in need of salvation. I may not know you, but knowing you
are an atheist, I know you need to be saved. It must be extremely
difficult to be an atheist? - Scott Shiflett, HolySmoke

I doubt if you will be so flippant and cocky when you are trembling at
the foot of God on judgement day, Marilyn.  You *will* be judged
whether you like it or not. - Christian Soldier, HolySmoke forum.

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely
rearanging their prejudices. - David Rice, HolySmoke

Live within the law or we'll kill you within the law
- Fredric Rice, HolySmoke

The use of pepper is the only blasphemy. - Robert Curry

Come on and dance with the devil, honey. - Steve Quarrella

But lets face it, if politicians weren't allowed to lie, half the
time they'd have trouble saying their own names. - Paul Feonic

They simply wallow in their fantasies and hope it will
all come true before April 15th.   :)  - Steve Rose

'Join us on the dark side, Jake.'  - Questor Thews

If the theists all shut up, the gods would be speechless. - Robert Curry

Condemnation inevitable, for the One Inpardonable Sin -- Instead
of living your life for yourself, You lived your life for Him.
- Kenneth Cavness

But when judgement is cast down upon you ... don't forget to get out
your calculator and convert the temperature in hell from Celsius to Rankin
units. - David (Christian Soldier)

Amazing how Hawking in his wheelchair has
journeyed farther than you with your legs. - Hector Plasmic

This ain't the harmony echo, dipshit. - Robert Curry

Airplanes are able to fly because God created the laws of nature
that allow it to fly. - Steve Bedard

We already have the necessary proof - the Scriptures.  God has already
told us what happened.  Why do we need further proof. - Derek Williams

Sorry but your arguement that lightbulbs disprove
Christianity does not quite convince me.  - Steve Bedard

Yes I know that, but I do not care.  - Steve Bedard

You're soaking in it now.  - Hector Plasmic

I'm so ugly I could make a buzzard throw up. - David Rice, HolySmoke

Ciya is a blasphemous tool of your cunning. - Jesse C. Jones

We're not here to discuss religion, we're here to be disgusted by it.
- Gwenny

Maybe He did say something and it just was not recorded. - Steve Bedard

I have the false christian scum (and their infidel, reprobate brethern),
the Sodomites and the general filth of FidoNet all ganging up on me.
- Steve Winter

Noah was not a Jew.  He is the ancestor of the Jews and everyone else.
- Steve Bedard

They did not evolve. They were artifically genetically altered.
- Ronald Stringfellow (Ass of god)

If I'm an atheist, does that mean that I won't go to heaven?
- Rodney Matejek

A religionoid cannot use Dove.  Dove only sports 1/4 cleansing cream...
and their myth-gawds demand 100% purity.  -  Steve Rose

'Onward Xtain soldiers' the Iraqi army. - Marty Leipzig

(I don't go anywhere without my lesbians.) - David Rice

If Jesus were born today, He'd surely refuse to become a Christian - Ken

Sorry, I must have misunderstood your question.  I believe that the
Holy Spirit caused on of Mary's eggs to become a fetus without sperm.
- Steve Bedard

In no way am I your physical or mental inferior and I refuse to
be addressed as one, you drooling asswipe. - Lynne Rosendale

I wonder if a Fido Policy complaint against your node would work?
If not, prayer will.  -  Martin Riley

It is the absence of belief in GOD and MORALITY in this country and
peopel like YOU that are causing the proliferation of AIDS, Queers,
and Abortion!! - Eric Lambeth

Their gawds are not worth the paper they are printed on! - Steve Rose

your hearts and flowers crap is going to have to wait - Hector Plasmic

Ron couldn't grasp iron filings even if his shit were magnetic.
- David Rice

This echo is abomination. - Martin Riley

I still can't make heads or tails or heads or
tails or heads or tails. . . [whack!] out of it. - David Rice

'You were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful.
More wonderful than that of women.'  --2 Samuel 1:26

'Pi = 3, no error at all - Jesus is God, so listen to Paul!  With
faith in your Babble, beat Satan at Scrabble!  Type things to hide
your illiterate scrawl.' - Robert Curry

Divide by zero error -- protection violation 0666 -- truth entered
brain. Truthfilter circle 0 fault.  Creationist halted.  Please call
the ICR. - C. J. Henshaw

Real facts never contradict faith. - Ron Stringfellow (pentecostal)
Which is why the faithful never know the facts. - David Rice

My personal opinion that we were built by something is based
on the available evidence.  Since it is an opinion and not
backed up with evidence.  -- Bill Wolff

I can't believe the masses are so dumb.  Or I can't believe
I am this smart! - Bill Wolff

No, the reason that you tout it is your conscience an
stand it better then Life from Life.  -  Ron Stringfellow

The sun is covered in bright green puppy dogs.
Martians have taken over the US government. - Kelsey Bjarnason

I believe that baptism is a good thing,
with a little soap. - Robert Curry

If only more christians read their bibles there'd be less christians.
- Derek W. Clayton

Not all scientists are stupid. - Joanne Bergeron

Fundies are like the Borg:  Separate them from the rest of the
collective consciousness and they malfunction. :)

They sat down in the kitchen, where the morons started pulling out
bibles, books, pamphlets, and other assorted implements of destruction.
- Kelsey Bjarnason

If I shoot his wife because I'm trying to scare him out of his
hiccups, I haven't really killed her. - Jason Rosendale (Debunking
a fundy claim about intent to do wrong.)

God tried to kill him with a heart attack.  -  David Rice

If I prove there is a God, will you shut up? - Stewart Harris

It pains my heart to see this blasphemy and hatefulness spread
across the world on this electronic medium. - Jesse C. Jones, HolySmoke

Furthermore, if evolution were true, evolution would be natural.
There weren't chemist and biologists around 3000 million years
ago to direct it. - Bruce Willis

OK, here's your apology, Kev:  go fuck yourself in your preferred
orifice with a dung-clotted serving spoon. - Don Martin

Earth rounded the Sun with all of her might,
Merry Solstice to all and to all a good night. - Don Funderburg

When you die, it doesn't just disappear... that'd be contrary
to physics! - Ariadne

You apparently want the whacko flowers and light conference
down the hall.  Just follow the trail of drool, and check your
soul with Winters at the door. - Hector Plasmic

Shit, gotta run.  there's data that needs to be faked.
- Martin Goldberg

The argument from ignorance does not point to a
points to ignorance. - Tyler A. Wunder

The word you're groping for is 'blasphemy.' - Hector Plasmic

Maybe it otta be renamed to Hades command set. - David Strickland

What is so amazing about a baby being born from a virgin? - James Conwell

Yes we do debunk your biblical stories because they ARE debunk able.
- Tim Bennett

Christianity does not preach the gospels to offer man a guide to
salvation.  It uses the gospels as a weapon in the ideological
conquest of man. - Simon Ewins

You can keep your saints.  I'll hang with the sinners - jonny vee

Virgins give birth all the time!  Yeah.
They just don't tip the stork. - Robert Curry

Are you _sure_ that your appearance is the real reason for
your enforced celibacy? - jonny vee

You -NEED- this echo! It has become your crack cocain. - David Rice

Christianity is evil by it's own standards. - Paul Feonic

And as you can see, he's simply not up to badgering escapees
while his severed head is sitting on a plate besides him. - Fred Rice

Thou shalt not use pepper, nor allow it to be used. - Robert Curry

I fully give him the right to call the Bible a load of bullshit...
Just NOT to someone who believes in it. - Dan Sereduick

Ok, please explain the difference between facts and truth - J. Conwell
Facts are what the educated accept as truth.
Truths are what fundies are told to accept as fact. - Steve Rose

Fundies are proof that evolution is an unguided phenomena.
- Marty Leipzig

Prove it?  Why go and ruin such a nice argument from authority by
going and trying to prove it? - jonny vee

We got you, Jesse. You belong to us now. - David Rice

If I do not have a valid argument, why do you
refuse to answer my question? - Steve Bedard

What you are sorely lacking here is a point. - Robert Curry

You can UV irradiate a cockroach all day long and all
you'll have is a warm cockroach. - Marty Leipzig

'Menacing atheists approach!  Quick - hide the god, hide the god!' - RC
'No, not there, they'll look there.  Quick, behind the big bang, and
pray they didn't bring Hawking with them!' - Hector Plasmic

Must go, Elvis wants to use the phone. - Paul Feonic

Atheism is no more a religion than abstinence is a form of drinking.
- Marilyn Burge

Stand in the sun from sun-up to sun-down and then try to say you
didn't get mutated by the Ultraviolet-Radiation. - James Conwell

Most white people can get seriously mutated by just
5 hours of constant direct sunlight. - James Conwell

I'm a lot less judgemental than you. - Martin Goldberg
I'll be the judge of that. - Marty Leipzig

Yesterday, while I was drinking, you had me worried, but today I am
sober, and can easily show how thin your position is. - Rick Vanderzwaag

Self-performed abortions resulting in maiming and deaths was part
of America's traditional family values for almost two hundbed years.
- David Rice

No need to pity me.  Jesus gives me all the help I need. - Steve Bedard

This line added to support David Rice's
counting fetish. :-)  - Robert Curry

Your immortal soles, corns and all, are in danger of
ever-lasting stewing in the Holy Bile! - David Rice

If atheism is a religion, then health is a disease. -- Clark Adams

For the most part, atheists simply do not do good and ethical things.
-- Jesse C. Jones (the fundy has no clothes)

Let us trust in God who has alway fooled us in the past.  -  Unknown

The stronger the supernatural beliefs, the worse the inhumanity.
- James A. Haught

Billy Graham has done more harm to the cause of christianity
than any man alive. - Christianity Today (x, no.13, 1 April 1966)

We tend to idealize tolerance, then wonder why we find ourselves
infested with losers and nut cases. -- PATRICK HAYDEN

Freedom to engage in voluntary school sacrifices. - Hector Plasmic

Those menacing atheists with their dangerous questions
are coming!  Run for your lives! - Robert Curry

Here, stand behind my Blasphemy Shield! - Hector Plasmic

If you get all bent out of shape reading this, I DARE YOU TO PROVE ME
WRONG!!!! Otherwise fuck off - Rick Vanderzwaag (A fundy in many ways)

Besides being wrong, he's probably a chicken shit too. - Kirby Nixon

If accepted I have plans to gather a group of explorers, set out
for foreign soil and tame the savages and goatanize them. - Michael Malone

God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board
- Mark Twain

NAH NAH NNNah nah.... - Joe Savelli (Claimed homosexuals pounded on
his church's doors screaming 'we want your children!')

Once more: your question is stupid, and I will not answer it.
- Jesse C. Jones

Whoever needs psychologists needs their head examined. - Marty Leipzig

Homosexuality and liberalism IS evil... Both are destined to fail...
- Joe Savelli

though we do not accept homosexuals into the church
that does not make us bigots - Dan Lafferty

These experiments weren't  conducted by Joe Blow these people know
what they are talking about. you  don't! - Keith Jones

Butting heads with fundies is best left to Goats - Styx Allum

We're unravelling your clown suit right now - Steve Quarrella

Once more: your question is stupid, and I will not answer it.
- Jesse C. Jones

May Dopefish not pee in your wheaties. - Steve Quarrella

Good grief. Guess he's never read the bible he is thumping. - David Rice

The wheels of scientific inquiry and discovery
are greased by caffeine. - Marty Leipzig

In the beginning was the Word...  -  Steve Bedard
And the word is destroy the non-believers...  -  Dan Ceppa

How about informing us then what the Muslim view of sex is? - Steve B.
That depends upon whether the camel is standing or sitting down. - Fred R.

What did you expect in Hell?  Altar boys and holy water???  - C. B.

WINE: A fermented concoction of the Devil, drunk by
Christians during Communion.  -  Marty Leipzig

It's the thinking about things that's dangerous to christianity.
- jonny vee

Ohh!  Ohh!  Hit me!  Beat me!  Make me install WINDOWS 3.1!~ ;-)
- Gary Glunz

Light doesn't care what time it is.  -  David Bloomberg

That's it for now.  I must get back to a real world.  -  James Randi.

You must learn to over-come gravity.  It is plain to see you
have never had an erection.  -  Joe Schultz

HolySmoke: 'A drive-by shooting on the information superhighway.'
- Marty Leipzig

Just shut up and sit back down and ride the bus like the rest of us.
- Patrick Humphrey

Ok, you win.  You proved that your god it the best there ever was at
hid n' seek.  Now, trot him out here so that we can give him his reward.
- Dan Ceppa

Drunk or sober, it makes no difference, my position has been
consistent throughout all of my postings. - Rick Vanderzwaag

'Jews are only good for one thing, bringing in as a sacrifice
unto the Lord.'  - Marion 'Pat' Robertson.

Decyphering your witicism requires a research library and
a grant from a foundation. - David Rice

We're gonna turn the HOLYSMOKE echo into a GIANT MUD PIT!
- Amy Anderson-Coffin

I say let's keep God (ie the Lord) out of the public schools, if for
no other reason than to protect children from a faith worse than death.
- Robert Schubert

I figure if they wanted to keep the bridge, they
wouldn't have left it out in the forest all night. - Unknown

1 Sam 15:3  Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they
have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and
suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.  --  Christian Family Values

'The residential apartment complex's first floor was leveled in the
earthquake...crushing many penises in the process.' - Steve Rose

As for the road map, those roads are paved with the bodies of more
than one person who died not for your religion, but because of it.
- Dan Ceppa

At which point would you like me to start over? - Dave Schultz
Oh, when the doctor first spanked your ass would be a good place. - S.R.

This is the A_THEIST echo--- we don't do sodomy(s) here. :-)
- David Rice have willingly joined the legion of Satans's angels. - Ron Ballew

I don't want a couple of skunks fighting over your ears in
my backyard. :)   - Steve Quarrella

No, I'm not a fundy. - Johnny Mckinney

If you are an Atheist, then you have already joined their camp
of willing slaves.  -  David Stoddard

I deleted the bible because I needed the room
for all of my Satanic literature - David Rice

The Bible says 'Hate black SKIN not the black person.' - David Rice

All the gut-wrenching irony of America's low prioritization
of education is present in your origin line. - Fredric Rice

Though you're wrong, I must admit that I like your spirit!  The
willingness to defend unsupportable posistions is something to
be admired! - Fredric Rice (CandS forum)

jp] I have become quite tired of people blaming Christianity for the
jp] many atrocities that have been committed in the NAME of Christianity.
dr] I have become quite tired of people blaiming Nazi fascism for the
dr] many atrocities that have been committed in the NAME of Nazism.

A year long global flood? Sure...Why is there no evidence then? - ML
Umm... 'the evidence was destroyed in the flood.' - Styx Allum

'The Christian glories in the death of a pagan, because
thereby Christ himself is glorified.'  -- Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

You are comparing assholes and oranges.  -  Don Martin

Pssss! Jesus is dead. Pass it on. - David Rice

If the women would stay at home and take care of the kids, we
wouldn't be having this mess! - Shawn Swanner

May they suffer the agonies of their sins and wail in pain as the
burning fires of hell consume their flesh.  I only wish I could be
there to light the oven, to be honest. - William Stone

i think you should read the bible again, only this time,
close your eyes. - Scott Charles (A Christian fundy, By the way)

I wonder if Jesse would do jury duty, or does being a lawyer
disqualify one for a position that requires honest and unbiased
judgement of evidence? - jonny vee

The rules here seem non-exsistant. Are there any rules? - Raven Still
Yes, but no one can prove they exist. - Rob Vanderkam

I have no need to read a science fiction novel. - Johnny Mckinney

Myth-making is a political fact;
Myth-breaking is a courageous act. - Tim Newfields

Really, I want the wife to pull the fucking trigger
on me if I do that. - Steve Quarrella

... 'Dave, my mind. It's going. Hey! Let me tell you about Jesus.'
'Hello, Dr Chandra.  Have you heard the word of god today?' - unknown

Ft. Smith, Arkansas? Let me guess. The eldest male in your
household is referred to as 'Uncle Dad'. - Marty Leipzig

Their evidence is based on faith in radiometric dating, Big Bang,
Charles Darwin, and other sources.  Mine is from the Bible.
- Cory Benavides

I have not ignored your wife. - Jesse C. Jones

Just because he's causing us eternal torment doesn't mean he
can't also be environmentally friendly. - Derek Clayton

[I] have some time available to attempt gently correcting the nasty
enemies of God in this echo. - Richard Thorneycroft

Before I became a Christian, I was an occultist. - Bill Simotti

When they stop calling me a 'fundy,' I'll stop calling
them heathens. - Jesse C. Jones

Oh, what the hell, please just kill yourself now. - Kirby Nixon

One would no more join Christianity to show love and acceptance than
one would become a Nazi to show racial tolerance. - Kelsey Bjarnason

Try again, Kim. Only next time, try the truth instead of a lie.
- David Rice

I am a humble servant of the Lord.  Those who work in
opposition to God are enemies of God. - Richard Thorneycroft

God does not like to be told he does not exist. - Richard Thorneycroft

Please, for kryst sake, slit your wrists already. - Kirby Nixon

One does not have to be stupid to believe. - Kim Kelley

Spare me the chirping birds and pretty flowers crap. - QUENTIN FAI

Next, you're probably going to have Noah bending fish to get them
on the ark, aren't you? - Shelby Sherman

There are too many air conditioned dog houses in the world.
- Dan Lafferty

Are you yet another product of 'home schooling'? - J.J. Hitt

'Then began a long and bloody crusade to win back the Holy Tag Line
from the infidels who had occupied it for so long...' - Fredric Rice

Rest asured that I __will__ hack and chop by way through as many
innocents as it takes to restore my religion's good name! - Fred Rice

Then the aunt saying to my mother that there was no choice and that
the 'child' would HAVE to go. - Dusty James, 1:375/60 (SRA forum)

Come for me, pink boy. - Kelsey Bjarnason

You're threatening to attack someone with an onion. - J.J. Hitt

An argument for limited omniscience could be made. - Dan Lafferty

You have a problem being labeled findi yet you have no problem
labeling people 'sinners' - Larry Sites

When do you receive your Nobel Prize? - Marilyn Burge

A group of nicely dressed people eating out on a Saturday night.
Sitting at the table and talking about their underware.... J.J. Hitt

Thanks for allow me to post this Fido News! - Martin Riley

When I became a Christian, I found myself in a dilemma.
- Johnny Mckinney

A 'higher level of biblical argument' is rather like a 'more
sophisticated  barroom brawl'. - Simon Ewins

Not to mention the redoubtable Zip-Loc principle.  When it
turns green, quit already! - Don Martin

I am telepathic.  I am greatly feared by many who I have
demonstrated the ability to. They run like hell and stay
as far away from me as they can. - Pat Parrinello

He's showing signs of CranialRectumitas, for which the only
known cure is a good swift kick in the pants. - David Strickland

It is not I who has been brainwashed. (To whom am I talking?)
- Kim Kelley

you heathens will distort anything in order to attack me.
- Jesse C. Jones


I live to defend in this scum hole. - Richard Thorneycroft (HolySmoke)

How dare you. - Richard Thorneycroft

I've met guys and gals that clean animal cages who
say they are 'scientists'. - Richard Thorneycroft
As an inmate? - Marty Leipzig

You pompous twit and I suppose you will _enlighten_
me as to the true meaning of TEAR A NEW ONE. - Richard Thorneycroft

Instead of the mandatory moment of silence, how about
a mandatory moment of science? - Marty Leipzig

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic. - Starwyn

Pagans were Atheists. - Kim Kelley

God doesn't believe in atheists - Johnny Mckinney
Good, perhaps he'll leave us alone, now. - Dan Ceppa

demented idealisms of torture and mayhem because of the constraints
ordained in the constitution? - David Stoddard





As you are made in your creator's image, it proves that
god is a babbling idiot. - Dan Ceppa

For your enlightenment, my statements are serious. - Trent Hall

' me an open mind is like a locked door with a welcome mat in
front of it; rather than flinging open the door and proclaiming, as
some do: 'Come on in! There's no one home!'' -- Marty Leipzig

'How many vertebrae do you have? Oh? You've never seen them? Then
you don't have any, you spineless piece of shit.' -- J.J. Hitt

'I'll leave when you stop believing in evolution, and
NOT before.' -- Deeann Gatchell

If you just turned down your intellect just a little bit, and looked
at the situation with your heart, you would see that he is truly there.
- Shawn Swanner

Thrusting in him and having a simply DIVINE relationship
- Al Tufano (ment to say 'trusting in him...')

Oh come on Kim.  You can't possibly be that intractibly stupid.
- Gary Glunz

You mean... fundy's are HUMAN??? I thought they were part of some
government funded genetic experiment to test the limits of stupidity..
- Drew Webber

People bitch about 'how bad our kids are today.' Bullshit! Look at
the PARENTS! The parents are failing their kids as well, not just
the kids failing their parents. - David Rice

We were blood brothers, pals forever.  He was my very best friend.
Nobody else could see him.  I now know he was just pretend. - Dan Barker

Sagan say's there ain't no God but Sagan himself. -- Pat Parrinello

I`m highly offended, being a christian - Spanky Scott

'An it harm none, nuke the fuckers 'til they glow shalt
be the whole of the Law.' -- David Rice

it's much easier to overcome a chemical addiction than a mental one.
- Christopher Baker

'Who beta tested Preparations A through G?' - Marilyn Burge
'Some assholes.' - J.J. Hitt

I saw God and the Devil several times during the '70s. - jonny vee

... Married life presupposes the power of the husband over the
wife and children, and subjection and obediance of the wife to
the husband. - Pope Pius XI, _Casti Connubii_

Mind you the devil works in mysterious ways (did I get that right?).
- Simon Ewins

Christians steal and then kill Jewish infants, cut open
their bowels, and read the future in the entrails. - David Rice

The KNEES! You forgot the KNEES! If he wanted Mankind to kneel, he
would have made it more-comfortable, no? :)  - Scot Vertullo

Why don't you just swim out 'til you find him??? - David Worrell

If only earthquakes would hit every major city at the same time,
the world would be a nice place for a couple days - Shawn Swanner

Jesus wouldn't last long in HolySmoke. - Fredric Rice

As far as 'making the world a better place...'  we don't do that here.
- Fredric Rice

When there is one critical thinker left walking around the world, the
foolish can't rest easy knowing that they look foolish -- justifiably
so -- to that one. - Fredric Rice

Have a nice day sir.  I sure hope the AIDS virus doesn't
take you away soon. - George Boyles

The only reason a man would be for abortion is that he would know
that he wouldn't get 'stuck' with the bills. - Kim Kelley

you refuse to understand evolution because the fact of evolution
places all responsibility to be worthy as a human squarely upon
YOUR shoulders. - David Rice

It does not take a complex to know that I am persecuted
in this conference. - Jesse C. Jones

Jesse, please stop squirming.  Where having a hard time
trying to get the bonfire lit. - Dan Ceppa

Johnny, you really must realize that without any evidence to support
your claims, what you say is indistinguishable from the ramblings of a
madman, save that your mental illness is socially acceptable.
- Tyler A. Wunder

Anyone who is not a true Christian, is by default, Satanic. - Steve Winter

The milieu here is like a gang rape by a bunch of maladjusted
teenaged boys whose hormones have gone mad. - Jesse C. Jones (Heathens)

You've just blown your only chance at salvation.  See you in Hell.
- John Silvester

the most rationalistic skeptic, the most wicked and profane and vile,
will all one day bow their knees and proclaim that He is the Lord of
all! - Johnny Mckinney

Love you?  I don't even like you. - Jesus

The Gods and The Prophets sit so patiently waiting for
the bartender to pour the wine. - Peter Cassell Leon

Is it true that 25% of your gender is gay? - George Boyles

JM]] Read John Dominic Crossan's 'Jesus - A Revolutionary Biography'.
SJ] I haven't got the time. - Stephen Jones
JM] Of course... you have the time to spread superstition but not
Jm] the time to understand where it comes from. - John Musselwhite

I have no animals or slime in my ancestory. - Deeann Gatchell
Your descendants wont be able to make that claim. - J.J. Hitt

I got into this echo by mistake - George Boyles

This echo is abomination.  This echo is also filled with those who
will one day bend their knee to Jesus Christ and call him Lord, whether
they like it or not!  And to think how much fun I'm gonna have fun
watching you say it. - Martin Riley

It's rather like having Freedie Kruger babysit children.  Or asking
Pee Wee Herman to teach human sexuality.  Or asking Jim Bakker to be
treasurer of the United States.  Or asking Jim Jones to look over the
refreshments. - Fredric Rice

'I am saved.' From what?  Having to think for yourself? - Fredric Rice

Do you have a single SHRED OF EVIDENCE??  Or are you just going
to spew scripture like a busted shitpipe? - Gary Glunz

They live very dark, disgusting lives. - Shawn Swanner

I wet the bed.  Often.  What can I do?
Will prayer help me?  -  Kirby Nixon  [laugh]

Maybe Heisenberg has Him in a headlock... He can select the
denomination of a church or target a particular city, but not both.
- jonny vee

I was an atiest for over 20 years but I am now a committed Christian.
- Kevin Sinclair

The so-called psychic powers are not of the person, but are manifested
through an evil spititual entity to take control over people. - Rob Bamford

I have a recurring nightmare about being a patient in my own ER.
- Martin Goldberg

Psychiatrists are in business for one reason only, to control or
kill as many beings as possible. - Scott Rider

Pray for his soul. - Jesse C. Jones

we are a part of nature, not the masters of it. - jonny vee

You must want the Barney conference down the hall. - David Worrell

'Who fought the Gorgon Medussa?' -- Marshall Shapiro
'Perseus.  But some of his buddies got stoned in the
process.' -- Marty Leipzig

You can believe that cheese sandwiches hold political
convictions for all anyone cares. - Simon Ewins

This is an evil place, Marilyn.
- Jesse C. Jones (Talking about HolySmoke)

S.G.A. BBS in Batesville, Arkansas is not carrying this echo.
We look forward to some very interesting discussions. - Gary Isaac

You probably think 'The Gaza Strip' is a
table dance in Tel Aviv. - Marty Leipzig

And then I slug him for touching me. I don't allow ANYONE to touch
me.  Maybe he can heal my bed-wetting problem at a distance?  [grin]
- David Rice

Die, you twisted little monkey. - Fredric Rice

If your thoughts don't evolve, you don't have thoughts,
you have programming. - Daniel Doran

Indeed, if there were no God, I would _have_ to be selfish, I
believe, because there would be no one else watching out for me,
and no reason to put anyone or anything ahead of me. - Jesse C. Jones

It amazes me that you fundies think that humans need a
reason to be human.  We _are_ human... - Hector Plasmic

The holocaust is a Jewish hoax. - Larry Rollins

Our job is to tell the Good News--so here is the Good News...
homosexuality is a sin! - Mark Fox

It's easy to understand 'the Holocaust,' with jews like goldberg.
- John Prentiss

So, how come there are no 'talking snakes' nowadays? - Scot Vertullo
Because you are not righteous enough to hear them talk... - Raoul Newton

I believe that God does inflict His presense upon the earth.
- Steve Bedard

You don't need 'faith' to believe Richard Dawkins; you need
an education. - Don Martin

Take away the intimidation of children -- sexual, mental and
emotional--and watch church membership drop. - Don Martin

You heathens hold court here viciously attacking anyone who dares to
profess religious faith.  -  Jesse C. Jones

Dr. Goldberg, I suspect that Fundie Implosive Syndrome is imminent, and
there is nothing we can do but try our best to make the patient as
uncomfortable as possible while the disease takes its course. - jonny vee

The fossil record does not support evolution. - Raoul Newton

Laugh my tush off as i watch you burn in the Christian hell forever.
- Raoul Newton

So why do you stick around? - Steve Quarrella
To combat the evil. - Jesse C. Jones

I am not a Christian, I am a Goatee. If I die, I just die, and if I
live, I live on a chair in front of my computer.  :) - QUENTIN FAI

Aieeeee!  I've been debunked!  Mother! Mommy!!!!
.....I'm melting....melting.... meltinnnnng....  - J.J. Hitt

Ah, yes, taglines. The last chance to really piss off someone.
- Marty Leipzig

Now, you can go, put on a costume and dance around a tree but
for myself and my house, we will serve the Lord! - Don Geser

it's that the power you worship is an inept, defeated, dog.
- Don Geser (A Christian fundy pretending atheists worship the
Christian 'Satan' deity construct.)

