I read as much of his diatribe to the State Assembly as I could stomach.

A few thoughts:

The Mayans became a lost civilization because of OUR corruption, not theirs.

There was only a faction of the white people in early America who favored slavery, mostly in the South. On the other hand, the slaves that arrived here came because OTHER BLACKS sold them into slavery. As much as we must blame ourselves for our half of the transaction, the blacks must also take responsibility for the fact that they would not have been available for sale, had their own people not been greedy.

It was WHITES who put an end to slavery, because they were the ones with the power and the voice to do so. I think it is long past time that those who stuck their necks out and got called bad names to right a wrong that they had not made and that did not directly affect them got the credit they deserve for what they did in this regard.

Mr. White is fixated on money as being the root of all society's problems. He's wrong; the root of the problem is, more than any other factor, the breakdown of the American family. That breakdown is more prevalent and further advanced in the black community than it is in the white community. If he really wants to help his people, THAT is what he ought to concentrate on: a cultural epiphany regarding the importance of FAMILY -- WHOLE families.

According to Christian theology, homosexuality is NOT 'the worst sin there is.' Not even close. As the story goes, even one sin, no matter how small, keeps you from God's pleasure. And, the only UNforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. So, as much as Messeur White may fancy himself to be a preacher, he really hasn't got a very good grasp of his Systems Manual.

Maybe I can muster the stomach to read the rest of his diatribe later. I've saved it so I can. We'll see.


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