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Subject: Repressive Methods of the Scientology Sect
From: GSNews
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:40:52 -0400

Salzburg, Austria
June 16, 1999
Salzburger Nachrichten

Documentation on "Missing in Happy Valley" extracted under adventurous conditions (ORF 2/23.15).

In the Scientology manner of speaking they are called "Rehabilitation Projects." Representatives of the sect assert that the people are there voluntarily. Nevertheless, Ina Brockman and Peter Reichelt document in their "Hotpoint" report thoroughly repressive methods [in use] against staff workers who have fallen out of favor.

"Like in prison: wake up, wash, get dressed, all in ten minutes. And then you stand outside and shiver all over. Early morning, it is ice cold. Lined up in rows, they count off, like in jail, to make sure nobody has taken off. They tell you what your work is that day. 20 minutes to eat, then take the bus to headquarters."

That is how Jesse Prince, former number two man in the Scientology, describes the conditions in "Happy Valley," which is barely a two hours drive from Los Angeles on the edge of the desert.

Rehabilitation camps had been ordered by Scientology founder Ron Hubbard before he died in 1986, and are also meant for children.

Another camp has been established in Copenhagen, the Europe headquarters for Scientologists. There is offered, according to the official position, "a program for reconciliation" if serious mistakes have been made. Anywhere else one would simply be thrown out, says Marlene Getanes, Scientology spokesperson for Europe.

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