God is cool! - Thomas Baird
Yep.  Three degrees Kelvin. - Tetzel

They are really pro-murder forces that supports the murder of babies
against the will of the mother, before and after birth. - Raoul Newton

You heathens hold court here viciously attacking anyone who dares to
profess religious faith.  Like an adolescent gauntlet, each has his
own mode of attack, and each squeals in delight at the others'
supposed conquests. - Jesse C. Jones

If a person's personal religious beliefs are sacred, they should
not be peddled door-to-door like Girl Scout Cookies. - Marilyn Burge

Another disenfranchised quasibiped from the MTV school of debate.
- Marty Leipzig

You got to remember, though, that if locusts and other animals are
unclean, where did they come from?  How could a perfect god make vile
creatures that his pets couldn't touch? - Dan Ceppa
Maybe they were a by product of creation? - Bill Wolff

You know next to nothing about the theory like every other Fundie
I've run across before you. - George Rudzinski.   Then you obviously
have meet some very knowledgeable fundies. - Raoul Newton

If one wants definitive idiocy one must seek out the ultimate idiot.
- Simon Ewins

You continue to lie like a cheap throw rug. - Marty Leipzig

yet the Resus monkey can hold a conversation in English
once his vocal cords are alterd - Dan Lafferty

Humanism is a very evangelical religion after the control of the world.
- Mark Fox

What is more important to you, the basis of ethics or that they exist?
- Simon Ewins

Ok, name on person that has witnessed a Monkey turn into a man.
- Chris Vetter

Sorry, my fault.  I'll  keep your limitations
in mind when posting. - Charles Nagy
If I kept yours in mind, I'd have to post in crayon. - Marty Leipzig

ROFL!!! [thump!] [thump!]......... I just laughed my nuts off.

Here...have an after-life.  Sit up, boy...sit up!' - Steve Rose

Did Galileo give up the Catholic faith even in the face of persecution
and the threat of excommunication?  I think not. - Charlie Ray
...instead of giving up the faith, he gave up the truth. - Don Martin

Sorry, but science of today is a fraud. - Raoul Newton

How did life start besides the common atheist belief that shit happens?
- Bill Wolff

Are you just naked, or are you naked for Jesus? - unknown

That proliferative query is as ambiguous as your probable parentage.
- Fredric Rice

Santan uses them well, wouldn't you agree? - Chris Vetter

They will murder a living baby outside of the womb by lethal injection.
- Raoul Newton

Hell! Jesus isn't even as popular as WordPerfect! - J.J. Hitt

[ergh!]  Oh wait!  I feel the spirit of the lord pounding against
my heart again!  [gack!]  [errrk!]  [pause]  Nope.  False alarm.
Carry on.   }:-}  - Fredric Rice

You are completely unsullied by the ravages of intelligence.
- Marty Leipzig

By the way, I could prove Carl Sagan wrong, but what
would it get me? - Bill Wolff
Debunked, as usual. - Marty Leipzig

Ssshhhh! People are discovering that you're an imbecile. - Simon Ewins

On average, how many times a day does someone smack you on the head?
 - Simon Ewins

You do realize that this echo has made me into this twisted, vile
fiend that now stands before you. - Drew Webber (HolySmoke)  }:-}

Any lie is better than none. - Raoul Newton (fundi)

Paul is a liar, he said so. (Romans 3:7.) - Simon Ewins

I am not a bozo - Dan Lafferty

Debate about this is irrelevant. - John Prewett (Thinks JFK will come
back to life and he, together will Henry Kissinger, will dominate the
world as an 'anti-christ.')

Why continue to debate such a mute point. - Chris Vetter

We have far too many lawyers in the United States for anything
approaching justice to ever be served. - Fredric Rice

Because Moses neglected to circumcize his son God sought to Kill Him!
- Thad Foster

I can't think of any come-back to his cutting, witty,
slaying 'I'm-leaving-now-so-there!' rebuttal. - David Rice

No one ever dies, their interupts just get masked. - J.J. Hitt

The rightous remain memory resident forever, the wicked
are saved to punched tape. - J.J. Hitt

The punched dead are then sent to the Lord of Off-Site Storage:
SA/TAN (Sequential Access / Tape Archive Nexus)  SA/TAN was once
a trusted and useful servant, but he lost parity. - J.J. Hitt

Yes, but guessing such counterintuitive facts as the world is round
is pretty far-fetched. - Michael Hardy (A fundie - now ex-fundy?)

I have seen and heard Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. - Ric Remington

What is your beliefs and observations on the infiltration of gays
into the American Church. - Eric Grabowsky (Homophobic fundie)

The 'International Zionist Conspiracy,' is taking over the world.
- Gerald Norris

I didn't join the Human race -- I was drafted. - Fredric Rice

Does that include those who sacrificed their first born children,
or just the ones who eat their enemies. - Jesse Hornbacher

AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it Is God's
punishment for the society that Tolerates Homosexuals. - Jerry Falwell

I didn't make this up, it says this in the Bible. - Chris Vetter

Laws of nature only exist once observed. - Jesse Hornbacher

The comments by some people on this echo are such that God shows mercy
by not striking them dead. -- Phil Morrison (HOLYSMOKE forum)

It's no more harmful to know there are gays living together than
for an Orthodox Jew to know people eat pork. - Karen Davis

Your defense of homosexuals is good practice for the day when
your defense is more personal. - John Passaniti

Newtonian gravity was rejected in place of Einstein's theory.
- Jesse Hornbacher

Time to grease my AK-47 and head on down to the kindergarten.
Just like it says to in the NT. - John Prewett

Then... Then! That's when I start to experience these black outs. I
wake up in the organ loft of some church, blood stains all over me,
shirt missing, hair a mess, and three days have gone by! And I don't
know HOW I GOT THERE! - Fred Rice

Yes, it DOES require faith to actively disbelieve in Santa Claus.
- Michael Hardy

No new life forms are appearing anywhere in the world that came from
other life forms (i.e. rabbits becoming dogs or whatever)
- Ray Speakmon

'If they come at you with a machine gun, you can walk right up to
it and it won't hurt you.'  --  Marion 'Pat' Robertson. (Jan 1, 1980)

You're debunked. Just stand there and bleed a little. - David Rice

Remember homosexuality is NOT about love - it is all
aabout sex.  Period! - George Noonan (homophobic fundy)

Then Hector, after I stuff it, would you please kiss my Holy, royal
red American, Christian ass? Then I will do like Jesus said, I will
turn the other cheek so you can kiss it to, you pompous little geek.
- Johnny Mckinney (Christian fundy)

God is experiential. - Michael Hardy

Show me one thing in the universe, just one,
only one, which is unchanging. - Jesse Hornbacher
The ignorance of Creationists. - David Rice

Please don't be blinded by the truth!' -- Mike Salva (to David Rice)

I, as an Elder in His church, have the authority
and power of God.' -- Ric Remington (Mormon fundy)

I am condemning no one. The homosexual who sexually practices
his homosexuality condemns himself.' - Jim Staal

I would give all I owned to the Church. I know Jesus Christ directs
the affairs of the Church and would without question give it all.
- Ric Remington (Mormon fundy)

I've noticed the distinct lack of civility in here. - Rick Mcfarlane
So what did you expect, a fucking door prize? - Robert Curry

I have God himself. - Rick Gordon

Be blessed. - Marguerite Kendall
Bite me. - Drew Webber

Personally, I vote that there be fines and arrests for consenting
adults if they are not married--heterosexual or otherwise. - Mark Fox

Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction
of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we
have not advanced an inch towards uniformity.  What has been the
effect of coercion?  To make one half the world fools, and the other
half hypocrites.  To support roguery and error all over the earth.'
- Thomas Jefferson, 'Notes on Virginia'

'...this would be the best of all possible worlds, if
there were no religion in it.' - John Adams

The story of Jesus Christ appearing after he was dead is the story
of an apparition, such as timid imaginations can always create in
vision, and credulity believe.  Stories of this kind had been told
of the assassination of Julius Caesar...' - Thomas Paine

'The study of theology, as it stands in the Christian churches, is
the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no
principles; it proceeds by no authority; it has no data; it can
demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion.' - Thomas Paine

'As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a
revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales,
legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation
that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?'
- John Adams, letter to F.A. Van der Kamp, Dec. 27, 1816

'But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of
the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by
those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into
an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors
in Church and State.' - Thomas Jefferson, to S. Kercheval, 1810

'History I believe furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people
maintaining a free civil government.  This marks the lowest grade
of ignorance, of which their political as well as religious leaders
will always avail themselves for their own purpose.'
- Thomas Jefferson, to Baron von Humboldt, 1813

'Creeds have been the bane of the Christian church ... made of
Christendom a slaughter-house.' -Thomas Jefferson, to Benjamin
Waterhouse, Jun. 26, 1822

Hence the idol worshipers don't have a purpose to live anymore,
therefore they can be declared by God deserving of capitol punishment.
- Jesse Hornbacher (speaking about justification for murder people
and rape of virgin girls if a deity construct say's it's okay.)

It's gods all the way up, turtles all the way down. - David Rice

I was merely trying to get him to see a way out of
homosexuality if he should ever choose to. - Johnny Mckinney

The human mind treats a new idea the way the body
treats a strange protein; it rejects it. - P. B. Medawar

'SIN' is a purely religious concept. To those of us who have no
religion, sin doesn't exist except as an abstract theoretical
concept. - Kelsey Bjarnason

Scot, since you are a homosexual, I would guess you have no
experience to comment on 'twats' since you have probably never
see one. - Johnny Mckinney

Blah Blah Blah... Teach religion to child I think is different
than sodomizing them. - Joe Savelli

Unless you think that sodomizing children is a better
alternative to teaching a religious belief.  - Joe Savelli

If we didn't have the 10 commandments, the human race
would have never survived. - Johnny Mckinney

It's OK to be a christian as long as you don't practice christianity.
- jonny vee

Would you like references, or will you just concede
that you're full of shit? -- Hector Plasmic

Find God?  Why?  Did she leave Pluto? -- Robert Curry

What hubris, to think that your taunts would cause me to
invade the privacy of my friends. -- Jesse C. Jones

Why don't you just hang a sign around your neck that says 'STUPID'?
- Styx Allum

your correct we would'nt know if we didn't exist . - John Bilbao

I am free to think any way I please. I Corinthians 6:12. - Jim Staal

Did you have a point to make (hopefully one which doesn't call
for dead presidents rising from their graves to destroy the
world -- ROFL!)?  --  Hector Plasmic to John Prewett

Nutball scum of a feather flock together. - David Rice

I can't help but comment that it looks to me like your
goat is tied up in Mr. Rice's back yard. - Jonny Vee


Aw, c'mon.  The Inquisition wasn't nearly as bad a George Bush.
- Martin Goldberg

From beginning to end, there's one unfolding story of God's
plan of salivation for mankind. - Marguerite Kendall

It also proves that they pick and choose from the bible as
if it were a menu in a Chinese restaurant. - Scot Vertullo

JESUS LIVES and he even died for the homosexual... - Nathan Dutton

...the existence of fools doesn't say much about
the existence of gods. - Hector Plasmic

I want it stopped now. - Marguerite Kendall

Faith fills the fundy head...where facts and knowledge fear to tread.
- Steve Rose

No, these things all happened because you shouted it out that you were
gay. If you had kept it to yourself, these things would not have
happened to you, now would they. - Jim Staal

Blatant self-inflicted punishment...such as having to read your posts.
- Steve Rose
I believe God had it planned for you to read them all along.
- Nathan Dutton

We're all gonna die one way or another. - John Prewett
Why don't you just give yourself a Remington tonsillectomy then?
- Shelby Sherman

So many of the others here with higher education are atheists
that I have a tendency to discount higher education. - Jim Staal

--- Atheists. I hope they rot in Hell. Hey they don't worry about it!
- Charles Baldo

You could have chosen to be respectable.  You could have become a
priest and just been satisfied to pork an alter boy every now and
then. - Jack O'Neill

If you had just stayed home in your closet, they would never have
known that you are Black, (oh wait, that wasn't it), Jewish?, ... I
forgot, what is your crime?  - Jack O'Neill

I've worked with the mentally retarded that were saved. -- Ken Wiens

God never intended for there to be sex with the same race. - Steve Lew

Grasp your earlobes between your thumb and forefinger of each hand.
Pull downward gently.  But be sure to close your eyes tightly.  Becuase
when your head pops out of your ass, the light will blind you.
- J.J. Hitt

My kids are the four-legged kind. - Marguerite Kendall

Now, if Foxtrot would like to have his head handed to him yet again,
let him post his drivelous rantings and I will oblige in his verbal
decapitation. - Marty Leipzig

God loves you. He can free you from the horrible temptations of your
social disorder. - Johnny Mckinney (Talking about homosexuality)

I get jumped on, on a regular basis. - Marguerite Kendall

All the evidence indicates that the universe is simply about
15 billion years old, and that's that. - Hector Plasmic
Please provide evidence that the earth is 15 billion years old.
- Johnny Mckinney (fundy; equates age of universe with age of Earth)

A bold necrophile named Gluck
With the aid of a crowbar and luck
    Pulled off a slick heist
    From the tomb of J. Christ
And took the corpse home for a fuck. - Don Martin

Please take a number in the Martyr line and
respond when your name is called. - Steve Rose

Bow down and worship the idol rather than learn. - Matt Giwer

But no one has proved that the Bible is *not* God's Word, have
they ? That's what I mean when I say that faith is more
powerful than logic. - Edward Hopkins

'And you have no proof that the Mutant Cosmic Star Goat (Braise His
Mane!!) didn't eat Yahweh, have Jesus for dessert, get really bad
gas, and now you worship a smelly methane cloud.' -- Quentin Fai

You worship the torture instrument that your god allegedly died
on, I'll worship the tree that it was fashioned from. - Mark Drake

No doubt he would be in a better position that most to know
if the Pope is a great whore or just an average whore. - David Rice

Why buy toilet paper when bibles are given away free? - Robert Curry

If history has shown us anything it is that believing in God
seems to dull one's sense of justice. - Derek Clayton

If you are gonna quote, try quoting what the _OTHER_ person said...
- Dan Ceppa

Besides, I was an atheist infidel; what could I
possibly know about 'God'? - Marty Leipzig
Show them the one you carved out of wood. . . . - David Rice

'I hereby call upon the hordes of Satan and all the Demons of Hell to
bring utter damnation and static cling to your next load of laundry.'
- Robert Curry

There are alot of people on this board who will one day get the shock
of their life when the are standing before God, and he reads back their
posts, and asks them to give account of what they said.  I wish I could
be there.... - Doug Brewer

The only fear of death that I have is the fear that whatever
kills me is going to hurt like a sonuvabitch. -- Quentin Fai

He is going to be eaten by the Mutant Cosmic Star Goat. I only wish I
could be there to serve the Diet Coke to wash him down with, to be
perfectly honest. - Quentin Fai

Have you chosen Satan as your leader? - Phil Morrison

If I repent anything, it will probably be my good behavior. - Marty Leipzig

Are you willfully cherishing known sin? - Phil Morrison
Nah....I've been looking for new ones... - Gwenny The Pooh

...we're having an orgy Friday and would like you to come....
oops,  I made a pun... - Gwenny The Pooh

'Will do Satan's work for food.' - David Rice

'Close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times and yell IS NOT!!'
- Quentin Fai

- Quentin Fai

Or perhaps you would just prefer a moment of silence, in which those
who may be members of Santeria can sacrifice their animals in peace?'
-- Preston Simpson

We'll get his clown suit off some day, I promise you. - Steve Quarrella

Hey, man, that's straight from satan's hell. - Phil Morrison

- Christopher Calabrese

ECHO, WHEN I'M UP IN HEAVEN. - Christopher Calabrese


You and all the other atheists in this echo are all sloth pigs, who
don't give a damn about life, and are going nowhere in it.
- Christopher Calabrese

ATHEIST.  I'm going to love waving to you when you go to hell, and
i'm in heaven. - Christopher Calabrese

And when you go to hell, i'll get the last laugh!
- Christopher Calabrese

No. 2 Thou shall not use thy lord's name in vein.
- Christopher Calabrese (a fundy)

I have exsanguinated you: dry up and blow away like a good hollow shell.
- David Rice

Who needs a mind when one has a bible? - David Rice

You are nothing but a stupid atheist pig, with the IQ of a democrat.
- Christopher Calabrese

It's what the world needs most: a God that TASTES GOOD. - J.J. Hitt

It's a fool's errand to be sure, but I think you're
just the right individual for that task. - Marty Leipzig

Disbelief in religions does not constitute a religion any more than
disbelief in UFOs constitutes a space program. - Larry Haftl

I had two margaritta's, and was eyeing the women like
a deer eyes oncoming headlights. - David Rice

Even if she WAS going to beam me aboard her spaceship and make a
present of me to her leather-clad butch dyke master to vivisect me like
a lab rat for her species' tests and her sadistic pleasure, any friend
is better than none. - David Rice

Trust me when I tell you that if I know I'll end up in a mason jar on a
shelf in a museum orbiting Pluto, I'll still follow a woman around a
barroom like a cur follows a bitch in heat. Honest. - David Rice

I think this is plenty of evidence backing up my hypothesis that
your family tree does not fork. - Ryan Shaw

Creationist:  'Why yes. Rome _was_ built in a day.' - Fredric Rice

If Noah couldn't have gotten all 'those' animals in
the ark.... then how do they exist? - John Clifton

Would you like to concoct another opinion and stuff
it down Hawking's throat? - Hector Plasmic

Do you have any evidence that Wiccans or Pagans eat people, Jesse?
- Fredric Rice
Read up on Africa. It might be an education for you. - Jesse Hornbacher

This echo is going to be used to greatly spread faith in Christ.
There are going to be some fanatic HolySmoke anti-Christers that are
going to be transformed into rabid Christers. - John Prewett

And the blood and sap of endangered species splattered on the fenders.
- David Rice

I still wonder why natural selection has not yet found you and
corrected its great mistake. - Marty Leipzig

Hmm. I talked with a man Tuesday night who was dead a week before.
He's one of my clients....  And I did talk to him in ICU at Baptist
Hospital East. - Trent Hall

We'll have to slaughter innocent people who show how godly we are.
- Fredric Rice

'You say 'You're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the
Presbyterians and the Methodists ...' -- nonsense!  I don't have
to be nice to the spirit of the anti-Christ!' - PAT ROBERTSON

. . . Fuck, I'll come right out and say it: I'd very much -love-
to put a woman over my knees and spank her round, soft, warm,
firm butt until it's blushing pink and stinging smartly.
There! I said it, and I'm -glad- I said it. It's 100% true.
- David Rice

I spayed my pet back in '75. Sex is still just fine, thankyou.
-- Jim Staal

What's wrong with Fundies? - Bruce Kazee
Not a thing.  Unlike clay pigeons, they are capable of making
amusing howls whilst being  shot down.  HolySmoke would not be a
better place without them any more than a shooting gallery would be
improved by removing all the little tin ducks. -- Don Martin

2 Kings
6:28  And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she
answered, This woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may
eat him to day, and we will eat my son to morrow.

6:29  So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her
on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath
hid her son.

The truth that disturbs you must be dealt with
somehow, so you call it bashing. - Robert Curry

My self I would hump a camel before a Jewish female. - Jim Lammon
As if either would have you. -- Robert Curry

I predict / prophecy in Jesus name that: John F. Kennedy will
publicly reappear, amaze the world, take world power, and is
in fact the 'beast' of the Revelation. - John Prewett

New twist on the chicken or the egg question: which came
first, the bible or the bigot? -- ROB BURCHAM

'I was on my knees, doggie-style, with my feet hanging off the bed...
He pulled his jogging suit down around his ankles and left his T-shirt
on... He stuck it in and pumped a couple of time and pulled it out...
He was very easy. A few pumps and that was it. He'd just moan, and as
soon as he got done, he'd throw the rubber in the trash, tuck it in and
walk out the door.'
       -- Debra Murphree refering to Jimmy Swaggart
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

I bet you get upset at the Lucky Charms leprachaun
doesn't leave enough blue stars in your cereal. - Dan Ceppa

'I asked him 'Do you want a date?' And he said, 'All I want to do is
jack off awhile and look at your tits.'
       -- Debra Murphree quoteing Jimmy Swaggart
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

When I seen him on TV, I'd mostly watch his motions, just to see how
he acted. The same voice. I said 'God, what a freak. Kinky. Here he
is up there preaching for all this money and when I see him, he's
kinky and cheap.'
       -- Debra Murphree refering to Jimmy Swaggart
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

When I first met him, he offered $10 to jack off, and I said 'No' and
he said, 'But I'm going to do it myself. You won't have to touch me.'
And I said 'No, I won't do nothing under $20. Even if you want to look
at my titties, you have to give me $20'.
       -- Debra Murphree refering to Jimmy Swaggart
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

Would you ever think about letting her watch us?
       -- Debra Murphree, quoteing Jimmy Swaggart
  asking about her nine year old daughter.
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

He'd ask 'Have the cops been hot?' and sometimes I'd say 'Yes'
and he'd get nervous and leave.
       -- Debra Murphree, refering to Jimmy Swaggart
  (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

Running DOS on a system with 16 megs is like using the Bible as a
guide for day to day life. - C. J. Henshaw

'assassinating his character'? Goat, man, his
character has committed SUICIDE. [snicker] - Preston Simpson

'He'd ask me if I'd ever let anyone screw my daughter when she was
that young, and I said, 'No, She's only nine years old.' He asked me
if she started developing [breasts] or if she had any hair down
there. I said 'Nooo...' he even asked me if pussy was real tight or
not... sometimes he used the word cunt... 'I can picture my cock
going in and out of a pussy like that,' he said... I didn't know
what to say. I though, 'This man's got to be sick.'
 -- Debra Murphree detailing Jimmy Swaggart's
    interest in her 9 year old daughter.
    (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

Luke 14:26 is pretty good: 'Whoever comes to me and does not hate
father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes,
and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.' (NRSV) See too, Matt.

Roger seems to have missed his sugar coating at his second birth.
- Preston Simpson

Some HolySmokers are putting God on trial. Therefore God exist.
-- John Prewett

We wore cyanide detectors but by the time those things went off
the alarm was only useful for locating your body. - George Rudzinski

Feel free to debunk yourself.. - George Rudzinski

Are you so cold and lonely that you want me to debunk the 'Meister
track' just so you can bask in the warm glow of all that fundy
nonsense going up in flames? - Marty Leipzig

As long as there are exams, there will be prayer in schools!
- William Putnam
Studying for exams out performs prayers by 100%. - George Rudzinski

In other words, Ken, Christianity is tailor-made for oppressing people,
installing a rigid hierarchy amongst the populace, and then quelling
any rebellion that might arise. It does this through the use of fear,
misdirection, and outright lying in not a few instances. It is the
perfect control mechanism against people who are denied intellectual
freedom--and it does quite a good job of that. - Preston Simpson debate Christianity does not mean that I am here
to learn any truth contrary to my beliefs. - Kenneth Mcabee

The Ringworld is unstable! - David Rice
Why? - J. J. Hitt
Early childhood trama. - David Rice

'Praying in churches hasn't improved society and praying
in schools won't either.' -- Ellen Johnson

The study of geology is ok-But not when it contradicts what is laid
out in the Bible that the earth is more than 10,000 years old.
- Doug Lee (Pointing out the contrabution to scientific progress
Creationism offers humanity)

You _LEND_ books? I require that borrowers leave hostages in exchange.
- J. J. Hitt.

