Good news for all Psychics from the JREF

For some time, we have heard from many a "psychic", a certain radio show host, and a certain rabid "intuitive" from Toronto, that the Randi Challange is a bogus deal. One of the main reasons cited was that the money would never be paid - the pledges would not come through, yadda, yadda.

Well, gentile challangers, ye need not wait any longer! The Randi Organization has just purchased 10 $100,000 U.S. Treasury Bonds that will be given to the Challange Winner IMMEDIATELY.

From the Randi Web Site:

"Over the years, several psychics have excused themselves from trying for the prize with the objection that the cash has not been easily accessible.

To satisfy this objection, we've purchased ten $100,000 U.S. Treasury bonds -- immediately negotiable instruments -- held in a special account for this specific purpose. There now can be no impediment whatsoever to the thousands of psychics worldwide making immediate application to take the prize -- unless, of course, they don't have the powers they claim."


That brings the total IMMEDIATE payout to $1,010,000.00 (the bonds and Randi's $10,000.00 check). For the other $200,000, that will come through normal channels- from the James Randi Educational Foundation Prize Account, held by Goldman Sachs, New York (a noted Randi-Cult front organization).

Now there is no excuse left. You cried and wailed- "Show ME The Money!" Well- there is, folks.

So common Ed, Dan, McGowan, Riley-- and yes, even you, Earl! When are you signing up? Do we hear about your acceptance of the Challange, or do we now get to see what you "psychics" can find to whine about next.

I know what my prediction is...


"Once an idea is created, it never disappears, no matter how often it is disproved" -- as quoted by Milton Rothman


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