From: tarqness@prodigy.com (MS KIM GARWOOD)
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 16:09:11, -0500
Subject: David Ragland

Yikes. This is one bitter little man. Of course, I use the term "man" rather loosely. His defensiveness and vicious insults belie his "faith". I always thought that Christians were big on unconditional love and understanding. At least, back when I was a teen trying to be a Christian I was told that by my elders. Funny how all of that goes out the window when someone has a belief system that strays from theirs. I am trying not to generalize, here. I do know some Christians who ARE genuinely good, decent and open-minded people.

Thanks for posting this "interview" of Mr. Ragland. Makes me all the more confident in my belief that the Bible ain't all there is.



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