'Gimme two pints of milk.'  (Orderin' the quart) - Styx Allum

Freedom of religion refers to denominations of the Christian
faith, not spreading out a rug and praying to Allah or Satan.
- James Robertson

Picking my favorite Christian is like picking my
favorite debilitating disease [g] - David Worrell

What you call a refusal to answer was a refusal to respond
- Jesse C. Jones

Gay people are worshipers of SATIN - Don Ward (fundy)
Some prefer silk. - Marty Leipzig

I then proceed to explain that Christianity is the worse death cult
ever inflicted upon humanity, and for some reason they take offense.
- David Rice

Please and What great feat have you done for mankind? - Don Ward
For one thing, I've erased your message. - Marty Leipzig

I learned from some of the best teaches around I suppose.
- Johnny Henderson

When it absolutely, positively HAS to be crucified, overnight.
- Steve Rose

A fool can find intelligence tomorrow. You will remain a
fundy, forever. - Steve Rose

What's the politically correct word for jack ass? - Steve Quarrella
'Speaker of the House.' - David Rice

They (Creationists) have the same loss for words that afflicts a
child who knows he's been caught in a blatant lie. - Anonymous

The Cosmic Star Goat told us you would not provide evidence.
-- Dan Ceppa

The 'baby' doesn't exist in Christanity.  It was a myth
designed to justify the bath water. - Fredric Rice

I have never accepted the Ideal personally that gays have
any rights and i never will. - Don Ward

If it's truth that you want, we can help you to eliminate what is not.
Process of elimination is better than elimination of process.
-Styx Allum

'Evidence' is a dirty word if you don't have any. - Hector Plasmic

I'll be satisfied when Jesus comes again and takes me away - Tenna Draper
So will we all. - Steve Rose

I'll be satisfied when Jesus comes again and takes me away from all
these people who don't care. I expect him any day....actually. Watching
for him on a daily basis, now. - Tenna Draper

To have an understanding of the universe one doesn't need
scientific technology. - Andrew Conner (A New Age Creationist)

Your own science has found fossilized fish on the tops of HIGH
mountains.  Do you think they took up mountain climbing some 70
gagillion years ago? - Greg Waggy (A New Age Creationist)

If he were a lawyer, he'd work for the Enquirer. - Hector Plasmic

[laughing!] It's a good thing I shook your cage and then jumped out of
reach. The animals have found new and interesting things to do with
their excrement. [chuckle] - Fredric Rice (To Bill Wolff)

WARNING! Please go to your places and fasten your seat belts.  A very
possible fundy implosion is imminent....  This is NOT a drill!!!!
- Dan Ceppa

But loving a cat is not a sin. - Kevin Mckenzie
It depends on wether you use duct tape or not. - J.J. Hitt

... Rush Limbaugh gay? That's enough to make homosexuals homophobic.
- David Rice

I didn't edit the message.... I simply substituted asterisks
for a profanity. - Jim Cowan

I'd rather go to heaven then to hell. --Kenneth Mcabee, Holysmoke 1995

When I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up. - Quentin Fai
I didn't know you are a lawyer. Wow! - David Rice

... Creationists: Transitional forms between idiots and morons.

You are so full of religion that your eyes are brown. - Fredric Rice

Pray for the salvation of all in this conference. - Jason Massey
Please do. By the way, I'll be praying to Satan for your damnation.
- David Rice

Your zeal is worthy of a better cause. - Phil Morrison
What better cause is there than freeing people from the mental slavery
that you and your compatriots try to inflict upon them? - Preston Simpson

Lie, Billy. Lie for the lord. - Martin Goldberg

I'm quite comfortable with my mortality.  It is the price of admission
for living, and a very small price to pay. - George Rudzinski

... I am Khan of Borg.  From hell's heart I assimilate thee..

Try a Jihad with me, and you'll meet Allah quicker
than you can spell Remmington. - George Rudzinski

Take a hard look at the Grand Canyon.  try to explain
that through evolution. - Freddie Cash

I give thanks to God for my limited mental capabilities...
- Andrew Conner

I'm deserving of death because of my Lord. - Jerry Wilcox

Your messages have been getting out just fine -
we've been ignoring you. [g] - David Worrell

OF JUDGEMENT WILL COME FOR YOU!!!!!! - Steven Ricketts

Old Phil must be getting close to death. - George Rudzinski
Party at my house. - Fredric Rice

Much rather be a smart sheep than a dumb ass! - Jim Murray
Goes to show you don't always get what you want. - Fredric Rice

Just because I'm a newbie in HolySmoke doesn't mean I'll
put up with this typical fundie bullshit. - Becke Jones

Just as I figured. YOU are full of shit. You are a lying bastard.
- Michael Hardy (HolySmoke: Fundy Meltdown)

'Thank you, God...may I have another?' - Steve Quarrella

I'd hate to show up for the end of the world a day late. - J. J. Hitt

You'll go to hell! You'll go to hell! Almighty God himself!
You'll go to hell! Again, You'll go to hell! - Jerry Wilcox STILL choose the road to destruction... - Phil Morrison
After all the rain we've had, what road ISN'T?!?!?! - David Rice

But please don't tell me what I do or do not believe. - George Noonan
Yes, that job belongs to your masters. - Fredric Rice

Ah, yes. The Bible: the Christian's Mein Kampf. - David Rice

Claiming to be 'exhorted' on how to treat women and children based
upon the Bible is like being 'exhorted' on how to treat Jews based
upon Mein Kampf. - David Rice

Laugh as much you can while you still have time. There will be in
store for you much time to cry. - Shabier Khan

You claimed that Jesus was *in* you.  Does he not even have the
decency to lube up before penetration? - David Worrell

But your juvenile campaign of attacking and deriding people of
religious faith may be doing incalculable damage -- for which you
will stand accountable before the ultimate reality.
- Jesse C. Jones (HolySmoke forum)

We have a padded cell for you: it's called HOLYSMOKE. - David Rice

What are the dictates of my god ? - Paul Churchill
What ever your masters say they are. - Fredric L. Rice

[rattle rattle rattle!] Wake up, fundy!
Time for your medication! - Fredric Rice
I don't take medication Mr. Dumb Ass! And I am not even close to
being a fundy. But what do you know? Apparently not shit! - Bill Wolff
[leaping back out of reach]   Woah! - Fredric Rice

'Welcome to Holysmoke.  That is probably the last nice thing I
will ever say to you.  Such is life.' - George Rudzinski

'Damn, I asked for evidence and all I got was this
lousy Josh McDowell T-shirt.' - SS

'May the Lord Jesus Christ soften your heart, Mr Martin.' - Doug Snead
'He seems to have done a very good job of softening your brain.'
- J.J. Hitt

'History teaches us that man is basically a psychopath.' - John Gardner

Just because YOU WANT there to be a reason and purpose for your
superstitious being doesn't mean that there IS a reason for it to
exist.  Your imagined being is not NEEDED for ANYTHING. - LARRY SITES

I am serving Jesus? - Clayton Davis
How should I know what you are having for dinner tonight. - DAN CEPPA

Yes, that's radiant heat.  What does that have to do
with infrared? - ARTEMIS

And you can buy tortured beef just about anywhere. - Bill Wolff

Arguing with yourself again Fredric? - Bill Wolff
Since your masters won't let you listen, I guess I am at that. - Fred Rice

But stupid you forgot to that notes like I said for you dumb asses too.
- Bill Wolff (HolySmoke forum)

There are many who are really troubled because low, debasing thoughts
come into the mind, and are not easily banished. - Phil Morrison
They become Christian clergy, in fact. - Fredric Rice

I'm new here, so what's goin' on??? - Josh Forschen
Killing fundies because they want us to.  It's in their contract.
- Fredric Rice

Forgive him, Father. He knows not what he does. - Clayton Davis
I am =NOT= your father! You're someone else's bastard. - David Rice

The constitution is not a suicide pact. - Joseph Nagarya
[laughing!]  Sure it is, Joe. - Fredric Rice

Can't fuck sheep in Montana?  No problem.  Move to Colorado.
- Fredric Rice

Power is one thing...the wisdom to wield it quite another. - Satan

I personally would prefer to see the human race go via nuclear war than
by the takeover of homosexuality... then I wouldn't have to be witness
to this erosion of our society that is now occuring. - George Pope

Davey, you only have two functioning brain cells. It's such a
pity that they reuse to talk to each other. - Dan Ceppa

... 'Atheists. I hope they rot in Hell.' -- Charles Baldo

Get thee behind me Satan. - Kenneth Mcabee
Bend over. - Satan

You fundis amuse me, spending all your time trying to coerce
nonbelievers into accepting the rules for living that you so
hypothetically disregard in your personal lives. - Larry Sites

But NOTHING beats the taste of vanilla communion-wafers, baked by Nabisco!
- Steve Rose

I would have answered it. However, I am not going to be ordered
around by you. Therefore, no answer will be offered. - Michael Hardy

It did die but it really didn't but it did' occult
prattle. Which is it? - David Rice
Perhaps he worships Shroedinger's Cat .. - Sue Armstrong

None of the people who claim to have found God have given us
any reason to accept that they have, indeed, found anything
but their own delusions. - Kelsey Bjarnason

A phone call to fido headquarters seems to be in demand.
- Brian La Plante

You can't discuss Scientology because you know that L.Ron
Hubbard is a really pathetic excuse for a God. - TarlaStar

I am Scientology's worst nightmare.  I am an intelligent young person,
who will grow up and lead the thoughtless away from scientology.  I,
and my intelligent peers are the greatest enemy of Scientology, and
you await our arrival with fear.  I don't blame you. -- Harley McGrew

I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a Biblical lobotomy.
- David Rice

I am a Baptist but go to a Pennecostal school (please execus
me if the spelling is not right...) - Wade Williamson

My school is very advanced when it comes to Achedemics, it is
atleast a grade ahead of public schools...  In the other subjects,
theres not much to say, except that they are well taught.
- Wade Williamson

I'm sorry I refuse to answer your question. - Marguerite Kendall

A believer's mind seeks knowledge just as the vacuum inside a CRT
seeks air -- and for the exact same reason. - Sean McCullough

All you non-believers may think you have won by getting me to
quit this board... - Wade Williamson
Hardly.  We win when you learn to think. - Kelsey Bjarnason

For a non-american, you seem to think you have some authority.
- Marguerite Kendall

And in what way is religion a form of fantasy - MARIA RUSSELL
In what way is citrus a form of fruit? - DAVID RICE

What percenatge of Muslems worship Islam? - Don Ward

I tried thinking before, and I almost fell into the same mess YOU
are now in. - Joanna Amren (Defending Christanic Creationism myths)

Don't take me for an idiot...please...because I am NOT an idiot.
- Joanna Amren (Defending Christanic Creationism myths)

It was a voluntary suicide. - Phil Morrison

And again David if God asked me to kill my son, I would see
it as a sacrifice. Whether that is what is meant by you in
the question or not. I would see it as such. - Kenneth Mcabee

Sin is a repugnant concept.  Theists sin.  Atheists act like assholes.
- Rob Burcham

The Cross is the only hope for the world. - Charles Rollins
Only if we put more Christians on the things. - David Worrell

I'm awaiting with bated revulsion your detailed account of the number
of changes that have taken place in Carbon dating over the past 30
years, with some attention paid to whether or not these were
refinements in technique.  -  Don Martin
Just think about it... why else would they number the types of
carbon dating?  -  Greg Waggy

I wanted to go to Hell, but they sent me to Toys R Us instead!
- j. j. hitt

SHIT! That's so funny, I damn near saw god. - David Rice

He sure is taking a long time.  I'm quite sore. - Fredric Rice

I found it!  I found Magog!  It's in the province of Quebec ..
in the 819 area code. - Sue Armstrong

God doesn't care what you think. -- James Davis

I said I could be healing, speaking in tongues, living with serpents,
drinking poison or any other sign that you can think of...  - Kenneth Mcabee
And those are just your good points. - Steve Rose

Now _that's_ an accurate summation of HolySmoke.  Hurtful heathens lying
in wait for tender young Christians to happen along. - Fredric Rice

I'm NOT giving up. - Joanna Amren (Commenting about HolySmoke)

Shelby, I want to know why if drunkards will not go to heaven,
then why is wine a drink of the church and is called the 'blood
of jesus christ'????? - Jeffrey Ivins
Because Jesus is a grape. - J. J. Hitt

9) You small not bear false wilness against your neighbor - Leonard Bernier

You are on an 'echo' with die-hard atheist who will try anything
to deceive you from the truth. This echo would not exist without
_negativity_. - Don Ward

DON'T write without thinking about what you're saying.
I made a complete idiot of myself. - Joanna Amren

You're like a pack of dogs on a rabbit. - Maria Russell

He who lives by the salad bar dies by the salad bar. - Hector Plasmic

Anti-black hole:  Willful ignorance so massive, light can't enter.
- David Rice

The real world is NOT a friendly place for faith or ideals.
- Sean McCullough

If Adolph Hitler accepted Christ, the Bible is clear on that
subject!  He will go to heaven. - Jerry Wilcox

But the fact that the disciples all saw and ate and
touched Jesus is important. - Al Schroeder

Origin: MALARIA! NETWORK, Shivering yellow shits for Jesus! (1:102/890)

Men leaving the natural use of the woman burned
in lust for one another.. - Charles Rollins
[Christian Charles tells us what he is told woman's 'natural use' is]

It only gets better for us when we die... - Scott Brubaker
It gets better for us, too - we no longer have to listen
to fundy morons. - David Worrell

When you cannot use facts to demonstrate that something
is true, just label it 'spiritual'. - Sean McCullough

Are you really this stupid, or is your medication wearing off?
- David Rice

The king is coming! - LEONARD BERNIER
And the queen isn't.  How typical.  -  David Rice

Christ will come sameday. - Leonard Bernier
And that's even better than overnight. - DON MARTIN

Staal is a prime example of someone who uses
Jesus to excuse his behaviour. - Steve Quarrella

Die and fry! You and your scum sucking in-bred brother, furd.
- Jim Staal (Defending his homophobia in HolySmoke)

I know I said I wouldn't leave HolySmoke, but I can now see
why everyone else does....ya'll are hopeless! - Joanna Amren

Are you aware that you cannot write without typo's? Write to me
without a typo and I will began you education... - Don Ward

Call me a thief and I'll behave like one... - Jim Staal
You're gay.  (This should be interesting.) - Karl Schneider

'Christian',  as presently, commonly used,  is a meaningless label.
- John Prewett

McCullough's Law: anyone under the control of an authority tends to
be/become inimical to anyone NOT under control of the same authority.

Are you Gay? And if so, as I suspect you are, you should beg for
forgiveness for all of your morally destitute ways.. - Don Ward

Well they weren't real homosexuals. These acts of violence are neither
condoned nor promoted by true Homosexuals. - M Simon (1:282/56)

McGod's - Have it my way or go to Hell. - Sue Armstrong

God touches brains - John Brawley
Which is why believers' brains are scrambled - Fredric Rice

Wait on God - Phil Morrison
Sorry, not my table. - Fredric Rice

... In Jesus Christ name I bind all evil sprits off of this echo NOW.
- Steve Willis
I'm melting, melting . . . - Kevin D. Mckenzie

Evolution is likely ultimately from the devil, to misdirect people.
- David Robins

You want this to scare me, show me that your God exists. - Sean McCullough

Yes, I'd bow down before your god... to make sure that the
bastard was dead. - Dan Ceppa

... In Jesus Christ name I bind all evil sprits off of this echo NOW.
- Steve Willis
I am an Evil Spirt.  I'm still unbound.  Your little spell didn't work.
- J. J. Hitt

... In Jesus Christ name I bind all evil sprits off of this echo NOW.
- Steve Willis
I sacrificed a chicken to Star Goat, praise His Name, to protect
us from this christian curse. - George Rudzinski

What makes you think that a consicous, social animal that can invent a
God to explain the universe could not also develop a code of ethics
by which to live? - Gerry Lemay

You want to be like Jesus? I'll pound the fucking nails in myself!
- David Hilling

The world's already ended several times over, I don't really think
anyone will notice if it ends a few more times... - Damien Wellman

I was an atheist once myself... - Timothy Bowlby
No, you weren't. Atheists can think. - Don Martin

In Christ - Phill Mcrevis
I hope you practice safe sodomy.  [smile] - Fredric Rice

Satan usually gives all you little followers money, where
Christians must WORK HARDER to get the same things. - Christian Miller

...just a bunch of crazy Atheist..(who will all burn in Hell)...
- Todd Johnson

The wife of a Pagan wears nothing; the wife of a Fundamentalist
Christian wears bruises. - David Rice

Last night I purchased some tofu hotdogs. - David Rice
When you start buying tofu hot dogs, religion can't be far behind. [G]
- Judith Bandsma

CM] God sends no one to Hell. - Christian Miller
DW] I refuse to go to hell.  What's going to happen to me?
CM] How will you stop God the Father from sending you there?
KD] [sigh]  First you said that God didn't force anyone to go to
KD] hell, and then you said that he did. - Kevin D. Mckenzie
CM] Try to twist shit, and turn it.

Mark 16:15-18.  I'll  use chemistry, you use the Bible.
You will be deader than  your saviour. - George Rudzinski

'I have less tolerance for pagan women because they seem
to particularly lack respect for men and thereby depart
from God even further than do pagan men.' - Jim Staal

You think I wanted to appease you?  To endear myself to the heathen
hooligans who patrol this smelly place? - Jesse C. Jones (HolySmoke forum)

'Crap!  I rolled a nine!  Now I godda fight
the sugar-plum fairies!' - Fredric Rice

I am implying nothing, Luke. I am saying straight out he
is the imbodiment of evil. Anti-God blasphemer.
- Lon S. Mabon  (a.k.a. Jim Staal)

Still, I cannot escape the conviction that the purposes
which draw heathens to this place is an evil one...
- Jesse C. Jones (Talking about HolySmoke)

I have less tolerance for pagan women because they seem to
particularly lack respect for men and thereby depart from God
even further than do pagan men. - (Jim Staal, Promise Keeper)

He's not dead, but He died for you! - Les Wilcox

Stick to lawyering, Jesse. As an anthropologist, you'd make a
great pastry chef. - Marty Leipzig

Evidence is not needed the Bible is. - Kenneth Mcabee

I'd rather have a free mind than be saved. - Robert Jackson

Got great news: been off the medication for months now. Life is
indeed good! - Jim Staal (suffers from MPD)

I also know from experience that if a spell is cast on a buddist, a
humanist, or any else, the spell my penetrate. But, on a christian,
the spell is powerless. - Jose Gomez

If God made the earth stand still and the universe rotate around it,
it would be easy for him to alter the course of the universe so that
the sun hits a different section of the earth for a different length
of time to create the different seasons. - Kenneth Mcabee (Creationist)

Three hundred years ago modern scientist postulated that the
Earth was supported on the back of a giant turtle. The Bible
in Job said it was hung on nothing. - Andrew Masten (Fundy)

God was visible during the OT because there wasn't the written
form of the OT. And there is now. - Maria Russell (submissive fundy)


Well godDan! HOLYSMOKE's got more ministers per square foot
than even the most popular brothel in New Orleans. - David Rice

How many days of the week are named after *Christian* gods? - Brian Kolacy
April Fool's Day - Rob Burcham

Run, don't walk, away from this echo.
- Michael Hardy (Fundy cultist talking about the HolySmoke echo)

How can so many people be wrong in just one echo?
- Les Wilcox (Talking about FidoNet's HolySmoke echo)

In cyberspace no one knows you're naked. - J. J. Hitt

** Sins are washed away in Jesus' name baptism ** - Brad Jackson
 But does he get out those stubborn skid marks? - Norbert Sykes

The event had all the marks of a work of Satan. - J. J. Hitt

No point having all those orphaned children and widows around after
their hubbys have died in the war. - Jim Germiquet

Hitler didn't do anything Jehovah hadn't already done to the
Midianites before him. - Marilyn Burge (HolySmoke forum)

Why did your godling tell his desciples to take up the sword
prior to that engagement? - Dan Ceppa.
He didn't tell them to use it. - Andrew Masten (fundy Christian)

Great men of god were involved in such things as murder and adultery.
- Jim Germiquet (Defending the Christanic death cult Numbers 31:17-18)

Blame shifting has become an art form. - Andrew Masten
And it's called the 'Not True Xian'. - Dan Ceppa

Look to God! - Brad Jackson
Well at least let me put a robe on first... - god

gods will never hurt you ethier will god. God saves faithful live, and
watches you rot in HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
- David Napoli

Hello Sean. You sound like a very learned man, and yet
you still don't believe in Jesus Christ. - Brad Jackson

Anyone can talk to God David, even you. - Andrew Masten (rabid fundy)
Anyone can talk to cheese, Andy, even you. - Fredric L. Rice

Only if you greet the pizza boy with nothing on. - Al Schroeder
Now why would I want to kill the poor thing? - Starwyn

Ah, yes. But unlike the others, _I_ am circumcised! - Jim Staal
And the mohel threw away the wrong part. - MARTY LEIPZIG

A god is only as capable as its inventor. - ROBERT CURRY

No Evidence. Never had any, never will, don't need any and still I
believe.  'Happy are those who have not seen yet believe.'
- Robert Burke (Willful ignorance is godly)

... It's a pillow, it's a pillow!  [splat!] - Dan Ceppa

You're the nescience schmuck spewing the Kafkaesque, mendacious
prattle around here. You have demonstrated yorself to be an
untutored, asinine, loutish liar; a sodden, vacuous, meretricious,
specious imbicle with delusions of intelligence, with the postiche
affectation of knowing what the fuck you're talking about. In
short, you're an ass. - David Rice

The work of a secret feminist agenda that is not about equal rights
for women.  It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement
that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children,
practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
-- Marion 'Pat' Robertson on the Iowa Equal Rights Amendment

I'm an agnostic shit for brains! - Bill Wolff (HolySmoke 09/Dec/96)

The grand self-delusion of the modern spirit, that no higher powers
ever existed, has seduced us into pacts with demonic forces.
- Jesse Jones (Fundy pretending everyone's being controlled by his
'demons' constructs - HolySmoke 09/Dec/96)

Ironic, isn't it, that human nature goes against religion, and that
religion -- being stagnant in most respects -- is being left to the
dwindling devotees (normally fundies), which makes their own claims
of damnation, fire and destruction just one shrill scream of maniac
deception! - Rod Swift (HolySmoke 10/Dec/96)

A lemming on full afterburners. - Marty Leipzig

The Messiah has preexisted. - Leonard Bernier (Lunatic xian spamer)
My HMO doesn't cover preexisting messiahs. - Ed Mills

The 'basic tenants' of Christianity is fear, ignorance, hatred,
racism, and resentment against ones' betters. - David Rice

You are very ignorant. - ROBERT BURKE (Christanic death cultist)
Your mother doesn't think so. - David Rice

We should also teach our children the pain, horror,
and pain of atheism. - Robert Burke (Christanic death cultist)

Religion is the largest industry in the world, and it provides
no tangible service; trades in no tangible goods.  Yet it is a
milti-billion dollar industry.  In every other endeavor, this
would be called 'fraud.' - David Rice

How does the Catholic Church view the topic of Euthanasia?
When the Catholics are doing the killing, in large numbers, they
approve; when it's someone else doing the killing, in onesies and
twosies, they disapprove. - David Rice

Not only is it manifest that *most* of the atheists in this hell hole
do not have a clue about doing good, your post aptly reveals the
underlying hatefulness that drives you here.  I am praying for your
soul, Stevie. - Jesse Jones (Fundie talking about HolySmoke)

Saving your soul by losing your mind -- how droll. - Robery Curry

Isn't that so, dick head? - Bill Wolff (His most rational argument)

Michael Hardy has joined the family.  We will be three for dinner.
- Fredric Rice

I don't claim it exists.  I claim I _think_ it exists. - John Brawley

A 'meaning of life' removes the overriding fear that existance is
useless -- while denying the fact that living is its own greatest
reward. - Fredric Rice (HolySmoke, December 1996)

I must say you must live on a pink cloud to have let yourself been
deluded by these women. Their general purpose here has been clear to
me from the beginning:  they hate men in general, and Christian men
in particular. - Jim Staal (Promise Keeper) HolySmoke, December 1996

A jew converting to Christianity is like a negro joining
the Ku Klux Klan. - David Rice

It is ironic as all get-out that it is up to the atheists, Pagans,
and Jews to educate Christians about Christianity and the Bible.
- David Rice

A =REAL= atheist would have kept the pizza, turned the dog loose on
him, and stripped the Vega for parts to sell in Mexico. - David Rice

I'm not a liar David the freak! Please show any evidence where
I lied, David the dick head! - Bill Wolff
ROTFL! That'll sure make people forget you lied! - David Rice

My alternative view is that both atheists and theists are both
full of crap! - Bill Wolff

Faith and belief are usually based on something. - Mark English
Yes. Myth. Faith and belief come out of lack of knowledge. - Rod Swift

The only thing wrong with masturbation is loneliness. - Al Schroeder
You've never tried it in a group? :)  I thought that's what the
death cult was all about! :) - Rod Swift

My worst nightmare is a world full of faggots, is that you?
- Mark English


Scientific inquiry always rates over mythology. - Dr. Martin Goldberg

Science invites inquiry. Your Gods die from that activity.
- Dr. Marty Leipzig

The only 12 step approach I use is when I'm a dozen paces from
the liquor store. - Dr. Marty Leipzig

And how do I prove this point without quoting bible text? - Carl Pollock
Do what you did before becoming a Christian: Use your brain! - Fred Rice

...there is no life on other planets. If there were, the Bible
would have mentioned it. - Jim Staal (he's serious, by the way)

The troops containing gays would be at a disadvantage, because they
would hesitate to shoot at the young, good looking men on the other
side. - Jack P Sargeant (anonymous homophobic bigot talks about gays)

The damn quote of yours has had more second comings here
than a hooker at a Baptist convention. - Marty Leipzig

Nobody needs to twit you, you're already a twit. - Starfire

But when examining a phenomena, like the placement of rocks in a
field, there is nothing unscientific about considering whether those
rocks were placed by design or natural forces. - Andrew Masten

I still win, Al.  You may continue to kneel in the dark fearing the
punishment of your gods you can't defend while I walk out in the
open, on my feet, like a man. - Fredric L. Rice

The fucking *bilge* *pumps* just abandoned ship - I distinctly heard
'em say 'T'hell with this shit, every pump for itself' as they jumped
overboard! - David Worrell

I find it more comforting to have a God[sic] who doesn't CARE[sic]
if you did good or bad...if you ask for forgiveness. - Al Schroeder
(Expressing one of the reasons Christianity is supremely evil.  Fuck
the fact that the ___VICTIMS___ of Christians are the only ones with
the power to forgive them.)

