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From heldal@online.no Wed Dec 02 14:09:35 1998
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Subject: FWD: More coming for the criminal cult.
From: heldal@online.no (Andreas Heldal-Lund - www.xenu.net)
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 22:09:35 GMT

I got plenty coming for the criminal cult. Miscavige claims he will pick his fights more carefully in the future. The little twit does not know what's coming.

More from people inside the cult:


Dear Andreas,
your posting of the personal experience of an Ex-SO-Member is similar to my experiences in Copenhagen.

I was staff in the Munich org til 86. During this time I was sent three times to Copenhagen for training, in 82 and 85. In 82 I saw RPF-Members in grey (washed out black) overalls who always ran, with eyes to the ground.

In 85 I had to sec check a german RPF-Member who had read a book about OT III (by Pfarrer Haack) which is strictly forbidden - thats why he came into the RPF in the first place. I sec checked him in the kitchen facilities of Hotel Nordland, seeing other RPF-Members eating the leftovers quickly and silently in standing positions.

In 82 I lived with other 19 staffs from European Orgs in a small room in the last floor of Hotel Nordland with five columns of four beds per culumn!

There were several such rooms, full of scn-students. Food was always the same: thin coffee, cheap bread, butter, cheap marmelade for breakfast, green-grey stew for lunch and dinner. I soon had the bodily feeling that I lacked vitamins and minerals. On Saturdays we had a free unit til 13.00 when we could wash our clothes.

Most of the people decided to sleep, because they had to study from 8.30 or 9.00 to 24.00, often longer when they didnt reach their targets. Sleep during the week was a sleep of exhaustion, being disturbed often during the night at 2.00 or 3.00, when students came back from study having not reached their targets in time.

In 1985 I blew from the Advanced Org Copenhagen for a few days. After my returning I was routed out >properly< with a routing form. The most important Admin person in FOLO (Flag Operations Liaisons Office, in the immediate vicinity of the AO) to sign the routing-form, was a blubbering psychopath who talked to non existent people in the room... Unbelieveable, right? But it's the truth. The person who routed me there - a frenchman whom I knew from a Sea-Org-mission in Munich where he had to get the stats up - also noticed these psychotic (Type-III-) phenomena of this high exec and immediately pushed me out of the room, with a look in his face like "Oh, not that again!".

(By the way: this frenchman, when on his mission in the Munich Org, labelled me an SP because I had no Pc - I was HGC-Auditor - and demanded that I phone my Pcs in standing position, kicking away the chair from under my bottom.

This was 1983, during the time when Hubbards finance police ransacked worldwide all orgs, getting all the money they could.) And in the Munich org we often didnt have enough money for phonecalls, sometimes not even for toiletpaper. Though the org collected >donors< in the range of circa 80.000 to 200.000 DM per week! And if I had to xerox something I had to write a CSW (=submit a request)! Most of the staff (some 30 or 40, though officially there were more than 100) were involved in open cycles and backlogs and/or searching other staffs who were either moonlighting or studying Hubbards policies. And this huge bureaucracy for only one goal: to service some five to ten paying Pcs and some ten to twenty paying students! That's Hubbard Management pure!

One recent Staff-Blow confirmed that the situation now is still the same. Though the >working< Admin-Tech of Hubbard should have remedied the out-points in the last 10 or 15 years. Just to think about that with a wog-mind - which I have again thank God - leaves me stunned gaping open-mouthed at this stupidity!

Please post this, but leave out my name. OSA should spend some time figgering out who wrote this posting.

By the way, u really do excellent work with your Operation Clambake.




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