Scientology Crime Syndicate

Subject: How Scientology will decline, by LRH
From: "Safe"
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 16:35:47 -0700

Dear Fellow Scientogists,

Ron, by his own honest admission, said that the subject of Scientology CAN become the master of our thinking. It CAN be applied and used very dangerously to control people if we aren't careful. In other words ... enslaving.

He made that very clear in the following excerpt from tape 20 of the Philidelphia Doctorate Tapes called ... "Formative state of Scientology / Definition of Logic." If you haven't listened to these tapes, you don't fully understand Scientology. They are classics that every Scientogists need to study.

Here's the excerpt ... Ron is talking about Scientology ...

"It is a method of thinking about things. And is just as true as it is workable and NO TRUER.

And is not in itself an arbitrary police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It's a SERVANT of the mind. A SERVO mechanism of the mind. It is NOT a MASTER of the mind.

Scientology WILL decline and become useless to man on the day WHEN ... IT becomes the MASTER of thinking. Don't think it won't do that! It has every capability in it of doing that.

Contained in the knowable workable portions, before your eyes, there are methods of controling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be APPALLED at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.

Fortunately it was intelligently invented. And I say that without any possible bow. I saw that because part of its logic was the remedy should exist before the bullet. And that is just an arbitrary, there really is no reason for that except for this:

When you invent the bullet before the remedy, you have to invent the remedy under DURESS. It's very hard to kneel along side of a patient who is suffering from a super radioactive burn .... and try to figure out in that moment ... what is radioactivity, and how does it effect the human flesh? That's not the time to figure the remedy. The time to figure the remedy is BEFORE the bullet."

And he goes on ....(but I don't want to abuse the fair use law.)

In my opinion, the profits of these tapes ought to be sacrificed by our church so we can get the REAL ESSENCE of authentic Scientology understood. We could put all these tapes in Real Audio on the Internet for all the world to enjoy.

The prices for this set of 76 tapes at $2600 ($34 a piece!) is outragiously priced. Who's heard of a cassette costing $34? No doubt there is money motive which needs to get out of Scientology FAST. These tapes could easily be produced and sold for $380 for the complete set ($5 each tape) and it would put it in the price range for all Scientologists and public.

WHO is in charge of pricing?

Why are we holding back the really truly priceless LRH wisdom for? Why are Church of Scientologists posting old dried out PR crap from an OFF-SOURCE BOTWO book "What is Scientology?"

Why aren't we transcibing these tapes and putting them in books like we did with the Pheonix Lectures book. Speaking of that, why was that book cancelled? So we could sell the more expensive tapes instead? .... the book was damaging tape sales?

How come getting the REAL LRH out is being so suppressed? It's OBVIOUS to me it's getting suppressed. Let's do an S & D and find the suppressives are and get those out who are really stopping this priceless data. Once you listen to these tapes, friend, NOBODY will ever be able to enslave you.

Perhaps that's the point. The suppressives don't want us to know how to get out of slave traps.

Yours for no slavery, Safe

-- "Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

-- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

David Miscavige, Ban Church of Scientology Censorship Software now!

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