I've also never met a Promise Keeper that I didn't end up deciding
was a weak chinned ninny with major problems concerning his
masculinity. - Katherine Wintersnight

Maybe if we came back to God, crops would do better..  -- KEN YOUNG
(A Christian fundy who also shakes in fear at thunder and lightening)

Why, yes.  As a matter of fact, I do. ;)  Look to your own evidence
first though, ok?  Specifically, look at why _you_ believe God exists
and let's see how it compares to mine.  Don't bother telling me you
_don't_ believe.  I won't believe you.  I don't believe 'anyone' who
says this.  I believe they are just being rebellious. - David Ragland
(Probably an atheist troll)

Fascism is fascism, David, no matter if it is cloaked
in swastikas or crosses. - David Worrell

Also, and this is not proof, but rather an interesting possibility,
there have been many to say they heard torturous screams of agony
when they dug too deep in the earth..  Now, if that is so, could it
be Hell?  If not, what are those sounds coming from? - Ken Young

He didn't lie about dying. He just didn't stay dead. - Al Schroeder

It is very comforting for theists to believe that no matter how
demonic their crimes are, their god has 'forgiven' them. - David Rice

What the Bible says..[sic] - Ken Young
... depends on who's reading it. - David Rice

Hello Imbecile... - Jan Deboer
And just how long did you work for the diplomatic corps? - Dave Hamilton

Us blathering fundies gotta stick together no matter what!
- David Ragland

Besides, it isn't as if Christians are the only ones
against homosexuality.. (Anonymous Christianic bigot)
Yeah, and it isn't as if Nazis are the only ones against
Jews, either, right? - David Worrell

I remember the dread I felt when I realized God is real after all.
Then when I was put on trial by angels, I just knew I was cooked,
if you know what I mean. - Bryson Hughes (needs a doctor, huh?)

I know enough about science in general to know that that it cannot
yet prove or disprove evolution... - David Ragland (Claims to know
science in the same sentence which proves he's a liar)

I would say that you should be what you were made to be.  If you were
created white, stay that way.  If you were made male, stay that way.
And if you were made heterosexual, AS WE ALL WERE, stay that way.
- Ken Young expressed his homophobic hatred

Gays will go to Hell if they are not saved, and if you are gay, you
cannot be saved. - Ken Young penciling changes to his mythologies

I'd take Aphrodite over Jesus any day. - David Rice

I fail to see how a cloned sheep can have anything to do with
Christianity. - Anthony Grigor-Scott

Would that seem to say that a wife-beater and murderer is a better
role model than a lesbian??? - Jim Staal, evil Christan bigot

All home-schooling will do is guarantee your kids are as stupid
as you are. - Marilyn Burge

Just by a group being an atheist group, generally means it is a
hate group. - Ken Young (HolySmoke, March 1997)

The head of a newborn is about 3-4 inches at max. My dick is longer
than that and I know I have never penetrated the cervix so the head
(being the last thing to come out in a breeched birth) would be
beyond the cervix. Get off it, lady. - Jim Staal telling us everything
he knows about women.

You were put on trial by angels? - Jason Harmon
Yes Jason I was. It was the most horrifying experience of my life.
- Bryson Hughes

If Christian men were not prone to violence against women, the
family would be an equal partnership among peers (as it should be).
- David Rice

When I am sick, I pray about it and then use the means God provides:
the docs. - Jim Staal (Then credits his gods for the 'cure')

May your lips be seared with hot coals, blasphemer! -- Jim Staal

If everyone today started to worship the Christian god, all
disease would be gone. - Ken Young (Everyone would be dead.)

But once they accept Christ as their savior, all homosexuality
is gone. - Ken Young (Homophobic bigot 'logic.'  March 1997)

Gee, Laurie, just how did those mountains get to be as much
as 29,002 feet high? - Dan Ceppa (Laurie is a Creationist nutter)
When the rain started, the mountains fled to high ground? - David Rice

You'd like to think you think, so you stop thinking altogether and
play a childish, immature game of make believe to quell the fright
you feel. Like an addict who keeps shooting up to stop the tremors,
you cripple yourself with something you don't really need at all.
- Robert Curry

Will there come a time when 'my work will be done,' here?  Perhaps,
but that will only occur when this echo has completely changed.
- Fundy Ken Young talking about HolySmoke

A newborn baby doesn't what you'd say lie, but we are all sinners right
ought of the womb.  This is taken from the Bible. - Amanda Barlowe

How many young women are tormented in their secret places by the
crying of a child?  So torn in fact that they some-times even
hallucinate that it is THEIR murdered child crying out for
retribution. - George Harper (fundy who is probably told this stuff)

I most certainly said yes, a 12 year old rape victim who willfully
has her unborn child aborted should be tried and if found guilty
executed. - Ken Weins (a Christian, of course)

Visit HOLYSMOKE and make this claim. - Karl Schneider
I have no desire to descend into that pit of vipers, thank you.
- Kevin Gibson

You do realize, I assume, that this is the kind of thing that makes
fundies spin at 666 rpm... - Karl Schneider

Jim, the only thing you've proven is that there's a direct
correlation between strength of belief and immunity to logic.

All I was saying was that while they are gay, they cannot become
Christian.  But once they accept Christ as their savior, all
homosexuality is gone. - Ken Young (evil homophobic bigot)
All I was saying was that while they are black, they cannot become
Christian. But once they accept Christ as their savior, all
blackness is gone. - ROGER HUNTER

Musta been one helluva sandstorm during the flood. - Marty Leipzig

If my son or daughter married a homosexual, I would be quite upset,
but 1)  they are still family, and 2) it isn't as if they would be
the gay person. - Ken Young (A Christian, of course)

Yes, I do believe that 'mindlessly accepting an ancient myth'
is thinking... - George Harper (A Christian, of course)

A large syringe and some sort of minced god? - BRIAN KOLACY

Big difference between my tight little anus and a vagina, both in
design and function. - Jim Staal (Homophobic, woman-hating bigot)
ACK!  Was that *you* in my room in Grand Rapids last month??????????
- Karl Schneider

The Fundy Christians and other radical Right-wing nuts love to
scream 'Less Government!' except when it comes to fascist control
of people they dislike: then they embrace tyrany with glee.
- David Rice

No, I mean ORGANIZED prayer. - Ken Young, fascist Nazi Christian
Ni, you mean COERCED, ENFORED prayer. Just like they have in Iran.
- David Rice

I found *birth* to be disgusting. Shall I outlaw that? - Karen Davis
The pro-choicers have already tried and suceeded in doing that. - Jim
Staal (Homophobic, anti-woman bigot won't tell us about this 'law.')

If you are a typical christian, god protect us. - Mario Gonzalez

Josh McDowell: evidence of stupidity that demands a death sentence
- Unknown

May your lips be seared with hot coals, blasphemer!
- Jim Staal (Homophobic, anti-woman Christan bigot)

Do you really think it is Christian bashing for one to say that
Christianity is evil? - Robert Curry
If they have reasoning behind it, probably not. - Ken Young
(Homophobic bigot who agrees with his death cult's history entirely.)

Some people fall victim to dogma, and then others find the truth of
Christianity. - Ken Young (Utterly incapable of noticing the irony)

What truth?  You haven't presented any truth.  All you've done is
jump up and howl, while clutching yourself and turning odd colors.
- Katherine Wintersnight

'A creature who is truly free has no need of faith and no use for
force.  His only request is it be judged by merit -- to live and
let live.' - Running Dogs of Loyalty, Gale Richard Walker

'Today, in desperation, the fangs of faith and force are frenetically
called upon to inject life into a decaying corpse.' - The Running
Dogs of Loyalty, Gale Richard Walker

'If honesty makes one offensive, then one should be happy to offend
deeply.' - The Running Dogs of Loyalty:  Honest Reflections on a
Magical Zoo. -- Gale Richard Walker

'Where hunger holds courage hostage, fate schools the masses in
the Ethics of Cowardice.' - The Running Dogs of Loyalty:  Honest
Reflections on a Magical Zoo. -- Gale Richard Walker

...if a person claims to have no god, what then.
Then Satan is his god. - Jim Staal (Giving atheists one of his gods)

Ban 'gay pride' parades. I find them to be discriminating and a
source of social unrest and upheaval. - Jim Staal, homophobic bigot

The fact that the Righteous and Holy Creator and Sustainer of the
Universe kills unborn babies has nothing to do with what I do today.
- Ken Wiens (describing his Christian gods.)

Again, nothing new here, just a nut shouting his prayers on the
street corner hoping to be thought of as devout. - Katherine
Wintersnight to George Harper

The Armed Cervixes: the Harpy Air Force - Richard Smith

If anyone should apologize, it should be your god. - Jason Harmon

Considering the quality of public education these days... - Jim Staal
Which is excellent, by the way. Don't piss sour grapes just
because YOU failed so badly in public schools. - David Rice

You seem to have found the righteous indignation button. - Jason Harmon
Found it? He seems to have *broken* it. - David Worrell

Are you a murderer like the rest of your cronies in this Conference?
- Ken Wiens

I just wish he'd paid more attention during spelling class, and
less attention in Sunday School. - Marilyn Burge

Don't blame me, blame the source that I got it from. - Bill Wolff
(trying to shift the blame for his lies onto someone else.)

I have in the past, however, exposed myself to art. - Jim Staal
Which explains why Art can't stop laughing. - Dan Ceppa

Oh, you will, bruised, debunked and bleeding, fleeing to the
sanctity and safety of a hard disk crash. - Shelby Sherman

Scream a little louder, jump up and down a little higher, turn a
little redder in the face--you just might impress someone with
your histrionics. - Katherine Wintersnight

You really DON'T understand, do you?  Katherine isn't trying to
scare you away.  She's trying to put some A-1 steak sauce on you.
- Richard Smith

Teachers are faced with parents who would rather their children pray
for good marks rather than helping them study. - John Musselwhite

'Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the church, and
the private schools, supported entirely by private contributions.
Keep the Church and State forever seperate.' - U. S. Grant

'There was a time when religion ruled the world.  It was known as
the Dark Ages.'  - Ruth Hurmence Green

'Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is
always the strongly marked reature of all religions established by
law.' - Thomas Paine

'During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of
Christianity been on trial.  What has been its fruits?  More or
less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance
and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and
persecution.' - James Madison

Can you say 'Pilt-Down Man'? - George Harper
I don't know.
Let me try...
'The Shroud of Turin'
Well, it's close. - David Worrell

I haven't had a Baptist in over a year. - David worrell

Well, Rod, I never claimed to have an scientific evidence for
what I suggest on homosexuality. - Ken Young (rabid homophobic)

I hate homosexuality because I know it is wrong.  When you feel
something is wrong to a certain point, you will hate it. - Ken Young
(Telling us why he's a homophobic bigot.)

My theology is not threatened by the truth. - Ken Young
Of course not...the priestly deception, with the aid of the state,
has always managed to seek out truth and stamp it out wherever they
find it. - Jan deBoer

While it would be wrong, I see no reason for a law against an adult
and a teenager from doing it.  Just as long as no one was forced
into it. - Ken Young (Christian pedophile and homophobic bigot)

What beef do you have against consenting adults who are
breaking no laws and harming no one? - SALLY SPRINGETT
The only 'beef' i have with them is that they are being
very immoral... - Ken Young
Evidence? - Rod Swift
How can you show evidence whether anything is immoral or
not? - Ken Young (Fully self-debunking hmophobic fundy)

'As in 1925, creationists are not battling for religion.  They have
been disowned by leading church men of all persuasions, for they
debase religion even more than they misconstrue science.  They are
a motley collection to be sure, but their core of practical support
lies with the evangelical right, and creationism is a mere stalking
horse or subsidiary issue in a political program...The enemy is not
fundamentalism; it is intolerance.  In this case, the intolerance
is perverse since it masquerades under the 'liberal' rhetoric of
'equal time'.'   J Gould.

'I believe that the first book of the Bible(Genesis)should be
rewritten to include Darwin's theory of evolution(it's only fair
to give all Christians a choice).  I also believe that ALL
Christian clergy should be forced to give equal time to Darwin
whenever creationism is discussed.'

An appropriate metaphor, considering the manner in which Darwin
'discovered' the law of gravity. Too bad he didn't stop there.
- George Harper (Home schooled fundy Christian telling us all
what it was Darwin discovered.)

Certainly I don't want to bore Don Martin and others... - Al Schroeder
But you just can't help yourself? - Robert Curry

Wrong. All pain, disease and suffering, evil are the result of
sin in the world. Not God. - Jim Staal (Amazing, isn't he?)

I don't hate the AIDS victim, I hate the disease. Unfortunately,
since we can't cure the disease we must kill the victim. - Rodger
Hunter (wants to execute sick people -- and no, he's an atheist.)

No.  Why is a subconscious choice any less of a choice than a
conscious one? You are still the one deciding things. - Ken Young

Christian who sodomized a kid, could in THEORY still be a
Christian, if we repents. - Ken Young (Freudian slip by any chance?)

You're right, I do not know for a fact that I know how.  But I never
said I did.  What I said was that he lied because he said that I
admitted I did not know how, which I did not.  And BTW, if I do not
know for a fact that I know how, he does not know for a fact that I
don't. - Ken Young. (This is your brain on religion.  Any questions?)

If there is such a thing as homosexual love, certainly it would be
equal to heterosexual love.  But I am not yet convinced that people
of the same sex can genuinely love each other in a romantic way.
Can they love each other?  Sure, but it may not be the same type
of love. - Ken Young (Jewish parents don't love their children like
us Nazi German parents do.)

All of the gods love atheists. The proof is that they gave atheists
the finest human minds on Earth. All of the substandard minds went
to Fundamentalist Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and assorted theists.
- David Rice (June, 1997)

I chose to be straight by choosing to be normal.  I didn't choose
to be gay or bi, so therefore, I chose to be heterosexual.
- Ken Young (June, 1997.  Homophobic Christian bigot.)

Actually, a few rare Amish may use a computer, but generally only
for business purposes. - Ken Young (June, 1997. Who's feeding him
this stuff?!)

'Embarrassed silences'? I've never had one of those, not while
on this echo anyway. And while you're at it, go ahead and laugh
now.....the day will come when, all of a sudden, it's not funny
anymore, as YHWH is judging you. On that day, Fredric, that insane
Star Goat garbage won't stand up in YHWH's courtroom.
- Darryl Gonzales (June, 1997, HolySmoke echo.)

But a far more fascinating read for you would be a book by Richard
Dawkins called _The Blind Watchmaker_.  The two books together are
an education all by themselves, and they are written by two men who
have devoted their entire lives to understanding what makes the world
and the lifeforms on it tick, just as your preacher has devoted his
life to finding out how to make people belief the Bible without
ever reading it on their own. - Marilyn Burge

They say that arguing Ad Hominim is as low as you can go.
- Matt Patrick
Incorrect. You could have a bait shop named after you.
- Shelby Sherman

A decent secular education will help you far more. = Robert Curry
And btw, no such as as a DECENT secular education. - Ken Young

If a cure [for AIDS] is found, great..  (Personally, I believe
it has been, but won't be released.) - Ken Young (Homophobic bigot)

Im intrested in becomming jewish. does anyone know about this
religon???? - Matt Hutchinson
Yeah, first they cut the end off of your wee-wee and then later you
marry a J.A.P. and don't get to use what's left of it. - Shelby Sherman
- Matt Hutchinson

There is some archaeologic evidence...possibly rumour...that puts
the day of creation actually on a Tuesday... - Ken Young (June 1997)

Also, and this is not proof, but rather an interesting possibility,
there have been many to say they heard torturous screams of agony
when they dug too deep in the earth.. Now, if that is so, could it
be Hell? If not, what are those sounds coming from? - Ken Young

Why not take a monkey, and inject it with human DNA to see if it,
or it's offspring, manifests any indication of increased self-
awareness or other signs of true hominid sentience?
- George Harper (Telling us what he learned in school)

What Jim is saying is that a person who has the strength of his
convictions is not going to let anything diminish his faith.
- George Harper
So Christians value ignorance? - Rod Swift

I won't be politically correct. I hope this country never recognizes
same sex marriage. - Andrew Masten (Homophobic Christian bigot)
Why? - Preston Simpson
Because same sex divorce would surely follow. - Andrew Masten

This is what happens when you join a 'born again' cult:  You
sacrifice your brain for the good of the body. :) - Steve Quarrella

I can understand the pain people like me put homosexuals through...
- Ken Young (Homophobic Christian bigot.  June 1997)

Narrow dogmas fit rather well into narrow minds. - ROBERT CURRY

As far as people drinking during communion goes, some churches do
that, but many, including those I would be with, use grape juice.
WHich is essentially what I believe was used back in the days of
the Bible. - Ken Young (Amazing, huh?)

Considering all the evil that exists in the world, the fact that all
of religion's condemnation is focussed on expressing disapproval of
two people loving each other proves just how evil religion is.
- Jan deBoer

You are the satan of liars, Fred. There is no one here (or that I
have met in my life) that spews more hatred and bigotry than you!
Wotta friggin LIAR! - Jim Staal (Homophobic Promise Keeper, June 97)

No, I admit I do not use evidence.  I have given up on using so
called scientific studies for the moast part, a long time ago, with
only a few exceptions. - Ken Young

In fact, I think Julie and Alanna went to school together. - Ken Young
Pity they never arrived. - Karl Schneider

I have visions of a huge, powerful HolySmoke threshing machine,
mowing down a hapless styrofoam puppet. - Shelby Sherman

Someone should have had sex with Jody Foster six times a day
until Reagan was dead. - David Rice

You're the biggest gawdamn hypocrite in the U S of A, right
along with Swaggart and Bakker. - Jan deBoer
At least I am in good company. - Jim Staal (Homophobic bigot)

If [women] become tired or even die through bearing children, that
does not matter.  Let them die through fruitfulness - that is why
they are there. -Martin Luther, _Vom Ebelichen Leben_ [1522]

Gay marriages would affect me as I am an American and God (sic)
will place one more judgement on my country for it. - Jim Staal

No dogma. I get my info right from scripture. - Jim Staal

There is very little to teach anyone about 'Plate-techtonics'
really, since it is 99.99% speculation and hypothesis, even if this
fact is obscured by the way this is put across. - Laurie Appletoon
(Creationist liar.  His masters won't even let him accept tectonics)

Hey, I hit the gook food joints twice this week alone.
- Jim Staal (Racist, homophobic, anti-woman bigot, July, 1997.)

By definition, an extraterrestrial is a supernatural being.
- Ken Young (July, 1997, showing us his Christian education.)

Not registering one's software is 'unethical?'  Sheesh.. - Ken Young
(Fundy Christian.  Stealing isn't unethical to this bigot.)

People who cover themselves in shit shouldn't complain if
they attract flies. - Steve Quarrella

...when I was in HS, a girl told me that when she was 10, her
uncle raped her, she got pregnant, and was forced to have an
abortion.  Now, I cannot tell you how messed up she was.  Pretty
much was a nympho type. - Ken Young (10-year-old rape victims
are nymphomaniacs to racist, homophobic, anti-woman Christian
bigots, it seems.)

Once again..[sic] While being gay, a homosexual cannot be a
Christian, but he can get saved.  And when he does get saved, his
homosexuality is gone. - Ken Young (Rabid homophobic Christian.)

Now, if we say that homosexual marriages is fine, could that lead
to people stealing more, and that becoming more acceptable?  Yes, I
would say there is a good possibility of that. - Ken Young (Rabid
homophobic Christian bigot, July 1997.)

This coming from someone who thinks 'stupider,' is a word. - Ken
Young (Rabid homophobic Christian bigot showing us the extent of
his education, July 1997.)

If people are preventing themselves from having the most common
sexual option,  then that helps show that the relationship at hand,
is unnatural. - Ken Young (Rabid homophobic Christian bigot, Jul 97)

The Illuminati is not all that much of a secret any more.  In many
public schools, in advanced classes, they teach that it existed.
No, I am certainly not ignorant or gullible.  But I once was.
- Ken Young (Homophobic, paranoid Christian bigot, August 1997.)

Debra McMurphree said he [Jimmy Swaggart] asked her to bring her
10-year-old daughter along because he thought slipping it into that
tight little pussy would be quite a hoot.   And THIS is your idea
of somebody to respect!!?? - Marilyn Burge
Yes.  After all, he admitted he did something wrong, didn't he?
- Ken Young (homophobic, NAMBLA Christian, August 1997.)

I'm illiterate, what's a spontanious abortion. - Alan Presley.
(August, 1997.  Typical 'pro choice' fundy exhibition of ignorance.)

Does that mean 'true' gays who are born that way, or does it
include those gays who participate in the lifestyle because they
were molested or just for the sake of sexual variety?
- JIM GERMIQUET (Homophobic bigot.  Thinks some people are gay
because they are victims of molestation!  Amazing.)

I'm hoping they end up with a very surprised looking goat.
- Scott Taylor

This message base is about people amusing themselves by
debunking fundies such as you.  Run away while you have
the chance. - Curtis Johnson

I'll let government employees execute all the millions of
12 year old girls getting abortions when abortion becomes
illegal and punishable by capital punishment. - Ken Wiens

You are an offensive clown, who does not seem to know what
he is talking about! Aren't you the miserable peanut that
has snapped a whole of life BAN on me from several atheist
echoes? - Laurie Appleton (To Fredric Rice.)

I resign from this echo. Any echo that is too proud to allow
God in it is too proud to have me or my BBS in it. This echo
will now be expelled from my BBS. When you have repented you
may reach me in netmail to apologize and ask me back...
- Kit Ballyantine

When did you decide to be arrogant? - Ken Young
The day after I decided that meek people deserve what they get.
- Preston Simpson

'If they become tired or even die through bearing children, that
does not matter. Let them die through fruitfulness - that is why
they are there.' - Martin Luther

Actually, I think that sexuality is determined by environment
in %100 of the cases. - Idiot Jim Staal
The high incidence of pedophilia amongst clergy and priests
therefore indicates chrisitianity is a bad environement that
causes sexual deviancy. Right, Jimbo? - Jan deBoer

I've only just recently discovered that Genesis is really an
encoded history of the exodus across space... - George Pope

You should get into the FLAME echo. There, you don't need your
superstition to conceal your hatred of others who don't think
as you do. You can just come out and say it instead of having
your magic fairy say it for you. - Ed Mills

That was the beginning of my downhill slide into respectability.
Hell, I'm damn near Republican these days. - David Worrell

I have NEVER met a christian who wasn't first and foremost a
LIAR. - Jan deBoer

One of my mother's co-employees at the V.A., years ago, was a
guy who would DIE if he ever ate anything with boysenberries in
it. What a scary way to live. Probably acted like Damien in
church whenever he walked past the Smucker's shelf at Safeway.
- Ed Mills

'Why do born-again people so often make you wish they'd never
been born the first time?' - Katherine Whitehorn, British
Journalist, The Observer, May 20, 1979

The Lord rebuke you and mete out to you righteous judgment!
- Bill Kochman
Ooo.... we're all shaking. - Quentin Fai

One day, about 2000 years ago, this guy goes up to this girl
named Mary, and says, 'I'm God, and you shall bear my son'. So
she says, 'Cool', and they fuck, and afterwards, he asks her,
'How old are you?'. She tells him her age, and he says to her,
'Aren't you a little old to be believing in gods'. - Quentin Fai

Ah, but you forget..  To a Christian, the Bible is made up
of facts, even if they are biblical ones. - Ken Young

A fact has no qualifiers like 'to a christian...'  A fact is a
fact.  For the Bible to be full of facts, we need proof to show
that the Bible is correct. - Mark Nelson

Every time I get access to this echo, I see the mental quality
of the antiChristians has slipped more and more. . . I used to
be able to respect those who were anti-Christian in here, but
now I can barely work up any pity... - George Pope (mistakenly
responding to a posting by Ben Gaines -- another Christian fundy)

Do you REALLY expect me to waste my precious time answering
those seven messages of yours full of anti-christ barf?
- Bill Kochman

What 'flood?'  How can you claim 'events surrounding' something
which didn't happen? - Fredric Rice
My advice to you is that you seriously consider having a change
of heart. - Bill Kochman

I truly hope that you will not be one who is swept away by the
flood of God's judgments, just as you are now being swept away
by the flood of Satan's lies. - Bill Kochman (To Fredric Rice)

But, it's still okay to murder!  What if your mother decided to
abort you. It's not her right to deprive your chance to live.
- Alan Presley

Strange, Bill, the 'Book of Jesus' isn't mentioned.  Why is
that?   Was he illiterate or something like that? - Dan Ceppa
No, He was smart enough to have others write it down for
Him!  He didn't come to be a Scribe; He came to be our Saviour!
In fact, He is YOUR Saviour if you will just accept Him.
- Bill Kochman

You didn't need to go to all that trouble to confirm the obvious.
A simple 'I am a world-class idiot' would have sufficed. - Ed Mills

WOP is Italian food (appologies to Quarrella if offended) and
gook is Chinese (or any other Asian variety) - Idiot Jim Staal

No. You are the one who is a disgusting filthy pervert!!!! You
have zero regard for unborn children. You are a murderer.
- Ken Whines

Keep that attitude up and it won't go very nicely for you on
Judgment day. - Ken Whines

You know, these Death Cult Threats might be a little more effective
if you could in way substantiate the spurious platforms they are
based upon.  But thanx for playing anyway. - Richard Smith

... 'I'd use a dictionary if I knew how to spell.'  - Jim Staal
(a.k.a. Lon S. Mabon)

Isn't it so nice that we have a word like 'ethnic cleansing',
which is a politically-correct word for 'religiously-inspired
genocide'. - Rod Swift

More genocide has been committed in this world by religious
tyrants than any other source. - Rod Swift

Actually fellas, scripture does show that you can sin away to
your hearts content and still be saved, just so you believe
(Acts 16:31, John 3:16, I John 5:13, Romans 1:16). - Jared Hanan

Lots of humans strive daily to make this planet a better place
to live.  In my eyes, tha makes them logs better than your god.
- Martin Goldberg

I can admit my ignorance on subjects I do not know much
about, and this is indeed one of them. - Ken Young
Oh go on, have an opinion anyway. You know you want to.
- Scott Taylor

I suppose that it would only be a Kodak Moment if Jim and his
lovely wife 'Wilbur' were to sell the trailer and take a junket
to south east Asia, where she will be holding the camera while
Jim gets the shit beaten out of him for calling a nice Asian
person a gook. - Rod Swift

BTW, how old were you when you were first accosted by some gay
child predator? - Idiot Jim Staal (Homophobic bigot) to Rod Swift

The Illuminati is not all that much of a secret any more.  In
many public schools, in advanced classes, they teach that it
existed. - Ken Young

The thought has never even occurred to me. - Idiot Jim Staal
No thought of any kind has ever occured to you. - Dan Ceppa

Go to a Christian bookstore and buy yourself a bible.  It might
come in handy and save you some future embarrassment when the
atheists around here quote from your purported manual and you
later come up with shit like the above.
- Marilyn Burge to Ken Young

listen God does not murder people.  he does not KILL anybody
either. True, he destroyed the Earth, and he always has a set
time for us all. - Robert Delmedico (Fully self-debunking fundy.)

