Scientology Crime Syndicate

Subject: The Many Faces of Rosetint2
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:53:59 GMT

On 20 Apr 1999 21:57:37 -0700, in alt.religion.scientology you wrote:

Charlotte L. Kates

> Before Rosetint2 arrived on ARS to harass ex-Scientologist Kevin Brady, bragging
> of her seemingly extensive knowledge of all that occurs at Boston Org, proudly
> proclaiming in her .sig that she is:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Scientology and Dianetics Auditor of 30 years
> Private practice for last 4 years
> Founding Member IAS
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ...she posted to the AOL ACLU Board, "Scientology--The Unvarnished Truth",
> perhaps in preparation for her stint on ARS. However, amidst the usual DA
> attacks, Rosie made a few interesti
> g posts, attempting to play the role of a
> "newbie" convinced to try Scientology. What a sham...what "ethics."
> -----
> Subject: The Founding Church
> Date: 3/30/99 8:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
> From: RoSeTint2
> Message-id: <19990330070428.13290.00000004@ng-fs1.aol.com>
> What a beautiful place!
> Very friendly people!
> Helpful too.
> Gave me the tour. I asked not to do any testing, but just look through the
> bookstore.
> I did.
> Bought a book.
> Now I'm home.
> Neat.
> Business takes me to Boston next. Think I'll check out that place.
> I'll let you know what happens.
> You know, looking for yourself really unvarnishes the truth!
> -----
> Hmmmm, a "founding member" of the IAS who is apparently onlines at Boston Org
> just wandered into DC Org, took a little tour, but opted out of the OCA...and
> maybe she'll check out her *very own org!*
> That was after she *discovered* the DC Org by searching about on Scn's official
> website...
> ------
> Subject: Re: what is it?
> Date: 3/27/99 12:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
> From: RoSeTint2
> Message-id: <19990327115218.08336.00001024@ng150.aol.com>
> >From: MMckean338
> >Message-id: <19990326191942.29237.00000553@ng-fw1.aol.com>
> >
> >Cool Rose......yep..that's the place for accurate information about
> >Scientology. ........
> > (cut out middle of message)
> > .......check it out for yourself.
> > :-)
> > sincerely, Mike
> I see from the scientology website there's a place in DC. Think I'll go visit
> (there's nothin here in Baltimore I can find).
> -------
> Yet another example of $cientology's ethics in action!
> Charlotte
> Charlotte L. Kates CLKates@aol.com
> http://www.offlines.org/
> OFFLINESonline: Freedom from Scientology

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