Here's where a group completely gives up on Jesus' message of giving and decency out of superstitious fear of homosexual cooties. It is also quite disgusting to see government money going to a religious group, contrary to the spirit of the separation of church and state. Had they never become entangled, the Salvation Army would not have to fear the loss of government funds, either, and would have been freer to act according to their conscience.

But no, they thought that it was a smart idea to try to circumvent the Constitution. Undoubtedly they were snickering up their gold braided sleeves at subverting the wisdom to be found in the Bill Of Rights when they first got the cash. Now the Salvation Army has become dependent upon government money and will be hurting for the lack of it.

But the homeless and elderly get to bear the burden of the combined stupidity of the government and Salvation Army folks who conspired to subvert the law of the land. Hopefully some "brass" at the "Army" will be doing some more tamborine and bucket duty instead of kicking back and spending ill-gotten government money on their thinly disguised religious activities.


Salvation Army Spurns S.F. Money

.c The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Salvation Army says it will no longer take city money and will cut back on some programs because of San Francisco's domestic partners law.

The organization said the year-old ordinance conflicts with its Christian beliefs on the importance of family.

Under the ordinance, any business that holds city contracts and provides spousal health insurance to married couples must do the same for the gay or unmarried partners of its employees.

``We simply cannot agree to be in compliance,'' Salvation Army Lt. Col. Richard Love said Wednesday.

The charity is one of the largest nonprofit social service organizations in San Francisco.

The Salvation Army, with an $18 million annual budget for services in San Francisco, holds $3.5 million in city contracts, Love said. The organization said it will scale back programs for senior citizens and the homeless.

AP-NY-06-04-98 1257EDT


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