In other words, if we are obedient to god, we too can mature to
the point where we can massacre millions if we want and send
people who don't worship us to eternal hell?  You Mormon,
Georgie? - Lynda Bustilloz

Your hatred of your fellow human is quite naked in this post. Feel
free to cover it up now that you're aware you've accidentally
exposed yourself. Only your fellow idiots will believe your
explanation, and they don't deserve the truth. On balance, you
haven't caused any real harm to those whose suffering you so
fervently desire. That only happens when you lay your threats and
sadistic horseshit on children who aren't yet equipped to defend
themselves against your mental rape. - Ed Mills To Jared Hanan

Why did the US Gov't have that Star Gate Program? - Alan Presley
(Thinks television shows are real life.)

There's got to be a way we can blame Satan for this mess, though.
- David Worrell

Finally making the decision to kick the bottle (which has a
long story behind it) may also help my finances.... - Scott Taylor
Kick it over this way, wouldja? - David Worrell

Would you care to explain how all these stories were preserved
during a flood that destroyed everything? - Karl Schneider
Sheesh! Try using your imagination. - Ken Wiens
Good idea!  Just like the biblical authors did! - Karl Schneider

If you had any acquaintance with christian theology you'd be
dangerous. - Ken Wiens (A fundy, by the way.)

to pound some sense into a fundy who doesn't want to believe
his deity constructs aren't supposed to have also created evil.)

As you know, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the
evidence of things not seen. - Bill Kochman
And, thus, faith is evidence that the Star Goat exists. - Quentin Fai

How to Know That Christ Is in Your Life - David Ragland
Your asshole starts to hurt? - Quentin Fai

All of the hot air you blow is nothing compared to what will happen
someday soon when the Lord blows His nostrils in anger at a foolish
unbelieving world. - Bill Kochman
Gah! We're gonna be covered in snot! - David Worrell

An Interesting Interpretation Of Jesus' Symbolic Act - Bill Kochman
'I'm a cookie:  Eat me!'  -- Jesus horsing around at a formal
dinner with 12 of his butt buddies. - Dan Ceppa

Oh, don't worry, He'll shut you up soon enough. - Bill Kochman
Take your god and shove him up your ass.  After all, good things
will never hurt you. - Dan Ceppa

Did you ever notice what happens when you put too many
rats in a small cage? - Dan Ceppa
You get the Republican National Convention. - Fredric Rice

'Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims!   And put _that_ in
the minutes!'  'What I want to do is promote Christianity as the
only true religion!' - Christian Coalition member Dr. Henry Jordan
during Columbia, South Carolina Board of Education meeting.  (And
who says Christianity isn't a death cult?)

The only thing left of his brain is in the lint trap. - Fredric Rice

I truly hope you are joking about allowing your children to read
this echo. - Bill Kochman (Can't teach children the truth, after all)

It is amazing to see how many folks in this echo spit in God's face
and say they don't want His FREE gift.  This is nothing short of
total insanity. - Bill Kochman (Insane nut talking about insanity.)

Once you've rationalized the worship of four gods and a host of
demigods as monotheism, though, you can rationalize anything.
- David Worrell

One could argue that atheism is actually of dogmatic thought.
- Ken Young
One could, if one were an idiot.  Gee, what a coincidence.
- Karl Schneider

'Evolution is an undeniable fact...regardless of whether you
know how it happens, think it happens, or even *believe* it
happens.'  -Miller/Levine

You and your atheist buddies are not going to be in the same
place that my cohorts and I will be. - Jared Hanan
We get Marilyn Monroe and he gets Tammy Faye Baker. - David Worrell
We get Carl Sagan and he gets Hitler... - Mark Nelson

You are truly a very stupid individual.
No wonder you believe in a god. - Martin Goldberg

I am referring to the modern branches of science which call God
a liar, and which call His Word a lie. There are certain things
which are true in science and good to know, but when they start
contradicting the Bible, that is where the danger lies...
- Bill Kochman

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet... - Bill Kochman
I agree - prayer belongs where it doesn't bother anyone else.
- Mark Nelson

Oh really Fredric? I speak The Truth of God's Word to your
hardened heart. - Bill Kochman

Deuteronomy 23:1  He that is wounded in the stones, or hath
his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation
of the LORD.

And yes, there is evidence that the spiritual world exists.
Supernatural facts, generally have supernatural evidence.
- Ken Young (Exhibiting his intelligence, August 1997)

Listen, God creating life from dirt isn't a myth, it's a scientific
possibility. - Ben Gaines

I can be fairly certain that homosexuality is unnatural, because
as you said, if something is natural, it occurs in nature.
- Ken Young (Homophobic bigot, August 1997)
Religion doesn't occur in nature, either, eh Kenny - therefore
religion is UNNATURAL. - Jan Deboer

Why dont you get your own life , instead of feeding off of
their intellect. - Jim Germiquet
In actual fact all intelligent people 'feed off of' the knowledge
and experience of those intellectuals which came before them.  I
stand upon the shoulders of thousands of scientists who have come
before me.  Look at what you're standing in. - Fredric Rice

'Peace...and joy...and contentment to you.  It is the will of
Landru.'  Don't look him in the eyes, Preston!  He'll get you!
- Steve Quarrella

I've been meaning to delve into your deep personal knowledge of
homosexual practice. Tell me, are you a pitcher or a catcher?
- ?? to Ken Peck (Homophobic bigot)
Probably a shortstop. - Karl Schneider

In conclusion - If Santa ever DID deliver presents on Christmas
Eve, he's dead now. - David Ragland (Plagiarizing Christian)
In conclusion - if Jesus ever DID get caught in the woods with a
naked boy, he's dead now. - Karl Schneider, August 1997

Don't get pregnant if you don't want to have a kid. - Alan Presley
Don't have sex with a goat if you don't want to have a kid.
- Jan Deboer

These special rights only apply (specifically) to those who
cannot legally marry. - Jim Staal, homophobic Promise Keeper

[JIM GERMIQUET] (Homophobic bigot.  Thinks some people are gay
because they are victims of molestation!  Amazing.)
And he is correct. Why else would they be? - Jim Stall, bigot

The only cheek I turn to you, bud, is the hind one so you can
plant your ruby red lips against it. - Jim Staal (Homophobe)

You didn't.  Ken did.  Ken has clearly said that 13 year olds
should be able to consent to sex. - Rod Swift
You got a problem with that? - Jim Staal (Pedophile homophobic)

You needn't repeat your fantasy about eternally torturing
everyone you don't like. Your kinky little predilection is
already common knowledge. - Ed Mills to Bill Kochman

Staal's a wacko.  A one man wanna be jihad.  Killing with love
for the god of the KJV of the bible. Not a pretty site.  He
understands nothing of the methaphor that he worships like a
slave. - Ray Talley

Are you ready for this, Jared?  In Fred, you have met the
embodiment of Satan, himself. - Jim Staal makes me a Christian god

Preach it Brother Dave! :) - Rod Swift to Dave Hamilton

The Lord rebuke you and mete out to you righteous judgment!
- Bill Kochman
I love it when you get excited and start spewing religious
dogma. It is SUCH a turn on.  Can I fuck your ass? - Rod Swift

When they become 'marked for life' it's because they refuse
to bathe. - Fredric Rice

If I plagiarize further it's because I stand upon the shoulders
of those great who came before me. - Fredric Rice, August 1997

I wonder what the good people who prefer believing in a
god will then call themselves? - Don Martin
Lonely? - David Worrell

My favorite part of this echo is when christers shoot off their
mouths and thus become their own worst enemy. - Ray Talley

I haven't killed any gays...yet. - Jim Staal (Homophobic bigot)

There is only one GOD. - Jared Hanan
That isn't what your Bible says. - ?
Show me where it says differently. - Jared Hanan
Gen. 3:5, Gen. 35:4, Ex.  23:13,  And so forth...the most
interesting one is 1 Cor. 8:5. Tough shit for you, fundy.
- Karl Schneider

Be sure to pencil-in everything your gods 'forgot' to mention,
evil bigot. - Fredric Rice
You're a disgusting person Fred.  It puzzles me how one so vile
and degrading towards others can dare call anyone 'evil.'
- Tim Rivera

What planet are you from anyway.  So far, no one has found any
imperfections in the Bible that have not been explained.  If you
think you know of one, please tell me and let me know so that I
can provide you with the correct interpretation to make it fit.
- Jared Hanan (Offers 'corrective interpretations.')

I am referring to the modern branches of science which call God
a liar, and which call His Word a lie.  Archeology, paleontology,
and astronomy to name a few.  They all claim the Earth and Universe
are billions of years old in direct conflict with the Biblical
record. Between God's Word and man's word, I'll believe God's
Word any day: - Bill Kochman (He's serious, by the way.)

JER 13:14 And I will dash them one against another, even the
fathers and the sons together, saith the LORD: I will not pity,
nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them.
- Christian Family Values

Oh by the way...I am one of the Christians...
(Going on 14 years now, wow) - J. B. Shaughnessy
Wow.  Over a decade without having to think for yourself?
- Karl Schneider

How did we get here? Why? - Alan Presley
Still skipping your Sex Ed classes, I see. - Dan Ceppa

So far, no one has found any imperfections in the Bible that
have not been explained. - Jared Hanan
If the bible was the perfect word of god, why does
it have to be explained? - Dan Ceppa

Saul/Paul was sort of like a Jim Staal with motivation.
- Dave Hamilton

He has pictures of the ectoplasm at work. - Alan Presley
Does he have pictures of ectoplasm at play?
How about pictures of ectoplasm at the beach?
You got any nekkid ectoplasm pictures? - J.J. Hitt

I'm sorry, but did you present any evidence for the
flood while my back was turned? - Don Martin

Should communion be taken every Sunday? - Alan Presley
Only if you like crackers and grape juice. - Roger Hunter

Is it okay to be a member of a baptist, methodist, catholic
church, etc? - Alan Presley
Not if you have any self respect. - Rodger Hunter

Ken Young already spelled it out above. Engaging in homosexual
sex is what we are talking about: nothing more, nothing less.
-- Ken Wiens, explaining what the 'homosexual lifestyle' is.

Your puerile smirks and capricious affirmations of `winning'
indicates a penchant for combativeness and a total lack of any
desire to learn the real truth about _anything_. - David Ragland

Things like this remind me that there is an upside to to our
likely impending demise as a species. - Ed Mills

[He's] so far in the closet that he's in danger of becoming an
overnight bag... - Richard Smith (To latent homosexual Jim Staal)

What a fucking craven coward.  Who are YOU to decide what others
may have or not have, if they create it for themselves?  What a
lovely fascist you are, girlie. - Jim Germiquet (Luddite fundy)

...our scientific knowledge makes us all losers.
- Jim Germiquet (Luddite fundy)

I agree that we need a better understanding of god.
- Jim Germiquet (Luddite fundy)
The educated among us already understand quite well why the
willfully ignorant and superstitious need to construct gods
and goddesses, Jim. - Fredric Rice

I'm not lying.  I saw it on Unsolved Mysteries. - Alan Presley

I haven't killed any gays...yet. - Jim Staal, (Promise Keeper)

I pledge allegiance, to the Banner of Love, of the Eternal City Of
God, and to that Kingdom, for which it stands, one Holy Nation under
God, indivisible, with  Liberty, Justice and Righteousness, for all
who trust in the name of Jesus Christ, our King Eternal
- Bill Kochman (Adolf Hitler said it better)

Oh really Fredric? I speak The Truth of God's Word to your
hardened heart. - Bill Kochman (Fascist Nazi death cultist)

One of these days, unless you have a change of heart, He is going
to swat you down and knock that pride and haughty spirit right out
of you. - Bill Kochman (Will he then spank my rosy pink ass?)

If christianity weren't perverted, it wouldn't be christianity.
- Ed Mills

I'm not lying.  I saw it on Unsolved Mysteries.   It isn't one of
those cheap newspapers in checkout lines.  It's something like
America's Most Wanted. - Alan Presley (Does he believe X-Files?)

Whatever you do, don't ever dial up PBS or The History Channel.
Satanic, you know.  ;-) - Ed Mills

John, the Copenhagen Interpretation is not 'quantum mechanics'
any more than a Jimmy Swaggert sermon is 'Christianity.'
- Mark Kimes (a.k.a. Hector Plasmic)

Would you say that a child of a Mexican would probably be more
healthy and have more things to his/her advantage if that child
has both a Mexican and and English parent?  Of course.
- Alan Presley

Remember you did ask a question. - David Ragland
Just remember that I requested something that you cannot provide.
- Dan Ceppa

WE didn't knock you upside the head, costume you as a walnut, and
force you to read this echo. If it displeases you, there's a Bunnies
and Light echo down the hall. - Damien Wellman
'We've found a walnut.  May be crack him?' - Fredric L. Rice

Yes..  Unsolved Mysteries is a show of facts. - Ken Young

Personally, in all of my forty plus years of life, I have never
seen a UFO or an alien; but I believe this is for a reason. I have
the faith that I would probably recognize them for what they really
are. I have no doubt that the Lord protects my family and I from
such things. - Bill Cochman (His gods protects him from flying
saucers and alien attacks.)

Did I ever say that 'Catholics' aren't Christians?  No.  I have
however, said that the 'Catholic Church' is not a Christian
institution. - Ken Young

I am not going to join a cult, and Christianity is not a cult.
- Alan Presley
It's funny how people inside cults never call them that, isn't it?
- Jason Harmon

No real or useful exchange of ideas is possible here, so why keep
trying? There are vastly better and more interesting places to talk
religion, unless someone's just so sick with hate s/he NEEDS a
climate this venomous. [turning echo off] - MA
Feel better now that you have taken your moral superiority out
for a spin, then gone home to insert your head into the sand?
- Don Martin

I'm trying to keep all of you from suffering in hell, and then
in turn you could help others and so on. - Alan Presley
You are disgusting to think we give a fuck about your concern
for saving anyone from a mythic fairy tale hell. - Joseph Voigt

YHVH is to 'God'(or 'Elohim') as Canada is to 'country'(or
'nation') - George Pope (Someone else tries to redefine 'Elohim'
to escape an embarrassing truth.)

This would probably explain why YOU have not been allowed to know
secrets of the universe... YOU cannot be trusted with the important
knowledge. - George Pope (to Fredric Rice)

The CIA could extract anti-Truth serum from Fundy brain cavities.
- Jan Deboer

I wonder if you are one of those people who complain about fundy
'gay-bashing' ? And you are quite correct, that IS the might of
god, and not the magick you would accuse fundies of believing in.
- Jim Germiquet (homophobic hatred is 'might of god' now.)

Where's the 'Scientific Theory of Creation'? - John Brawley
It is time for you to realize that you are not in control here.
- Frank Hudson

it makes me feel that no matter how hard you slam a fundy with a
two-by-four to whack some sense into his dimbulb, he just stares at
his screen dazed and while the angels in his head dance around
repairing the blow of the impact with fundy thoughts the demons in
his fingers grip his keyboard and he again proceeds to beg for even
more... - Joseph Voigt

Did you know that the Earth can only support life for 700 more
years?  This was calculated by NASA.  they say that the Earth
magnetic field will collapse then.  At first they said it would
collapse in 12,000 years, but then changed their minds.
- Alan Presley (HolySmoke, September 1997.)

This generation has less genes than the last.  That's why ethnic
groups look alike.  Their genes have narrowed. - Alan Presley

i've explained this many a time.  Noah's family had all of the
genes we no of today and more.  The next generation had less and
so on. - Alan Presley

Obviously, you never read Thomas Paine! - Jan deBoer
And you would be refering to... - Alan Presley
Thomas Paine you dipshit! - Joseph Voigt

You're trying to get me to prove a double negative. - Alan Presley

Science can cure you.  Whether science _wants_ to is another
question. - Fredric L. Rice (to Laurie Appleton.)

Well, in spite of the way I have been received in this echo,
I have been praying for all of you folks. - Bill Kochman
Great! I've been sacrificing virgins to Satan for you.
- David Worrell

Origin: It's Time For _YOU_ To Get SERIOUS With The Lord!
[MacKennel 2.6] - Bill Kochman
It is time for you to get a real computer. - David Worrell

He will come into your being too Karl, - Tim Rivera
No, I don't think so; I'm not into receptive anal sex.
- Karl Schneider

All of your ridicule, all of the anger...that can be forgiven.
- Tim Rivera
Who's angry?  I'm laughing my ass off! - Karl Schneider

Repent Karl. - Tim Rivera
I haven't even pented the first time yet.
Take your threats and shove them. - - Karl Schneider

Why do 'I' need evidence for 'MY' belief? - Frank Hudson
Frankly, that we won't laugh at you. - Martin Goldberg

You're all so fond of saying that your precious 'scientific method'
is the end-all and be-all of understanding the universe's truths...
not necessarily so(but you-all are too narrowminded to break away
from your puny little presuppositions...), but, funny thing, God
don't give 2 shits about how YOU view 'truth'... what is, is.
- George Pope
We care little how *anyone* views `truth'; we care more
about what it actually *is.* - Curtis Johnson

....and for that matter I have had people walk by me and just
know I am a christian. - J. B. Shaughnessy  (I don't doubt it.)

Docummentation of a given species producing another species:
- Martin Goldberg (posted lengthy list of speciation events)
A list of odd books proves nothing. - Frank Hudson (ignores it all)

Your attempt at humour is pathetic! Get a life in Christ.
- Frank Hudson
 I always thought that 'get a life' was an incredibly stupid cliche'
 I had no idea that you could make it even stupider. - J.J. Hitt

These guys [ christians ] always want everyone else to get on
'bended knee'.... Must be lonely down there and they want more
company. - Ronald Vass

We have noticed on Thursdays and Mondays
   That the sheep fuckers take off their undies
And the proactive role
   Which they choose, and which hole
Just depends on how pious the fundies - Karl Schneider

Hey Tim, surprised to see you here.  I can't take much of the sex
stuff in here.  A little bit blasphemous. - PHIL PORVAZNIK
Alright. Who the fuck here is having sex in front of the newbies?
Haven't we trained you people better than that? - David Worrell

But if you have the faith of a mustard seed than God will allow
you to walk on water or move moutains... - Thomas Eckert
Fundys, by definition, have the brain power of a mustard seed.
- Dan Ceppa

While it is true there are disagreements in various religions, at
least we can agree to disagree, and discuss the scriptures perhapts
shedding light one to another. - J. B. Shaughnessy
Yes, little disagreements such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia.
They aren't shedding light, they are shedding blood. - Dan Ceppa

God consists of 'The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirt'...
- Thomas Eckert
A three-headed god.  How bizarre. - Fredric L. Rice

I just read one of his posts where he said his uncle-dad is a
preacher.  No wonder he is so fucked up. - Karl Schneider

The islanders are all Seventh-Day Adventist fundies now.
- Curtis Johnson
Not a surprise, given the limited gene pool... - Karl Schneider

These so-called 'scientists' are not worth a dime! - Frank Hudson
Of course not.  Knowledge is priceless. - Dan Ceppa

As I have said before and I repeat now - I DO NOT NEED EVIDENCE!
- Frank Hudson

...the Anti-Christ will reveal himself. - Jared Hanan
You guys have wierd parties. - Richard Smith

Believing in something is better that nothing... - Thomas Eckert
But believing in gods is, so far as anyone can demonstrate,
believing in nothing.  Oops. - mark kimes

I could spend eternity in a Hell where my mainly law-abiding friends
and colleagues who don't believe in your primitive tribal god can
live in relative harmony, or I could spend it in Heaven with all the
corrupt businessmen and women, hypocrite sluts, and alcoholic pastors
and 'family men' who commit incest on their terrified children and
show up for church every Sunday without fail.
Gimme Hell, baby, 'cause there's too many Christians ruining my
Earth right now. - Robert Jackson

Obviously, you never read Thomas Paine!  -  Jan deBoer
And you would be refering to... - Alan Presley

Evolution is a THEORY that has been constructed based on observed
phenomena. Get it straight jerk. - Jim Germiquet, home scholled

It's not very often we get a fundy *arriving* in full-blown melt-down.
- Curtis Johnson

I do not need evidence for my belief! - Frank Hudson

I haven't heard a PEEP out of him since he came in here and made an
ass out of himself by threatening to organize and get the echo
dropped from distribution.  Meanwhile, the battle rages on here at
Chez Holysmoke.  So much for Jeannault AND Jones. [wiping hands as
I walk from the grave]

Darwin was a vigorous, healthy, almost happy-go-lucky young man
BEFORE he was converted to evolutionism, but a sickly body and
troubled mind all his life thereafter! (Morris) - Laurie Appleton
[Creationist 'logic']

Oooh. All caps. I quake in terror. - Preston Simpson

I know a heck of a lot of fossil discoveries that have been covered
up because they put humans and dinosaurs on the earth at the same
time - Chris Biltcliffe [SKEPTIC forum]

The first Christians(yes, going back even to the time of Jesus
Christ) were Protestants. - Ken Young [telling us all he knows
about Christianity.]

Even if I opposed having sex unless kids were involved, which I
don't, that still wouldn't mean I'd be for it being illegal.
- Ken Young

Well, the thing is, it has been publicly said in this echo that
the only rule is you can change what someone else says. - ken young

Because you do believe -- do you not? -- that your holy god who
does no wrong will actually burn babies in hell if their parents
were not Christians. - Robert Curry
Correct. - jim staal

No, my God is no monster. - jim staal
Of course IT is, Staal. It is the construction of your own hatefuled
and bigoted mind. It is all the things you would be if you were not
actually a powerless little weenie. - Ray Talley

No, I go to public schools. - Alan Presley
Damn fucking tarnation.  Have they gotten that bad? - Dan Ceppa

Kochman:  More ego than his little tool can handle. - Dan Ceppa

Woops!  Looks like I and whole lot of others have been banned before
we ever posted.  Hitler would be so proud of Billy. - Dan Ceppa

I'll make a disposable snot rag out of that fucker!
- Fredric Rice

My question is not about the fact that these emotions cause physical
reactions, my question is where do these emotions come from ?
- Jim Germiquet

Science, Jim, is your salvation.  If you want to live a long life,
look to science, not outdated, occult superstion. - Fredric Rice
You must live a very lonely life having only science in your life,
and no love. No love from your parents. No love from a relationship
with a human mate. Only science. how very sad. - JIM GERMIQUET
Oh, that'll really make Fred forget YOU lied. - Rod Swift

Now you're calling her a halfwit.  Why!!!?  Is your life really that
bad, woman?  Are you so dreadfully unhappy that you have to pick on
people like her to get your jollies?  Why _DON'T_ you stop it?
- David Ragland (Homophobic, anti-woman bigot.)

There was.  I'm not going to post it . . . you'll have to ask
Fredric to get a copy of it.  You're his prey, and I'm not here
to poach . . . just to observe and be amused. - Richard Smith

Then why did Torqemada do it in the name of god? - Brian Fields
Someone may do something evil in _your_ name at some point,
Brian.  So what? - David Ragland (Yeah?  So what?)

You are right, I am not interested in participating here.
- PHIL PORVAZNIK (Funny how he does anyway, huh?)

The amount of blasphemy in this echo is astounding. - PHIL PORVAZNIK
(Talking about the all embarrassing, hurtful truths heard in HolySmoke)

One of the first thing religious blinders do to a person it to quash
their humor gene.  Sarcasm is the first thing that gets flushed down
the baptism font. - God Dan (Dan Ceppa)

The actual question is:  Did you know that the classical Christanic
mythologies claim that mustard seeds grow into trees? - Fredric Rice
YOU DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION!!...and the point was the mustard
seed not what it becomes....becoming trees is irrevelent... - Thomas
Eckert (In fact the point _is_ what the seed is said to become)

When is the last time you walked on water? - Fredric Rice
Never...AND I DON'T INTEND TO START NOW!! - Thomas Eckert
Because you know you lied. - Fredric Rice
I hardly ever lie...ask anybody... - Thomas Eckert

IMHO We are not set up to fail, but given an out because God knows
we WILL fail. He has provided us with a solution because we CAN'T
be good enough. which was my point in the first place.
- Annette Spence (The result of taking Fundy Christian Logic 101)

The FBI crime statistics came out today (Saturday), and guess what?
The murder rate declined for the fifth year in a row, and is now the
lowest it's been in a quarter-century.  Your explanation?
- Curtis Johnson (to Alan Presley)
GET THOSE CRICKETS OFF OF ME! [thrashing about] - Steve Quarrella

In my opinion god is like gravity and electricity and any other
scientific law or principle We just have to discover good.
- Jim Germiquet
Uh, how old are you, Jim? - Karl Schneider
[raising four fingers]  He is THIS many. - Steve Quarrella

So, you agree that demonic possession would be a 'reasonable'
explanation? - Ken Young
Only if you can demonstrate to me that there is such a
thing as a demon. - ?
Visit a nursing home. Chances are you will see several there.
- Ken Young (Homophobic Promise Keeper thinks Alzheimer's is demons.)

Jesus Christ never told a lie. - Jim Staal (October 1997)
No, you're confusing him with George Washington. - Robert Curry
GJohn 7:8-10, Jim.  Read and weep. - Curtis Johnson

How _do_ you feel about symbolically eating human flesh? - Fred Rice
I feel honored as long as it is God's flesh I am symbolically
partaking of. - Annette Spence (Freakish, huh?  October 1997)

It is not closed minded to refuse to exit reality into a dream world.
- Caroline Evans (October 1997)

If we had a largely unpopulated planet with practically unlimited
resources, as did the primitive bushmen, then lunatic beliefs are
no problem... the nuts can head out in the wilderness and believe
insane thoughts without infringing on others. Nowadays is an
entirely different story. The planet is fully populated and there
is no 'someplace else' the deluded can head off to.
- Caroline Evans (October 1997)

Why the hell not! - Mr. Smartass Preston Simpson

That's up for you to decide, there are striking similarities
though... - John Jancewicz (Speaking about the Sumerian flood myth)
Try asking yourself:  Why?  Do it for the first time in your life.
Question what you were taught by rote to believe and weigh that
against the facts that have been shown to you.  Show everyone that
you are not a robot and have the capability to look at the facts
and make a sound judgement based on those same facts. - Dan Ceppa

Sorry, just don't have time for science books any more!
- Clarence Hogan (Yet Another Idiot Troll (YAIT), perhaps?)

he is a liar, just like all gays who say it is OK to be gay.
- Jim Staal (Homophobioc, anti-woman Promise Keeper bigot)

Homesexuality is wrong. Sodom and Gommrah were destroyed for it.
Go back and read the account. - Bill Sims (Another bigot who should
read his own mythologies.)

I seem to recall the phrase 'be fruitful and muliply,' for instance.
- Ken Young (Pedophile homophobic bigot)
He seems to have omitted what to do once you *have* been fruitful
and multiplied to the point where your children are starving to
death.  When you follow the instructions on the shampoo to 'lather,
rinse, repeat,' do you do that until the shampoo is gone or does
your brain kick in any time during the process? - Dave Hamilton

Revenge is a dish best served with NOODLES.  --- HolySmoke proverb
- Preston Simpson ?

The metric unit of measurement for stupidity should be the jelly.
- Robert Curry

I believe God tells ME things He tells nobody else. - Annette Spence

Because Swaggart's a pedophilic scumbag, Jimbo. - Dan Ceppa
Evidence? - Jim Staal (Homophobic, anti-woman Swaggart worshipper)
His confession, Jimbo. - Dan Ceppa
He did not confess such a lie. The story was purchased from some
ho who obviously would do anything to get her crack fix. - Jim Staal
(Cult follower's mentality is cleanly exhibited here.  Bizarre.)

We need to remember one thing - secular science is wrong where
it contradicts the Bible. It always has been in the past and it
always will be in the future. - David Ragland (No doubt in his
fundy word the Earth is just as flat as the Bible says it is.)

How, for example, could a caterpillar evolve into a butterfly?
- David Ragland (Exhibiting his education.  This is your brain
on religion.  Any questions?)

What would Ken know about Roddy's first little butt boning?
- Jim Staal (Homophobic, racist, anti-woman Promise Keeper bigot)

Not every gook is a vile, evil violent person as you would paint
them. - Jim Staal (Priomise Keeper and racist bigot.)

As Christians, we need to remember that we are speaking by the
authority of the creator of the universe. The whole universe!
- David Ragland
What better instrument by which to impose YOUR will on your
neighbors. Except those of us who aren't fooled, of course.
- Ed Mills

God wiped out entire nations because they practiced homosexuality.
Did you know that was in the Bible? It's an awesome thing to think
about. Amidst all the clamor for 'gay rights,' we ought to pay
careful attention to what God says about homosexuality. God takes
this problem seriously, and He deals with it firmly. He classes
homosexuality among the most vile sins of humankind. - David
Ragland (exposing his ignorance about what his mythologies say.)

Nothing derogatory or racist about 'gook'. - Jim Staal (Bigot)

It is SO typical, Richard.  Fundamentalists, when they can't
criticise the ideas and arguments put up by freethinkers, delve
into homophobic bigotry to justify their hatred. - Rod Swift

I'd like to come back as a god, too.
But I'd hate to have to join the Mormons to do it. - Sue Armstrong

Now, perhaps I was a bit hasty, but how could I stand there, when
a friend was being insulted? - XXXX
Perhaps in much the same way that you stood there to let her make
a fool of herself in the first place. - Robert Curry

We need to remember one thing - secular science is wrong where
it contradicts the Bible. It always has been in the past and it
always will be in the future. - David Ragland (He's serious, BTW.)

Get a new god.  Yours is wearing thin. - God Dan

I never thought YOU were a christian---just dumb enough to be one.
- Judith Bandsma (to Jason Milstead.)

He went to an awful lot of trouble just to prove he has shit for
brains. A simple baseball cap worn backwards would have accomplished
the same thing. - Ed Mills (commenton upon neo-Nazi Bill Kochman.)

Rena, don't get your undies in a bunch...hey, we rescue drowning
dogs, too. - Karl Schneider (to XXXX, talking about HolySmoke.)

Actually..the only gay person I know does choose to be gay...and
he also was born that way...which side of his life do you want to
argue with? - Annette Spence (This is your brain on religion.)

Our existence is not proof of anything but our existence.
- Caroline Evans
Maybe not, but it is evidence of our existence. - Ken Young

In my opinion Man is inately evil, - Kano Vuong
Feel free to kill yourself. Think of it as one less
evil person in the world. - David Worrell

That reminds me of a slightly amusing church sign I saw the other
day. A local church is sending a missionary and his family to
Bosnia. I may be wrong here, but considering the recent events in
that region that's kinda like the Klan sending missionaries to
South Central Los Angeles. - David Worrell

The best part is that the Amalekites get to get completely wiped
out as a group *twice*. - God Dan

How _do_ you feel about symbolically eating human flesh?
- Fredric Rice
I feel honored as long as it is God's flesh I am symbolically
partaking of.  Anyone Else's and I would probably be bothered.
- Annette Spence
Great! You're not just a cannibal, you're a *picky* cannibal.
- David Worrell
Hard to accept I am a cannibal if I am -symbolically- eating
his flesh as you state.
- Annette Spence

When an atheist chooses NOT to go to Hell, he gets saved, and is
choosing to follow Christ and go to heaven.  Those are the ONLY
choices available. - Ken Young (Fundy 'logic.')

The politically correct term is 'Westernization.'  See, when we
export Levis and McDonnald Hamburgers around the world, it's a
ploy to also sneak in Michael Jackson and Madonna thus weakening
the moral fibre of our enemy nations to the point where we can
sneak in fundamentalist Christianity. - Fredric Rice

Souunds like a 'tree hugging' organization. - Jim Staal (Bigot)
Beats hugging Jeezus! - Jan deBoer
How do you know? - Ken Young
Trees don't bleed all over you. - Sue Armstrong

Yes, you do choose to follow Satan, and  by doing so, you are
choosing to go to Hell.  Just because you don't believe in Satan,
does not mean you're not following him. - Ken Young (Amazing, huh?)

Here is something from Immanuel Velikovsky;
- Laurie Appleton (A Christian Creationist.)

And I only hope someday you can meet Him, and have a personal
relationship with Him, as I do. - Ken Young (Homophobic bigot)
Sodomy alert! - Joseph Voigt

If grasshoppers had machine guns, birds wouldn't eat 'em!
- David Ragland
And if grasshoppers had four legs, the bible would be a bit
more accurate. - Mark Kimes

Thanks for the lesson in stupidity. - Ken Young
Sometimes the students have to teach the master a few things.
- Steve Quarrella

If I am right, you will be in hell. - Annette Spence
Nice god you believe in.  70 years of nonbelief and an eternity
in hell.  Quite the forgiving god.  Does he eat widows and orphans
for lunch? - Martin Goldberg

I don't see where you have any evidence against Him for starters.
- David Ragland
I have a pen.  It can only fall down if there is no god.  I release
it. It falls down. There is no god. Prove otherwise. - Alec Grynspan

There's an irony here that raises the question: Are you related to
Dan Quayle, by any chance? - Ed Mills (to 'Clarence Hogan.')

Don't include me in your delusions, kenny.  I will not be a party to
your dementia.  If you want to send yourself and your demons to your
deluded hell, that's fine.  But don't make me a party to your
delusions. - Joseph Voigt (To homophobic pedophile Ken Young)

Sure, why not? Lousy rag heads, anyway...camel jockeys...after years
of bedouin cooking over camel dung fires have tainted their minds.
- Jim Staal (Racist, homophobic  Promise Keeper.)

Now, run along and catch your comet. - God Dan

I wonder if in 100 years people will look at Creationists as another
breed of Flat Earth people. - Mark Nelson
Why wait 100 yrs? Unlike wine and cheese, crackpots seldom improve
with age. - Frank Kuechmann

Or it could have been an attack from Satan. - Ken UYoung
Evidence for satan please, Jelly. - ?
Never heard any accounts of demonic possession? - Ken Young
Yep. Seen an example of it right before my eyes, too.  Only
now we call it 'epilepsy'. Do you really enjoy having a medieval
mindset? - ?
Oh, please..  Epilepsy does not have to be demonic possession.
But it does exist.  Or do 84 year-old women normally have more
strength, than the average young adult male?  Do babies that don't
know how to talk yet, usually speak in deep voices? - Ken Young

God forordaining something is different from Him KNOWING the future.
- Annette Spence

Nah. Like other parts of scripture, what is meant is of more
import than what is said. - Jim Staal (Promise Keeper)
So, what it 'says' doesn't matter.  I wonder how many other fundies
would agree with that?  Staal is going downhill fast. - Karl Schneider

[Rod jumps back]  Whoa. Someone didn't take their medicine! - Rod Swift

Homesexuality is wrong. - Bill Sims
I agree.  Sexuality should be done in public. - Rod Swift

As you encounter people with IQs above average you notice that the
belief in the boogie man begins to wane, and by the time it reaches
about 110 gods seem to disappear. - Bill Bell

Our fondling fathers wrote that sucker into the constitution,
- Jim Staal (Homophobic Promise Keeper and his Freudian Slip)

Say gook to anyone and they know you are talking about Asians.
- Jim Staal (Racist, homophobic, anti-woman Promise Keeper)

You know what 'guk' means in Korean? IT MEANS SOUP! - JAN DEBOER
Nah. It means 'man'. - Jim Staal (Racist, homophobic Promise Keeper)

Uh, did I mention Jesus?  I thought we were talking about God.
- Ken Young (How many gods does this guy have again?)

I guess the brainless don't hear much about a resurrection, do they?
- Ken Young

SInce the Indians had no concept of property rights, I do not see how
one can argue that white man stole the Indians' land. - Ken Young

Oh, please..  Epilepsy does not have to be demonic possession.
- Ken Young (Thinks epilepsy is caused by his 'demons.')

How is evolution any better than spontaneous generation?
- David Ragland (Home schooled, perhaps?)

Does the little fairy tale about us coming from apes, ring a bell?
- Ken Young (Home schooled, perhaps?)

Atheists couldn't tell fairy tales.  Mainly because in reality, there
are no atheists. - Ken Young (Billions of atheists don't exist.)

I have said a few things I have seen.  If it was not due to demonic
possession, someone needs to give me another logical explanation of
what really was going on. - Ken Young

Please realize that I only speak for myself, but what *I* hate is the
fact that I can't see the 'Jesus' within you because of the 'Satan'
you spew through the keyboard. - Nancy Ferguson (To David Ragland)

And, it's pretty hard to get truth (or reality) out of something
that says 7 headed dragons exist....and snakes talk. - (SK ?)
Why is that?  Don't you have an open mind? - Ken Young

What does slavery have to do with racism?  Or do you think that all
slaves were black? - Ken Young

If you EVER try to proselytize to me again I will order your demons
to mash your underdeveloped gonads between two rocks! - Joseph Voigt

I await the Twinkie jihad with considerable interest. - DON MARTIN

I don't think so. Having never been free of a religion, I doubt
very much that you know what it's like to wake up and own your
own day. - Dave Hamilton

There is no such thing as 'papists,' 'Romish Churches' or 'Roman
Catholic Churches.' - John Jancewicz (No doubt it's a conspiracy)

Any equation of blacks=faggots is an insult to good African-American
brothers everywhere. - Jim Staal (Racist, homophobic, anti-woman pig)

I believe in the LITERAL word of God.  However, I think it is logical
to think that if 'wine' is for Judeo Christian purposes, it would be
purer than alchoholic wine.
- Ken Young (This is your brain on religion)

Secondly if gays were to marry the human race would go extint
- John Sinrud (

No, but men do need it to pee.  Unless you know of some scientific
breakthrough I am unaware of. - Ken Young (Men require a penis to
urinate in his world.)

IOW, just as I hate the sin and not the sinner, I hate the group,
and not the members. - Ken Young (Homophobe)
Boy, you sure have a lot of hate. Where do you get the time to
spread it all around? - Dave Hamilton

I sure hope this mutual fellatio between you and Raghead doesn't
result in any progeny. - Karl Schneide (Talking about David
Ragland and Laurie Appleton)

I don't doubt that a lunatic will find a story to fit his needs.
- Annette Spence

The Rapture is truly awaited and it can't come too soon to save
the world. - God Dan

NO, IT IS NOT, you lying son of a bitch. - Karl Schneider (To the
Creationist liar Laurie Appleton)

As a matter of fact yeah I do hear little voices in my head.
- Jim Germiquet (November, 1997)

Sunday, October 31, 1997, the Christian 'first day of the week'
was a pagan holiday. - David Ragland (Unthinkingly mouthing off
what his masters told him.)
October 31, 1997, fell on a Friday. - Eric Schreiber

Now, I do believe animals have a spirit, just not a soul.
- Ken Young

You can also say your a Christian, but it doesnt mean your one...:)
- Ross Cassell (Homeschooled, perhaps?)

So gays CAN be Christians, right? - ??
If they CAN become heterosexuals. - Ken Young (Expressing his
good Christian learnun'.)

If demons exist, couldn't they help create imbalances of neural
chemicals? - Ken Young (Thinks epilepsy is caused by 'demons')

Probably while your demons are blighting neural chemicals inside
your brain stem your fairies are carving a hole inside your pin
head.  You think? - Joseph Voigt (To Ken Young)

And maybe it is possible for the drugs to HELP suppress the demons.
I don't know what effect they would have on them..  Anything's
possible. - Ken Young

It's almost time for your yearly flu shot, kenny.  Remember, those
flu demons infest you every year about this time and you must have
your flu-demon vaccine administered to eradicate them.  Bad demons.
- Joseph Voigt (To Ken Young)

He set us up that way origionally and we blew it with adam and eve.
- Annette Spence
When you say 'we' you include ME in your delusions.  I told you
before, do not include ME in your delusions.  Suffer them yourself.
- Joseph Voigt

what exactly do you feel that I should have done about it?  Should
I have given Fredric a curb job?  Piped his head?  Loudly denounced
him as I am the Pope of WOAs?  What? LOL . . . you're funny . . .
- Richard Smith (Correcting John Jancewicz's paranoid delusions)

Fair warning: you may grab me, but I am not easily swallowed, and
even if that occurrs, I cause indigestion like nothing you've ever
felt before. - Richard Smith (To John Jancewicz)

Are you for God?  DO you worship the Christian God?  No?  Then
you are against Him. - Ken Young (Evil little fascist pig, huh?)

If they want to call me an 'asshole' I'm telling them to quit
writing me.  I don't need that type of crap. - Mark Spiridakis
Of course.  Assholes make their own crap. - Curtis Johnson

See, I have you and other panting saliva profusely, in anticipation
of the momentous moment I will post it.  you see, after I post it,
the party is over.  Is there life after posting such a thing?  Yes,
of course, but the guffaws will predictably be there.  I can handle
it but I want to be adequately prepared for the onslaught! - William
Putnam (He's going to post evidence for his gods, you see. Some day.)

I can show evidence for everything that is true about the
supernatural - William Putnam (November 1997.  Still waiting.)

As for me, I'm biding my time as the time is not yet ripe.
- William Putnam (Won't post evidence for his gods yet.)
Will this take place before the Second Coming? - Curtis Johnson

Q: What's the difference between Albert Einstein, Max Planc ect and
the Pope or any other religious leader?  A: absolutley nothing, they
both claim to have all the answers.  they both attack any decenters.
they both extract huge amounts of money from their respective
parisherners. they both demand absolute adherance to their respective
dogma's. - Shane Coleman (SKEPTIC echo, November 1997)

Throughout history, fundyism has capitalized and fed off the poor,
the weak, the distressed, etc. - Richard Smith

Christians don't die.  They just change their address. - Ken Young
Is that the reason why they have such a poor track record for
keeping up their child support? - Katherine Wintersnight

If you were here in this room with me right now, you would be
seriously injured probably. - Alan Presley (November 1997)
Oh, Alan, you're so butch. - Mark Kimes

Oh bullshit, Alan. You tried to use it as some kind of evidence.
Turned out only to be another piece of evidence for your ignorance.
- Judith Bandsma (To Alan Presley, November 1997)

If we just knew which race of mythical beings was in charge of
stupidity, we could do the proper banishing ritual and get Ken
all fixed up. - J.J. Hitt (Talking about Ken Young)

Just because you don't believe in Satan, does not mean you're not
following him. - Ken Young (Giving atheists one of his pet gods.)

And sure, God made gay people, He just didn't make them gay.  They
are actually straight, and in denial. - Ken Young (November, 1997)

And yes, I do speak in tongues, but not that often. - Ken Young
(Admitting he's a blithering idiot.)

[encode mode!] Chartreuse alert!  Chartreuse alert!  All eskimos
to the torpedo tubes!  Prepare to launch the inflatable yaks!
[encode mode end!] - Rod Swift

This will get your ass bounced out on the street faster than you
splutter 'but I'm a  -christian-' - Judith Bandsma

'Did you ever see a piece of clay turn into a man?'  What am I
missing here? - Steve Quarrella
A religious belief system that makes you throw away logic.
- David Bloomberg

As I said before, William, run away if you need to.  We'll all
understand. - Richard Smith

I don't remember who said it.  I think it was either Karl
Schneider or Frederick Rice. - Alan Presley
Or maybe Bullwinkle J. Moose . . . - Richard Smith

You think the KKK is a group of Christians?  And right-winged,
even? BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! - Bob Sewell (November 1997)

Me?  Take up a collection?  Mr. Cheap? In the matter of education
in female anatomy, I gave at the office . . . - DON MARTIN

The fucking media is having multiple orgasms over it.
- Karl Schneider

Mr. Curry continually threatens to shoot me to cure my poor spelling.
- Fredric Rice

I don't agree with her being a 'dippy broad' - Patrick Spence
So get her some professional help -- I do _not_ recommend that
_you_ attempt to lead her, oh blind one. :-) - Mark Kimes

You are a racist and a liar.  You don't have to live with it,
though.  You can change. - Curtis Johnson (to Alan Presley)

'Sacked' is just another word for rape, murder and theft, aint it?
- J. J. Hitt
Yes, and so is, 'making the world safe for democracy.'
- Ray Talley

You only make it harder on yourself and further entrench the
absurdity of your professed ignorance when you try to dig yourself
out of a fatal flaw. - Fredric Rice (to Mike 'Orgasm' Melia)

In any case, for me, without the 'mechanism of God,' I find that
existence to be pointless. - William Putnam

So you are against birth control? - RS
Yes. - William Putnam
Why? - Mark Kimes
'Cause he took them damn pills for years and they didn't work? - KS

First, you denied Jim was a racist bigot... - Rod Swift
That's because I see no evidence that he is one. - Ken Young
That's because you have your sheet on backwards. - Karl Schneider

The Bible is reality. - Ken Young
Show me a four-legged grasshopper. - Preston Simpson
Explain to me why I should. - Ken Young
Because you just stated that the bible is reality, dimbulb. - God Dan

And what makes you think that I'm white? - Preston Simpson
Your posts have no rhythm. - Scott Taylor

How many gods do you have? - Mike Melia
[checking pockets]  None at the moment.  Why, are there some
missing? - Richard Smith

Do you have a crystal ball? - Mike Melia
You're acting so butch, Mikey.  Both of my `nads' are of the
standard material.  I understand that this might be a curiousity
to you, being essentially ball-less yourself... - Richard Smith

Do you have a magic wand? - Mike Melia
You simply can't stop being homoerotic, can you, Mike?  Just one,
but it's connected to me, and NO, I won't let you play with it.
- Richard Smith

Do you anoint yourself with magic oils? - Mike Melia
ROFLMGDAO!  I have some Wesson in the cupboard, but while I like
it, I hardly think it remarkable, let alone magical.  And I NEVER
rub oils on myself... it's not good for the skin and a real bitch
to get off.  Obviously, I'm not much on tanning. - Richard Smith

Are you going to hex me? - Mike Melia
Why, are you a metric nut?  I thought you just a regular nut.
- Richard Smith

The only real difference I can see between your god and the
pagan ones is that your god is much more bloodthirsty, Ken.
- Sue Armstrong

Every time I'm lulled by the liberal wing of the RCC, something
like _Opus Dei_ or the recent asshole here who attempted to justify
the Inquisition _in toto_ comes along and gives good reason why the
RCC should never, ever, again have any influence whatsoever over a
government. - Curtis Johnson

'Faith' is almost always, if not always, is an excuse not to use
one's brains. - Curtis Johnson

If we eat a large meal, then go outside and purposely throw it up,
return to eat some more, some consider that a disorder that seeks
pleasure for the sake of pleasure only - gluttony.  Likewise, the
same idea is applied to sex.  Is there something inherently wrong
with having sex but thwarting the possible consequences?  The
parallel here suggests that it is. - William Putnam (Having sex is
the same as throwing up in the fundy world.)

Oh goody! Moral superiority (a professional, yet) and long-distance
psychoanalysis all in the same cassock! Such bargains are hard to
find in our workaday world. . . . - Don Martin

The Bible doesn't label stupidity a sin.  Its writers depended on
the stupidity of readers for the book to succeed. - Alan Hess

Despite their many glaring flaws, I can at least credit the
Roamin' Catholics with having very high academic standards for
their clergy.  While they may accept pedophiles, you can be sure
they are literate, educated pedophiles. - J. J. Hitt

I SUSPECT that many so called 'atheists' are actually more agnostic
in the spectrum, and even in actual fear that the God believers may
be right! - William Putnam (thinks there are no atheists.)

I believe it is best to sift through the evil done and concentrate
on the good the Church has done in the name of Christ. - Chris
Vaillancourt (just ignore 99% of the Christian religion's history.)

But we can't help sinning, Ken. - Preston Simpson
I might be able to. What sin do you need help to do? - Scott Taylor

Now, before departing and leaving you to the depredations of the
Heathen hordes, I'll leave you with some words of wisdom my
Grandfather uttered many a time: FUCK OFF YOU TAIG CUNT!
- Scott Taylor

Why don't you just stick your tongue up his cassock, you
sychophantic lackwit. - Scott Taylor

I do feel very sad that you will not open yourself to Christ.
- Chris Vaillancourt
The unwelcome mental image of Fr. Chris holding himself open to
Christ is kinda disgusting, ain't it? - Mark Kimes

We observe it every time some wacked-out 'believer' carries out a
perceived mandate to, for example, shotgun a family-planning clinic
and/or its employees. - Karl Schneider
And we see the effects of believing in the Christian gods right
here in HolySmoke. - Fredric Rice

Hey, would you intercede and ask god to quit stealing socks outta
my dryer?  Can't he create his own flamin' socks? - ?

Indeed, why is sex such a common feature of so many replies?
- Chris Vaillancourt
Because we're heathens. We get to enjoy sex. - David Worrell

Hector fears death a lot less than you fear living.
- Judith Bandsma (to William Putnam)

Between the King-James-only fundies and the Catholics who are still
having conniptions over vernacular masses, it would seem obvious (as
if we couldn't tell from here) that there are a lot of theists who do
*not* want to understand what their religion says. - Curtis Johnson

BTW, congrats for arguing him in a corner so quickly.  Do we give
out prizes here for the length of time it take to hog-tie a fundy?
We should.  I see now that yours is the time to beat . . .
- Richard Smith (to Don Martin.)

Why not? And let's face it, there's not nearly enough dashing of
children's heads against rocks these days either.... This world
needs more xian love! - Scott Taylor

Pah-RAISE JEEEEEEEEZUS! - Preston Simpson

Jelly's a paranoid MPD, even his other personalities hate him....
- Scott Taylor

Catholic girls were great, because once they gave in, they REALLY
gave it their best shot... - Richard Smith

The intelligent designer seemed to get something wrong when He made
made it possible for people to think that they 'came from 'monkeys'!
- Laurie Appleton (Creationist lunatic.)

Well you are not a christian...but God still loves all losers!
- J. B. Shaughnessy

Oh I see and tell when when you finally gave your heart to Jesus!
- J. B. Shaughnessy

You try to witness to me, fuckchops, and I'll call on the demons in
your head to halt your respirations and have them also cease blood
flow to your diseased skull. - Joseph Voigt
Mere demonic threats can do nothing but state the truth of who you
are!  Besides my angels are bigger than your demons anyway! hehehe!
- J. B. Shaughnessy

Hoyle could not POSSIBLY have gone into great detail about how
fusion works, since it is only a hypothesis. - Laurie Appleton
(A Christian Creationist, of course.)

Go out and get Dr. Lehninger's Biochemistry Text. Learn something
for a change. - Dr. Martin Goldberg
If I did as you suggest however, then I would probably be just as
brainwashed and confused as you seem to be already! - Laurie Appleton
(A Christian Creationist, of course.)

I would rather be a moron for Jesus that a moron alone in the world!
- J. B. Shaughnessy

Well, Christianity is right, so it doesn't have to make it look
better than it is, like some religions. - Ken Young (See, since the
Christianic death cult is 'right,' it doesn't matter how evil it
has been and continues to be.)

Your 'evidence' is about as useful as a box of condoms to the Pope
on his birthday. - Martin Goldberg

Do you always look for the worst in people. - J. B. Shaughnessy
From the fundies, the worst is as good as it gets. - Don Martin

Wow, where did you fellowship?  That is not the Christianity I know.
- Sue Michaud
Obviously not. If you knew Christianity, you wouldn't be a Christian.
- Fredric Rice

What bothers me is that he, or others, won't allow themselves to
succumb to Christ. - `Father' Chris Vaillancourt
A sad statement.  Do you suppose alcoholics are bothered by the
fact that others don't 'succumb to' the bottle? - Mark Kimes

It is demons that drive men to do what they do wheather in the
name of God or what ever... - J. B. Shaughnessy
It is daemons that drive servers to do what they do wether in
the name of UNIX or what ever... - J. J. Hitt

I want to be known as a moron - J. B. Shaughnessy
Set your goals a bit higher. - Mark Kimes

I do not have a religion I have a faith in Jesus the Christ...
- J. B. Shaughnessy
Redefining the problem won't get rid of it. - Lyndon Soerensen

I've never heard of a real Catholic church with an unlisted number.
- Ray Talley
Why not?  They have an unlisted god, don't they? - Dan Ceppa

You believe in demons even if you have created them to exist
only in my mind... - J. B. Shaughnessy (To Fredric Rice)

If Satan does exist then I believe he is Santa Clause.  You can
all laugh at me and say I'm crazy, but that's what I believe.
- Kano Vuong

I'll see your god and raise you superior technology. - David Rice

It makes me wonder what compression formula gawd used that enabled
him/her/it to squeeze more stupidity into fundies than the rest of
us. - Mark O'Neill

The court found him mentally competent. Nothing to say about
his state of mind. - Idiot Jim Staal

Yep. Ignorance is measured in dollars these days. - Relatif Tuinn

The Bible comes from God and a good portion of the Koran is stolen
from it and then embellished by Mohammed. Mohammed invented Islam
as a subsitute religion for the Christianity brought by the hated
Crusaders and the Jews. - Jim Staal (Promise Keeper bigot telling
us everything he knows about the origin of his cult.)

They stole it from the Bible. BTW, nothing predates the Bible.
- Jim Staal, March 1998

Seems like your god only makes friends with those that are blind
to reality. - Dan Ceppa

Nope, a 30/06 does them in quite nicely, just as education takes
out that god of yours. - Dan Ceppa

It is not a mistake to spell wrong it is simply spelling
words wrong... - J. B. Shaughnessy

...and actually felt my spirit leaving my body. - J. B. Shaughnessy
Go toward the light, Carol Ann . . . - Richard Smith

I was attacked by many demonic spirits... - J. B. Shaughnessy
Too many enchiladas for dinner, Mon . . . - Richard Smith

The Spiritual environment is alive with demonic spirits.
- J. B. Shaughnessy

I am a Christian! - J. B. Shaughnessy
Well, that is perfectly obvious, from your deluded rants.
- Karl Schneider

Jesus loves you! - J. B. Shaughnessy
Howcome he never sends chocolates? - Jan Deboer

That is what I look forward to the most, after being
able to be one on one with God. - Annette spence (1-900-GOD-LUST)

I was looking at the wheelchair entrance to a Christian Science
church. - J. J. Hitt

Thank you!  I am an idiot for Jesus!! - J. B. Shaughnessy
As if Jesus needed any more. - Fredric Rice

Thank you!  I am an idiot for Jesus!! - J. B. Shaughnessy
I think Jesus himself needs to be saved from the likes of you.
- J. J. Hitt

A dolt for Jesus!  AM I! - J. B. Shaughnessy
Kick it in the head again.  It thinks it's Yoda. - J. J. Hitt

Nobody ever said that the flood was caused by rainfall, even if
it was supposed to rain for forty days and forty nights.
- Laurie Appleton (A Christian Creationist nut.) them, `persecution' is simply not being able to be in your
face 100% of the time. - Curtis Johnson

I know a story of a man in hell wishing he had listened to
the Christians - J. B. Shaughnessy
I know a story of a man in Oz wishing he had a brain.
- Richard Smith

That was the beauty of ambulance work, especially midnights. You
got to see all kinds of human stupidity that no one would believe.
- Dave Hamilton

Well you are well and truly indoctrinated in the old germ
theory aren't you? - Laurie Appleton (Christian Creationist)

Nor am I surprised that tongues speakers have no idea of what
they were supposed to be saying afterward.  Smacks of demon
possession, doesn't it? - Curtis Johnson

Ok...Fred I have now read three or maybe four of your post with
your, subtle but clearly subliminal `we both know don't we'
tactics...  I saw it from the start and I will no doubt see them
again...  Are you aware that you are purposely writting them that
way as if to lure me in??? - J. B. Shaughnessy (LOVE IT!)

Well, mouth? - Fredric Rice
Mouth???   Thank you!!!  It is an honor to be called as a part
of the body of Christ. - J. B. Shaughnessy

What crawled up your butt and died? - J. B. Shaughnessy

Can't we just debate the issues, and -steer clear of the
name-calling, etc.? - Bob Eyer
That's fine by me.  What would you like to
discuss, asshole? - J. J. Hitt

Bend over, Bob.  You've demonstrated an inability to take a
joke.  Now you have to take the cure. - Mark Kimes

What crawled up your butt and died? - J. B. Shaughnessy
CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.  Seems to me, this adds a new meaning to the
words `religious tract.'  Not to mention `Biblical passage.'
 - J. J. Hitt

Your god is the world's most prolific abortionist.  Now, run along
and shoot your god in the back. - Dan Ceppa

I thought you were the leader by then again your statement are a
reflection of Fred Rice never mind you are not a mind of
your own... - J. B. Shaughnessy (This is your brain on religion.)

You and your holy book were made for each other - both liars!
- Jan Deboer (To J. B. Shaughnessy about `mustard trees.')

This is NOT Spam, this is a call-to-arms for G-d's People.
- George Pope (Cultist can't even spell his own god's job title.)

I upset most xtian type men.  I don't know why.  I upset their
wives too, but not as badly.  That seems to upset the men even
more.  Somehow, I would think that the compassionate inquiry about
what emotional trauma destroyed their manhood would be soothing,
rather than upsetting. - Katherine Wintersnight

You know, Belial, Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, the father of lies.
- Idiot Jim Staal
 Jimson sure has a rich fantasy life about his dad, doesn't he?
 - Richard Smith

So typical to blame every Christian for the madness of one human.
- J. B. Shaughnessy
Yeah, Paul. - Dave Hamilton

Unnatural means highly processed drinks - even homoginized
and pasturized milk. - Laurie Appleton (Christian Creationist)

The bible proves nothing.  The bible is a book that says `Hello,
this is a lie,' and despite that statement being a paradox, it's
quite true. - Per Edman

I hate to break the news to you, but there are also living
things at higher latitudes. - Curtis Johnson
Don't tell me you believe in UFOs or some such things?
- Laurie Appleton (He's a Christian Creationist.  Who wooda known?)

Christianity is not religion - J. B. Shaughnessy
We know. It's a con game, but it takes better thatn pathetic
liars like you to reel in the suckers. - Jan Deboer

Take a valium, Joe. You'll feel better. - John Mann
Fuck the Holy Spirit in the ass, John.  You'll feel better.
- Joseph Voigt

Does the Easter Bunny have a birth certificate?  No.  Does the Son
of God have a birth certificate?  Yes. - Chuck Slotter (He never
did find this `birth certificate' of his.  Surprising, huh?)

Nope. My `raving' days are over. I'm basically a diseased pariah
redeemed by the precious blood of the lamb slain from the
foundation of the world. - Steve Asher (Flying Saucer Xian lunatic)
Are you going to nail yourself to a cross or go Postal?  BTW, the
belief that the earth is held up by elephants and turtles has long
been discarded. - Dan Ceppa

Come to think of it, Bill Wolff hasn't paid us a visit
in a long time. - Fredric Rice
Yeah... I miss the sound of knuckles dragging... - Richard Smith

Come on admit it.  You're Ken Young and you've stolen Alan
Presley's brain, right? - Karl Schneider (To Chuck Slotter)

You have presented a tale of mythical proportions that would
make stories about unicorns seem tame. - Martin Goldberg
(to William Putnam)

Religious hysteria is only proof of religious hysteria, not of
god...Try again Willie, I doubt that anyone is convinced...

All you've really given us is fake saint's blood (`Here for a
limited time  Only!  By the Pint or the Quart!') Wine that turns
into blood, with an entree of godburger (`Ya want Friars wid dat?')
And a Indian who brings roses to the local christian religious
overlord... Now you topped it with a girl who hallucinates, and
a girl who bleeds all over the place...  This is gross Willie,
are the only `miracles' you can come up with full of blood and
hysteria? - XXXX

Five. One to change the bulb and 4 to lobby congress that the
bulb was lit from the moment of the first screw. - Marty Leipzig

Look at what Christianity had done to you. - Fredric Rice
THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!  We are all assholes (pseudo-name).
My help comes Jesus Christ! - J. B. Shaughnessy

Quick!  Go dig a deep hole in your yard!  Bend over!  Can you
hear the tortured screams of those in hell, you fucking moron?
- Richard Smith (To Daniel Wilks)

There are no teachers in Kansas? - Richard Smith (to Matt Myers)

Just reading around and I am in shock. - Peaches
Actually, it sounds more like brain death, just from observation.
- Richard Smith

She got Crowd Pleaser [TM], five pounds of dangling fury.* Don't
be alarmed if she doesn't write back right away, Vic.  She's
probably still feeling aftershocks . . . [G] - Richard Smith

How about scraping up some evidence for your god? - Martin Goldberg
If he did, it'd probably come from under his testicles - Marty Leipzig

I never dumbed down to believe what I believe. - Chuck Slotter

On your death bed, you may have other thoughts, Danny boy.
- William Putnam
Mine will probably be `Yes. I'd sure like another vodka and tonic.'
- Marty Leipzig

Just because the future is known, does not mean that people aren't
deciding what their future will be, on their own. - Ken Young

And, I am sure it will not be thoughts about vodka and tonic.
- William Putnam
Possibly bemoaning that a final drink isn't covered as a medical
expense by most insurance carriers. - Lynda Bustilloz

You are worse off the Fredric, not knowing what a debunking is
if it were to rare up and bite you! - William Putnam
You make Staal look like an English Major. - Dan Ceppa

You choose...the great thing about it is that he does not exist
whether we believe or not he exists for ever. - J. B. Shaughnessy

In fact, many unmarried couples about ready to divorce became
Christians and it saved their marriages. - Joanne Johnson

Most Christians do not consider birth control to be wrong.  The
only ones I can think of are Catholics, and since I only consider
born againers to be Christians, that wouldn't include Catholics.
- Ken Young (_This_ is what happens to Christian's brains.)

Well, since I have no control over a decision to violate the vial
of the specimen of St. Januarius, we are them at a stand-still.
- William Putnam
Scientists and other educated critical-thinkers believe they are
observing thixotrophy.  Ignorant and uneducated people that don't
even know what thixotrophy is, think they are observing a miracle.
That's your stand-still. - Dave Hamilton

Where does your church get more of its support, Bill? From the
scientific community or from the 98% of the world's population
who don't know how a light bulb works? - Dave Hamilton

I think the Gettysburg address was written by the train conductor
in which Abraham is alleged to have ridden on on the way to give
that speech. - William Putnam (No, we're not surprised.)

Therefore the criteria must be 'begotten, not made, of the same
substance as the Father, God and very God'. - (Some idiot moron)
And what is this `substance?' - Martin Goldberg
It's an unstable isotope of Unobtainium; the one with a negative
half-life; so it disappears before it exists. - Marty Leipzig

They BBQ'ed this monstrosity for 3 days, but, sadly, I
didn't get the eyes. - Marty Leipzig

Did you know Staal was a KamiKaze? Flew 80 missions.
- Marty Leipzig

It was an area of lovely tropical carbonate shallow shelves, with
all sorts of cute trilobites nibbling at the alga and diatoms washed
in the clear, blue gentle surf; as they watched for the dreaded
_Dinichthys_. - Marty Leipzig

Not a good example.  Did the ancient Greeks even consider it
a miracle, or simply an act of Thor? - William Putnam

Real evidence can be expressed in figures, Hal. The only figures
most religions have available is a body count. - JOHN MUSSELWHITE

Staal's god invented the first ever 'Mr. Microphone.' - Fredric Rice
'Hey, good lookin'!  We'll be by to rapture you later!' - S. Quarrella

Doesn't matter what the ailment. Some people have terminal mental
disorders (they want to off themselves) The answer is the same:
Jesus. - Jim Staal
That's why Jesus has come back in the form of St. Kavorkian!
- ?

Who are these 'Liberals'? - Relatif Tuinn
Children of the Devil. - Andrew Cummins

You called it the 'bullshit works of Mohammed.' - God Dan
And you sir, are a non-copulating liar.  Go back and read it
again. - Idiot Jim Staal
ijs> The Bible is the Word of God.  The Talmud may be,
ijs> but the Koran is bulls**t word of Mohammed. - Idiot Jim Staal

It is time to complete my income taxes, do some - William Putnam
Let's hope you don't evade the IRS as well as you evade the tough
questions posed to you in this conference. - Steve Quarrella

Name calling, eh? Liar? What meanings do you have for 'gook' and
'spic'? For me: gooks=people from Asia. spic=hispanics. Where does
the bigotry come in? - Idiot Jim Staal

According to his timetable, on March 25, God will make an
announcement of His arrival, which can be seen by tuning into
Channel 18 on any television set in the world. Then, on March
31, God will - Steve Quarrella
I just turned on channel 18.  If you turn your head sideways
and squint real hard, you can kinda make out the outline of a
goat. - Karl Schneider

Where's that evidence for a `Jesus Christ' you claimed to have,
nut?  You didn't give it to Jimmy Hoffa for safe keeping, did you?
- Fredric Rice (to John Mann)

Baylor University should be enough to empty the heads of the
offenders.  They used to cut them off, now they just make them
into good ole suth'rn baptists. - Martin Goldberg

Hey! Grand Rapids Christian High School, class of '65. - ?
And the price was? - Marty Leipzig
One brain. - Martin Goldberg

Black immigrants from much more disadvantaged backgrounds perform
much better than native American blacks. - Andrew Cummins (PHIL)
What the hell are 'native American blacks?' - Karl Schneider

My spelling checker choked on the word 'Jimbo' in the previous
message.  It offered up `bimbo' as a replacement.  And they say
there's no such thing as artificial intelligence. - DAVID WORRELL

Anything to avoid an embarrassing question. - Fredric Rice
He's been waffling so much that IHOP is going out of business.
- God Dan

You are worse off the Fredric, not knowing what a debunking
is if it were to rare up and bite you! - William Putnam
You make Staal look like an English Major. - Dan Ceppa

[rotfl] Sheesh. That guy spins faster than a top. - Relatif Tuinn
(Talking about Idiot Jim Staal)

What score did you get on which IQ test? - Marilyn B.
I took a self test and got 148.  Not that it's accurate,
but it does give you some idea. - Alan Presley

Hindus don't get divorced because the husbands would beat or kill
their wives.  Often, the mother-in-laws kill the wives. - Ken Young

It's an interesting phenomena.  After people like you get their
heads cut off for them, you guys still manage to crawl back to
your own pool of blood.  I guess that's to be expected when people
like you have -- like your reptile ancestors before you -- their
brain in their ass. - Fredric Rice

Ok, whatever you say.  So long as the paperwork is routed
through the proper department.  You know.  Cassini's division.
- Lyndon Soerensen

How tall would you say Jesus was?
I'm willing to bet he wasn't a fat man. - Andrew Ziem
Of course he isn't really fat.  That's how he can come down into
everyone's chimneys and leave presents behind. - Dan Ceppa

Man doyou need to chill out , if you have problems please dont
take these out on other ppl , and where do you get of reading
mail that isnt even addressed for you - 'Barton Chip' (In the echo)

How tall would you say Jesus was? - Andrew Ziem
Before or after Calvary? - Marty Leipzig

'With Tupperware [tm], I _AM_ my brother's keeper . . . '
-- Cain's first commercial endorsement . . . (Richard Smith?)

Up the voltage, Jimbo. - Marty Leipzig (To homophobe Jim Staal)

We'll have to call him Bojimbles, he dunces so well. - Curtis Johnson

Most the Dutch women I associate with have a sense of humor - Jim Staal
At 30 guilders an hour, they better.  Then again, seeing who
their John is . . . of course they do . . . - Richard Smith

My child hood hero was (still is) Liberace and my adult heros were
Elton John and Barry Manilow. - Jim Staal

You need to get out more, H.A.L.  Open the Pod Bay Doors, won't you?
- Richard Smith (to 'Hal White' aka Bob Eyer aka Bob Hyde aka others)

Bullshit.  If Slimeball Swaggart hadn't been caught 'red-handed' (to
use your term) do you *actually* think his 'conscience' would have
prompted a 'confession'? - Karl Schneider
Try this one on for size..  Perhaps he WANTED to get caught.  Just
maybe, the whole scandal never even happened. - Ken Young

Then I said, 'Why don't you just put down 'erection'?'
She replied, 'What does *that* mean?' - Katherine Wintersnight
I would have told her 'That's when Chineese-Americans vote every
fourth year in November. Erection.' - David Rice

Most fundies that show up here are merely laughable. - Curtis Johnson
Which is one thing we could thank God for,
if we could only find It... - Hector Plasmic

Scientific experiments and various extrapolation methods tell me
that the earth is young.  Nothing to do with any religious anything.
- Some unknown frothing Creationist nut

ICR: Institute of Credulous Retards. - David Rice

I believe that all bosses and employers should be able to fire a
homosexual for being gay.  However, I also believe they should be
able to fire people for the color of their skin. - Ken Young

Phuck, man --- we live in California. We're no strangers to living
in a foreign country. - David Rice

If I move to Auzyland maybe I'll put up a Crime Syndicate of
Scientology web site so enturbulating I'll make Hubbard rise
from Hell. - David Rice

You may feast your eyes> on the future Mrs Darryl Gonzalez at - KW
I just had to go there one more time, just for the laugh. Oh,
MAN, look at those teeth.  Call a dentist, it's a fucking
emergency! - Steve Quarrella

When one enters Orange County (California), one must present, at
the county line, proof of one's membership in the Republican Party.
I have to smuggle myself in and out. - David Rice

My childhood hero was Wonder Woman. For both obvious reasons.
- David Rice

'Oh, you're a holliday, James! Oooo, such a holiday!'
- David Rice (Abount Jim Staal's gay heros)

There comes a point in every tyrany where the police no longer feel
the need to justify their excesses. - David Rice

Now all you have to do is figure out why your heart isn't big enough
to accept those who do reprehensible things, and ask yourself how
you can have such a strong aversion to so designating them that you
are willing to turn your back on the one Commandment that Christ
said was the one that rules supreme:  Love your neighbor as yourself.
- Marilyn Burge
Stuff it, crone. - Jim Staal (his response is very telling, huh?)

And the last time I tried high ascii from my system
it came out looking like a fried cat. - JUDITH BANDSMA

In fact, it's amazing that no one has the brains enough, knowing
what I post about, to figure out what exactly I am talking about.
- Ken Young

The blow to the head wasn't hard enough to make me believe in god,
though. Not to worry! - David Rice

A person who does not have sex is neither het nor bi nor homo.
He is non. - Jim Staal (Further amazing insights to come.)

The mind can convince the body it is anything and given time the
body will assimilate those traits and write them into its genetics
like a log book. - White Wolf

This Lamarkian crap has been refuted (i.e. found to be false)
over 100 years ago. Ever hear of the twentieth century?! - David Rice

It wasn't me. It was the one armed bible. - Relatif Tuinn

Cut the sarcasm please David and give me a straight answer - Bob Hyde
ROFL. I look like David????? Oh dear. And David
thought he already had problems. - JUDITH BANDSMA

You see, here we don't have to be polite to you because you have
delusions and call them god(s). We don't have to... and don't...
give you any more respect than you earn.  And you are going to take
a LONG, LONG time getting out of the minus column. - JUDITH BANDSMA
(to 'BOB HYDE')

The activity of a particular group of nuns (which finds no support
in the teachings of Jesus Christ) cannot be posited as evidence for
what 'real' Christianity does to people. - Bob Hyde (They weren't
_real_ Christian nuns tortureing children, you see.)

I suppose I can be thankful Lyndelle didn't use the zoom lense. - DR
Uh... is that the one she sent me? (G) - JUDITH BANDSMA
Aw shit.  How much do you want for the negative?!  Remember that the
water was ice cold, thus the massive shrinkage. Honest! - David Rice

Do you believe that the Kama Sutra should be depicted in courtrooms?
- Dan Ceppa
It shouldn't be depicted, but it should be allowed to be depicted.
- Ken Young (More amazing insights to come, I'm sure.)

Free hot dogs. - Marty Leipzig
The last thing any of us need is another limp, over boiled weenie.
- Katherine Wintersnight
I see you have read the recipe for Packwood stew. - Dan Ceppa

While my religious beliefs say that homosexuality is wrong, I would
feel the same way even if I was not a Christian. - Homophobe Ken Young
I suspect that what Kenny is saying is closer to the truth than even
he realizes. I strongly suspect that these Neanderthals pick the
religion that will reinforce their already-existing biases. That
saves them the trouble of having to take serious inventory of their
bigotries and actually do some psychical digging in order to
rearrange their thinking in a major way. - Marilyn Burge

Notice there's no 'Bible for Dummies?'  Way too redundant.
- Marty Leipzig

As you would expect, that lack of evidence leads to some disasterous
choices.  Randomly, you'd expect that on a globe of some 5 trillion
people.... - Day Brown (Telling us the Earth's population)

Even though America's legal system comes from the Bible? - Ken Young
Do you realize how INSANE that claim is?!?!? - David Rice
No, I don't realize that. - Ken Young

Knock yourself out, but it would be as meaningless to me as an
earth that is 'billions and billions' of years old. - Jim Staal

In reference to my reading comprehension, is not your mother-inlaw
your mother? or your father-inlaw your father? You're splitting
hairs. - Gary Hall (He a road's schooler)

Which pant leg depends upon the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling very
liberal that day, it goes down the left side. If in a moderate mood,
I just unzip. If I am particularly pissed at 'the liberals' I pick
the right pant leg.  It's just my little way of protesting.
- David Rice

Yes, Jelly, I am an atheist. - Marty Leipzig
Then you are inflicted with beliefs.  Quite dangerous ones, in fact.
- Ken Young (Try to figure _that_ freakish comment out.  I dare you.)

How he found the airport in Oz is the biggest of them all.
His mother pinned a note to his shirt saying 'Dear Cab Driver:
Deliver this idiot to the airport. Thank you.' - David Rice

What you fail to realize is that even you guys will be in for it,
when everything the Illuminatit wants is in place. - Ken Young

Ken Young will appear to be much brighter once he's dead.  At least
he will provide a few scavengers a hearty meal. - David Rice
Someone may, however, be in trouble with the SPCA. - Karl Schneider

There was no contradiction in what I said.  My belief system is the
same as the true moral belief system.  After all, you cannot get
more accurate than right-wing, born again Christianity. - Ken Young
One wonders if David Duke knows what has become of his bastard.
- Luke Clark

I hadn't realized that the Fundy Two-Step was almost a tango.
- Richard Smith

After a short gap in my fortunes I'm happy to say I'm back.  I hope
there are some not too charred remains for me to sink my canines into
- Relatif Tuinn

'Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god but
a great rock and the sun a hot rock.' - Anaxagorus, c475 BCE

Somehow I get this image of a Fundy graveyard where the ones that
promise us evidence of their claims crawl to and die. There must be
dozens of fundies whos bones are laying out in the harsh sun, picked
clean by buzzards, bleached white. Nothing else explains where
they've gone. - David Rice

The freakish cultists among us like to pretend the majority of the
United States is comprised of 'Satanists.'  That way they can excuse
the fact that Christianity doesn't work. - Fredric Rice

Meanwhile, true Christianity is about love, peace, liberty,
and justice. - Ken Young
Unfortunately, the millions of people Christians have butchered,
enslaved, alienated, and hated are not around to refute your false
claim. - David Rice

What is a Hopi nation? - JITENDER SAAN
All one-legged. - David Rice

There may be a problem, though. The lobsters used to live some 3000
miles away and at higher latitute. Goddess only knows what they
think of living in California. - David Rice

Everything in this world had to be created.  We are in a very
limited world, after all.  God didn't have to be created, because
he is the Creator.  All things needed a beginning.  And God is that
beginning. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
- Ken Young
I count five self-contradictions.
Is that a record in one paragraph? - Richard Smith

I converted a picture of David Koreth: now I have a screen Savior.
- David Rice

'Thou shalt not suffer a Fundamentalist Christian to live.'
- David Rice

Religion?  Hardly!  Though I have been told that the ETs religion
IS the physical laws of the universe.  (This was told to me by a
multiple abductee, brother of my late room-mate, who witnessed
several of his abductions, and was also abducted herself several
times.) - Ivy Iverson (From the SKEPTIC echo)

Go to your local library and check out a book on the physics of
magnetitism. - Ivy Iverson
Is that a study of what holds Dolly Parton's mammaries up?
- Karl Schneider (From the SKEPTIC echo)

Hiya Steve-o . . . how would it be hangin' if it existed?
- Richard Smith (to Steve Asher, flying saucer fundy)

What's that matter, Stevie?  Didn't you get your weekly abduction
by a UFO this week? - Dan Ceppa (To Steve Asher, flying saucer fundy)

Maybe you will make it to next year's Dragonfest :) - ?
It might be the last. There certainly won't be any during the
millennial reign of Christ, as the 'dragon' will be bound for
the duration. - Steve Asher (Asher disappears in 2 years tops.)

WHEN Steve gets his feed cut for quote-altering, I'm going to INSIST
that the cut be made through his Medulla Oblongata......   :-)
- Sean McCullough

It's amazing how much theists wish they were petty gods. - David Rice

Nor would we be so dishonest as to do so.  Lying about one's
religion is a fundy practice. - Richard Smith

You are a good, true christian (no evidence except patting
your own back - Jitender
My beliefs are my evidence. - Ken Young

I thought you wanted all Christians to be dead. - Ken Young

The world is several billion years old - Jitender
I never saw any evidence, and I challenge you to find some. - Ken Young

The accuracy of radiometric dating is not really critically
dependent of the rate of decay of radioactive substances at
all, anyway. - Laurie Appleton

Back in 1967, electricity flowed backwards, too (+ to -). In
1969 I found that it actually flows from - to +, and still
does, AFAIK. - Steve Asherk (Flying Saucer Conspiracy Fundy Nut)
My, how science flip-flops. Billions of years? I wonder how
that will change in the next millenium. - Jim Staal

Try reading a physics book some time. - Dan Ceppa
For the purpose of? - Jim Staal
Actually learning something for once in your life, you moron. - Dan
B-b-b-ut I have no interest in such things. - Jim Staal

Your own words will come back to bite you in the ass... as all
the rest are doing. - JUDITH BANDSMA
Show evidence or get fucked, filthy liar. - Steve Asher

An alcoholic doesn't even need to drink at all. - Jim Staal

But you yourself has said that not everyone is chosen.  What happens
if one of the not-chosen repents and believes? - Sue Alexander
He can't. If a person repents and believes, it is obvious he is
one of the chosen ones. - Jim Staal
How very convenient.  If someone converts, obviously they have been
chosen but did not know it yet.  If someone drops away, obviously
they were not chosen to begin with. - Sue Alexander
Exactly. - Jim Staal
How in the world can you keep all of this nonsense straight? - SA
Don't have to. God does it. - Jim Staal

It boils down to 'I'm right because I say so' which _IS_
pure arrogance. - Jan Deboer
Not at all. It is 'the Bible is right because it says so.' - Jim Staal

'Bible is right because the bible says it is right,' as you say
above, _which is nothing more than 'I say the bible is right.'_
Circularity breeds nothing at all. - Hector Plasmic
Oh, I never said for a minute that it wsn't circular reasoning.
But it works for me. - Jim Staal

He was a fuckwit, and had no fucks. - Steve Asher
Leave the clever word games to adults, idiot child. - Karl Schneider

But then it doesn't take much practice to sink the Christian
apologists that float in here. Their beliefs do not hold water.
- David Rice

Translation: 'A direct hit, captain!' - David Rice

We all know what Staal's position on gays is. - Martin Goldberg
Face down. - David Rice

There ya go folks... Just WHOSE ass is being bounced around
here...? YOU'RE the ones being told to SHUT UP...! - Samuel Lee

Actually, I was referring to the fact that the moon is quite
literally covered with impact craters, while the earth is not.
- Jim Staal
Yes it is.  It's just that there's grass and trees and roads and
houses and water on top of them. - PER EDMAN
Yeah. Right. Where is the documented evidence they existed prior
to the 20th century? - Jim Staal

Nah. Interesting to think, however, that men once walked around the
earth without eyes, before they evolved into seeing beings. - Jim Staal

[Why] do you hate facts so much? - Patrick Ford
'[Why]' indeed! The truth is just the opposite. - Laurie Appleton

Beats me, but the question is irrelevant. Either way, I have no
desire to argue evolution vs creation/Creator. I will leave that
up to those more knowledgeable on the subject like Laurie. -
Jim Staal (Talking about Laurie Appleton.)

That's all it takes to debunk every one of your quotes.  Instant
asshole: just add context. - Dave Hamilton (to Laurie Appleton)

Would you condone this argument if it were made by a burglar
who shot a cop? - Sally Springett
Only if the cop shot first. - Ken Young Jelly

- Martin Goldberg - (to Flying Saucer Conspiracy nut Steve Asher)

Americans are bunch of idiots and would not of gone far if they
didn't stoled Canadian Smartest and other countries and make
sure we are no super power. - Anonymous Lordlmp moron

As it stands, the only water there is what's on Appleton's brain.
With a cranial capacity of 1200 cm^3, that appears to be a potential
total of 1.199999+ liters of water there.  Unless, off course, the
other theory that states that it's solid concrete proves to
be correct.  Current core drilling has tended to demonstrate
that the later theory may be more viable.  Broken drilling bits
do support that version. - Dan Ceppa

And then there is Klinton's executive order he signed, that
hands over the U.S. military to the UN. - Ken Young Jelly

Like I tell my daughters: 'Assume everyone you meet to be a total
and complete idiot. In the VAST> majority of cases, you'll be
correct. When in that rare case you're not, you'll be pleasantly
surprised.' - Marty Leipzig
That's funny: I tell your daughters the same thing. - David Rice

What does 'Creation ex nihilo' mean, Laurie? Bear in mind your
repeated claim that 'nothing comes from nothing.' - JD
It means that unless you have God in the picture you are
completely stuck! - Laurie Appleton

If you think Dave is a Creationist, your only knowledge of
Uranus is due to the placement of your head. - (Jim Staal, I think)

What man-made evil has not been solved by violence? - David Rice
Too easy: religion. - MARTY LEIPZIG

So you say your omni benevolent god punishes billions of people
for the crime of 2 people, supposedly 6000 years ago? - nemesis
He punishes mankind for what man did.  Too hard of a concept
to figure out? - Ken Young Jelly

I think what you need is an injection to your rectum of a good
enema to cleanse your bowels of all that excess excrement you're
carrying. - Jack Seargent

Say, Fredric, this guy REALLY REALLY likes you!  We haven't had
such gushy feelings expressed here since that whole Warner fiasco.
- Richard Smith

I'd take Aphrodite over Jesus any day. - David Rice

Jesus must be in jail; that's where everyone seems to find him.
- David Rice

Anyhow, don't worry. I can understand how those few neutrons in
your head made you jump to such incorrect counter-argument.  Very
amusing. - GEORGE JIRI OPLETAL (neutrons?)

I fail to see how this could account for a several thousand
meter thick limestone strata in 4000 years.  Can you give me
more details? - MS
This is the substance of what we call plagues of mice, or of
locusts or other things. - Laurie Appleton (Amazing, huh?)

There is no possible way any person could attain even a smattering
of science and remain a creationist.  The first thing that would
happen to him would be the realisation that creationists like Gish
and Roberson have been lying about what science teaches.
- Patrick Ford

What _does_ make those vanes, black on one side and silver on
the other, spin around under a light, eh - Jan Deboer
Isn't it because the black colour absords light and thus is
attracted to the light? - Laurie Appleton
So this is the sort of idiocy you want taught in schools as
`balanced treatment' science, huh? - Patrick Ford

Faith is the evidence of things unseen - Joyce Meyer 28/Aug/98
This is actually Hebrews 11:1.  Affectionately known in HolySmoke
as 'The Proof of StarGoat's existence.' - Sean McCullough

For some reason, Fred Rice scares the living shit out of Steve
Asher. It shows in all his posts. - JUDITH BANDSMA

I've met Fred. He's about as scary as a stuffed bear. (Did I
say that right, Freddy?)  Of course, some people could think
that liking garlic and spinach pizza is a bit over the top. [G]

How dare you besmerch... um, the truth?  [giggle]  I was on my
best behavior and had taken steps to limit the severity of my
personal appearance least you reconsider getting into the car
with me.  }:-} - Fredric Rice to JUDITH BANDSMA

Truth be told, when I'm not careful, police officers instinctively
reach for their service revolvers when they first catch a glimpse
of me.  Women pushing baby carriages quickly gather up their kid,
clutch it to their breast, and with eyes wide scream in shakey
voices, 'you keep away!  You keep away from my baby!' - Fredric Rice

What he was stating was that by making a choice your body will
edit its genetics like a mark from God.  This is really caused
by the awakening of certain hormones by self enticed delusions
of being homosexual or even bisexual.  The mind can convince the
body it is anything and given time the body will assimilate those
traits and write them into its genetics like a log book.
- WHITE WOLF (Lamarkian crap still believed by Creationists)

Does anybody live in Manotick - LORDLMP
No: they have all been butchered by Christians. - David Rice

People can't begin to fathom the mind of God. However, anyone who
reads and believes the Bible, can know of the mind of God. - J Staal

Your Clintons buddy you and the blacks and Jews,without the grey
race garbage like you filling in the cracks in sure Clinton and
all the sataniac Jews in power wouldnt be there in Washington
- Jim Dagon (Contemporary Christianity?)

Paul was _not_ a Catholic idiot. Paul was a Christian. - Jim Staal

Dunno. Drill down, and see how far you get before you melt.
- Per Edman (I think)
They have tried that in Russia, as I understand it, and they did
NOT find that! Although it has been claimed that the drilling tool
suddently broke through in some empty cavern and loud screaming
and wailing noises were heard.  Some thought HELL must be down
there! - Laurie Appleton

'If you're doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get
it in writing. His word isn't worth shit, not with the good Lord
telling him how to fuck you on the deal.' --W. S. Burroughs,
'Words of advice for young people'

yeah. i remember all those Bhuddist monks who burned themselves
back in the early '70's. hah. i look at them and laugh. i just
read where some moron burned himself in regards to the recent
terrorist arrest.  Ha!. A little prelude to the real thing.
- Jim Staal

HolySmoke is the only forum -- outside of an asylum, ironically
enough -- where he can get the help he needs. - Fredric Rice

Is Dr. Gish a reliable source of information? - David Flechard
Very much so! Why do you ask? - Laurie Appleton

Jehova's Windowless -- I was passing one under construction and
noticed it was completely without windows. I can't recall ever
seeing one that did have windows (the glass kind, not the
Microshaft kind).  Anyone know why? - jjhitt
Natural sunlight causes them to burst into flames? - Fredric Rice

You are dead because you could not give up your chosen homosexual
lifestyle.  God gave you free will and you chose to mire yourself
in sin, lying with other men which is an abomination to god.  You
will surely not enter the kingdom of heaven as it is clearly stated
in Revelations that the sexually impure (homos) will not enter God's
kingdom. -  (to Johnny Vee, may he rest in peace.)

Unless homosexuals repent and give up their lifestyle of sin, they
will be cast into the lake of fire. - Trent Hall

When anyone has their total consciousness consumed with fighting
the evils of homosexuality while ignoring real evil which has real
victims, I think the enemy they are fighting is within themselves.
- Patrick Ford

Isn't that one of the most obvious problems with religions? They
introduce some kind of higher power that can always forgive the
followers their deeds. It is not too far from this step to the
final one where fanaticism replaces the conscience, then you become
a fundy. - Jitender

You're as stupid as ever. - Alec Grynspan
At least one of us is! - Laurie Appleton

Mithraism, a very popular religion with the Greco-Roman populous
at the time that predated Christianity,... - JOSHUA LEE
Plagiarism, I am sure, on the part of the Greeks. - Jim Staal

So tell us the REASON for the creation of dinosaurs? - DC
Seems like they would have been most useful in keeping the herbage
of the world under control as well as being useful to mankind as a
very versatile heavy equipment machine! - Laurie Appleton

If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys
and apes? - Jack Abendroth

However the inability to interbreed does not necessarily mean
that two animals are different species when they are clearly alike.
- Laurie Appleton (Explaining his knowledge of simple biology)

What I find more difficult to follow is claim that the whole
universe is also revolving as well, since there is, by definition,
no reference point OUTSIDE of the Universe by which to observe
such a rotation. - Laurie Appleton (Explaining his knowledge of
simple astronomy)

While bigotry and racism should never be looked upon fondly,
I see nothing really all that wrong with a form of seperatism,
just as long as both sides still have equal liberties. - Ken Young

yeah, I saw my garbage dude going through my trash a few weeks
ago and pocketed two items. I called and bitched, but never got
a response. - Jim Staal

Calling a spade, a spade is racism? - Jim Staal (Racist homophobe)
You really know how to dig yourself in deeper. - Curtis Johnson
(Note the pun!)

The best 'evidence' I can offer for God[sic] is found in
His[sic] word, the Bible. You are free to accept it or reject it.
- Steve Asher
The best evidence I can offer for warewoves is found in his word,
the Cycle of the Warewolve.  You are free to accept it or reject
it. As you can see, Steve, your delusional fantasies are easilly
debunked. Sorry about that but really it was for your own good.
You'll thank me for it later. - Fredric Rice

Does the moon have gravity? - Jim Staal (22 Nov 98)

A charcoal mask does absolutely nothing for the wearer when
shooting the new paints, even the enamels with hardeners.  No
wonder you are so brain dead. - Dan Ceppa (To Jim Staal)

Hello All! I am asking for prayer for my mom  to receive her
stuff that she left at my brothers place and to make sure that
she get's it  before fri nov 13/1998.  the devil is interfearing
with this  problem.. - Anonymous SAMSON

Have you always had these delusions of grandeur, or did you
recently take a blow to the head? - DAVID WORRELL

One cannot have a citizenry believe the Bible is inerrant, or
even broadly 'true,' and expect the citizenry to be able to think
rationally. Let alone take responsibility for their own actions.
- David Rice

Dick Jesus before he dicks you. - Martin Goldberg
That's pretty much how I look at it.  I don't want Jesus in me.
Eeeeewww! - Richard Smith
You're soaking in him right now. - Martin Goldberg

Where do you get the 'woman hater' stuff? It is in the
Bible. Isaiah 54:6 - Jim Staal

Nah, 28 years of manual labor got me into this fix. - Jim Staal
I thought it was the booze, drugs, occult beliefs, and addiction
to Mountain Dew. - David Rice

We call it growing up, and the process is identical. - DAVE HAMILTON
One never out grows his need for God. God never grows old on you.
- Jim Staal
Wrong, Jimbo.  God doesn't grow old for the very same reason
Santa doesn't grow old. It's because you and the boys in
Never-Never Land have ever taken the time to grown up. - Dan Ceppa

Could it be a 'punishment from God' then? - Laurie Appleton
Could it be uneven heating of the Earth's surface, you
ignorant buttfuck? - Fredric Rice

Why should a scientific explanation be preferred over
the Biblical one? - George Pope
Because it applies reasoning. - Per Edman
This does not explain why 'reasoning' should have any
special value. - George Pope

Because sometimes handicaps are gifts from God.  As I consider
mine to be, overall. - George Pope
Oh yeah, that one sold me. - Richard Smith

HAVE A NICE DAY, LOSER BOY. - Christopher Calabrese

I'm not saying this IS the how and why of the Holocaust, since
I do not know the mind of God beyond what He has revealed to
all men via the Bible (66 book Christian canon).  I'm only
attempting to illustrate how there CAN be a greater good for
all mankind even in something as horrible(from our limited POV)
as Hitler and the Holocaust. - George Pope

Satan has access to your brain. He uses it to tempt you to sin.
Most people cannot distinguish the thoughts which Satan place in
their minds from their own thoughts. They have the same voice
though different sources. Dreams are the same. - Walter Copes

I don't know. Taking the degrees of evil into consideration, I
haven't met any one here more evil than Fred. - Jim Staal

It seems that some brave souls at MIT (I think that's where they
are) have implanted some human stem-cells into a bovine as-yet
unfertilized egg. I think it's great. - Karl Schneider
Me too. If the result is female, maybe I could finally
get a date! - David Rice

For example Mammoths are just a form of Elephant or perhaps I
should say that Elephants are just a variation of Mammonths!
- Laurie Appleton (Explaining all he knows about species.)

You are a wonderful example of a hypocritical, bigotted Paulinist
andI for one appreciate you showing the world what kind of horrible
things religion does to a human mind. - Karl Schneider
And you sir, what are you? - Jim Staal

Listen to the pot calling the kettle black! Fuck off with your
accusing me of being a 'fundy'!  You're a full-of-shit piece-of-
shit moronic head-up-your-ass IDIOT!!! - George Pope (a fundy)

Yes I guess it does filter out more intelligent replies.
- George Garard
Looks like it needs more work:  Your response got through.
- Dan Ceppa

Your prerogative. When the Beast 666 comes to power, you won't be
shopping anywhere without his mark, his name, or the number of his
name. Your views may change slightly when your trolley is empty.
- Steve Asher (Freakish Flying Saucer Fundy Conspiracy Nut)

I will endeavour to have my space helmet on at all times, my
ray gun drawn and at the ready.  Thanks for the warning.
- Steve Quarrella (to flying saucer nut Steve Asher)

As long as my computer works and I pay the phone bill,
I am not lonely, Herr Ceppa. - Jim Staal

Here's a thought for you: Perhaps, then, the earth WAS flat,
then the faith of people later caused the earth to become
spheroid! - George Pope (He's serious, folks.)

It is evolutionism that destroys a country and so long as the
population is denied Balanced Treatment by the activities of the
evolutionist, then it is already well and truly on the way to
the sort of collapse which you are talking about! - Laurie Appleton
(This is your brain on 'balanced treatment' Creationism)

Read the first chapter of Genesis and see who (plural) were
supposed to be creators. - MARTY LEIPZIG
God (a most singular being) invited participation by the other
citizens of Heaven in His great work of Creation. - George Pope

About age 17 I was much involved in solvent sniffing.
- George Pope (Explains a great deal, huh?)

I didn't see an asterisk next to the quoted scripture, nor any
disclaimer in fine print underneath.  In otherwords, the bible
has as much regard for truth as you do. - Jan Deboer

It turns out  he was a skater. Atheist or skater, I don't know
which is worse. - John Jancewicz (5 Dec 97)

Magicians are much, much more honest than priests. - Hector Plasmic

Greetings!  Have you acquired an education in anything since
you were last run out of HolySmoke by the blinding light of
truth? - Fredric Rice (to J. B. Shaughnessy)

I have been browsing over the various messages here and have only
one question... for you and all the other doubting god haters.
- J. B. Shaughnessy

Your hate for God is strong Freddie - J. B. Shaughnessy

You have taught so many to hate God even more than they would
have ever thought, to the position of not even being sure why.
- J. B. Shaughnessy

Keep in touch! - J. B. Shaughnessy
You bet!  You're on my hook after all. [smile] - Fredric Rice

One day, you will do it on your own, and with tears
streaming down your face. - William Putnam

Come Holy Spirit - William Putnam
Oh, yes, do come holey goblin... Willie is bent over and
receptive to your mounting. - Joseph Voigt

It takes a man to be a christian. - J. B. Shaughnessy
So a woman can not be a christian?  Strange how it's observed
that around half the christians are women.  Are all these women
just phony christians? Or are you just lying for the jesus again?
- Joseph Voigt

That the 'overwhelming majority' of humans think something
which has no demonstrable basis in reality means precisely
nothing at all in any field except psychology. - Hector Plasmic

Have you cut that section out of your bible, Alan?
- Hector Plasmic (to Alan Presley (8 Dec 97))

Anyone who excepts Christ and is saved is Israel - Charles Murray

Bite me. - Jim Staal
It sounds like your therapy is not going well.  You exude so
much negativity. - Dan Ceppa

Most people's own eagle usually stop them from wanting to learn.
- Raymond Lau

and i am a christain the only one saved in my family. - samson
Saved from the ravages of intellect, obviously. -
please pray. - samson
Please kiss my ass. - Karl Schneider

and i am a christain the only one saved in my family. - samson
You are a chriSTAIN? I have just the right thing for you then.
It's called CHLORINE, and you are supposed to drink it. Great
for the.. eh..  genepool. - Eddy L O Jansson (10 Nov 98)

Tsk. Grandville, MI is the center of the universe and
the artistic hub of North America. - Jim Staal
We're all fucked now. - Sue Alexander

You miserable piece of festering feces! Where do you come up
with this crap? - Jim Staal

If God had a problem with abortion, it would have been stated
in the Bible. - ALAN HESS
If vampires had a problem with wooden stakes through the heart,
it would have been stated in Mother Goose. - David Rice

Fuck you. Fuck Connecticut. - David Worrell

The work of the right honourable Reverend Mister Brother Jimmy
Swaggart??? - Jim Staal
Yeah, the one convicted of consorting with prostitutes...twice.

Suck MY Dick and spam!!! Me Dick Breath!!!  Ps: Dont forget
to QUOTE ME!!!!  What a gay yes!! Gay! Fag! that you are!  You
Bitch Like a girl!!! Richard!!! - John Warner (7 Nov 98)

I forgot you're a hisotry of buff of sorts. Please tell me how
_homosexuality_ made the Roman Empire fall. - Relatif Tuinn
Ummm.... it was pulled down by the suction? - JJ Hitt

I should be punished because God made foreigners? - Jim Staal

If God doesn't exist, why is there a definition of God in
the dictionary? - George Garard

Why do you insist on showing off your mental illness in
public? - Alec Grynspan (to George Garard)
Uh, because he's crazy? - Karl Schneider

As I believe I was protected by supernatural means from the full
natural effects of my folly.  The bag was usually a standard 2
litre Glad freezer bag. - George Pope (Brain damaged druggie)

Truely the words of one guided by scripture. - Jim Staal
It's a poor substitute for a brain. - Relatif Tuinn

On communion Sundays we don't want a god of good taste.
We want a god that tastes good! - Don Martin

I've met and talked with Prof. Tipler. A finer gentleman one
could not hope to find. It's just that in some parts of his
mind he is a raving lunatic, blind to the obvious. - David Rice

I don't run the agenda; merely observe it. - Steve Asher
Much as the drunk in the tank doesn't ride the pink elephants,
just watches them prance about. - Hector Plasmic

No, I am still working for the better of human kind
every single day. - Raymond Lau
Tried euthanasia? - Per Edman

Looks like it is all 'go' for the year 2000, which will be
celebrated as a 'jubilee' year with such people as the Pope, if
still alive, Jay Gary, Robert Muller etc running the agenda.
- Steve Asher (Flying Saucer Fundy Conspiracy Nut)
Don't forget the 'JFK will return as the antichrist' part.
No serious nutball prophesy is complete without it. - edweird

Every second, we are eating thought our lord's heart. For the sin
we commit, how couple the old man not be in pain for how his
creation turn out to be such a shameful being. - Raymond Lau

Just post the apology, stubborn D***h b***h! - Jim Staal
Mealy mouthed coward. Or is it just that you don't want to admit
you can't spell whatever words you want to use and the dictionary
is propping up the doublewide? - Judith Bandsma

I _was_ and English major! - Jim Staal (16 Oct 98)

Once again, an dobvious typo. - Jim Staal

What do idiots do all day long when they have too much time
on their hands and nothing to say? - Dan Triplett
They go to church. - David Rice

Go felch your son's arse out, and enjoy a mature Bondi cigar
afterwards. - Steve Asher
Is this what your pastor said in church today? - Relatif Tuinn

This is only a hobby, it's not real life. - David Flechard
Sounds exactly like that 'god' of yours. - Dan Ceppa

I have read far more than enough of your rants to know that you
are one depraved individual.  The files I received from Mr Rice,
coupled with your current messages more than demonstrate that
you are in serious mental trouble. - LINDA PAGELS

Ahhh...Mr Rice, the anti-Christian bigot of the echo. There's
a good non-biased source of info. yeah. - Jim Staal

Fredric Rice is a 'anti-Christian bigot' in exactly the same sense
that a police officer is a 'anti-criminal bigot.' - David Rice

Bite me. - Jim Staal
He doesn't eat shit. - David Rice

Staal's 'music?' The cat would off herself all nine times.
- David Rice

this to become and endless exchange of correspondence.  You
will just have to take my word that there is an afterlife.
- Jack Abendroth

Well, at least he stopped cruising family reunions for dates.

You're a dimbulb. - MARTY LEIPZIG
Judge now and be judge later. - Raymond Lau
Another round of congratulations, Marty!  I see you are
going to be a Supreme Court Justice! - Dan Ceppa

Now I'm a recognized member of the bar! Make it a double.

Could that be any worse than teaching anti-theism and oral sex.
like they do now? - Phil Anderson (Damn! I went to the wrong
High School!)

I don't know how this is accomplished, but I do know we arrive
on Saturn after leaving here. The spirit pool is on that planet.
You can go there in an instant when out of the body and many
have while still in the flesh body. - Jack Abendroth

ROFL!  Jack, do you have any idea what the words 'gas giant'
mean?  Any idea at all? - David Worrell
How would anyone know what gas giant means? - Jack Abendroth

The Catholic hasn't learned the scriptural commandment to
train one's senses to discern good from evil. - TODD HENSON

Listen to me, you dickhead. - Richard Garland

Now, either give your blessing to gay couples or forever hold
your piece.  (Which, I'm sure you are) - Dan Ceppa (to
George Pope on the discussion about gay marriages)

Knowledge is maked too be spared, if your don't use it
you loss it. - Tom Briggs

Don't be silly, Ceppa. You don't learn anything in a University.
- Laurie Appleton

Did you catch the pic of his, 'wife'? - Karl Schneider
Yep, and that's damned fine horse flesh. :-P - Steve Kemp
(Talking about Darryl Gonzalez's wife.  Check his web page at )

Personally, the fags can go on being homo, if they want.
- George Pope

Exactly how are you trying to define 'born-again' Christianity?
- Todd Henson
Making the same mistake twice. - Jitender Saan


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