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Subject: Introspection Rundown: What it is?
From: "Safe"
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 21:02:34 -0700

(Below is a repost of what I wrote to the AOL Scientology Board (now defunct) in response to no Church of Scientologists explaining what the Introspection Rundown was during the Lisa McPherson publicity. Perhaps it will shed a little light here too ... Safe )

Introspection Rundown: What it is
Date: 11/19/98 3:15:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Safe
To: Fellow Scientologists

Hi fellow Scientologists and friendly public,

I'm confused why our church has not made an official public in-depth accounting of the Lisa McPherson incident to put our membership at rest with the truth. Whenever I spot non-communication, I usually find it means there's non-confront going on or even a cover-up.

I'm also confused why there has been no attempt to explain what an introspection rundown is ... to put people's minds at ease that what happened to Lisa was not authentic Scientology application and was totally misapplied by Flag staff.

Ron has NEVER issued bulletins authorizing Scientologists to give drugs in this "rundown."

When you read this, you will understand the fear that some Scientologists may have had if Lisa got into the hands of psychiatrists. Whether or not that fear is founded or not, I don't know first hand. I'm sure their fear had a lot to do with bungling this up.

A rundown is simply a series of steps one does to achieve a specific end result in mental relief. The introspection rundown is designed to EXTROVERT somebody. This is mostly a list of questions the auditor asks the person ... to help them discover areas of stress and relieve them.

Introspection: to look within, a looking into one's own mind, feelings, reactions, etc; observation and anaylsis of oneself.

Introversion: a tendency to direct one's interest upon oneself rather than upon external objects or events.

So what I will do is quote a few passages from the exact technical bulletin where Ron explains the whole thing and even lists the 82 or so questions to ask. I supply some of this data so this doesn't leave people in a big fat mystery ... which PR has unfortunately done.

It's from HCO Bulletin 23 January 1974RA called "The Introspection RD"

"The purpose of the Introspection RD (rundown) is to locate and correct those things which cause a person to fixate his attention INWARDLY, on himself"

"This RD extroverts the person so that he can see his environment and therefore handle and control it."

"Man has never been able to solve the psychotic break. In fact, human beings are actually afraid of a person in a psychotic break and in desperation turn to psychiatry to handle.

Psychiatry, desperate in its turn, without effective tech, resorts to barbarities such as heavy drugs, ice picks, electric and insulin shock which half kill the person and only suppress him. The fact remains there has never been a cure for the psychotic break UNTIL NOW.


The breakthrough was made on a person who, after a series of wrong indications, went into a full-blown psychotic break--violence, destruction and all.

The psychiatrist at this point would have sharpened up his ice pick, filled his syringes with the most powerful (and deadly) drugs he could find and turned up the volts. His "handling" would have been a final destruction of the individual.

What WAS done was an auditor went into the room, sat the person down and correct the last servere point of wrong indication. Subsequent times of wrong indication in his life were cleared up, the person came out of the psychotic break and into p.t."

"The essence of the Introspection RD is looking for and correcting all those things which CAUSED the person to look inward worriedly and wrestle with the mystery of some incorrectly designated error."


"This Rundown is very simple but cannot be flubbed, as that will compound the errors and cause further introspection in the pc. It is better not to deliver this RD than to flub ANY part of it."

"It is an Ethics Offense to attempt this Rundown without the auditor having done the prerequisite training and a further offense for an auditor to flub on it."

"This RD is very simple and its results are magical in effectiveness. Flubs can wreck it so don't permit them.

"The end phenomena of the Introspection RD is the person extroverted, no longer looking inward worriedly"

"The EP in a psychotic break is the end of the psychotic break."

You have in your hands the tool to take over mental therapy in full. You need not fear the insane or the psychotic break any longer."

"Do it flawlessly and we all win."

Here's the only extra instructions that LRH says to do for psychotic people. Only THEY do steps 0 and 00. I'll list them. These steps were obviously misapplied in Lisa's case.

"0. On a person in a psychotic break isolate the person wholly with all attendants completely muzzled (no speech)."

In a mental hospital this may be done with a screaming lunatic. Of course the caretakers should not be screaming at the psychotic person to shut up, hold still or whatever. Ron apparently believes silence will calm the person down. But I don't think he's trying to say to IGNORE the patient if they originate a rational thought.

Ignoring people is another way to make people go crazy and Ron talks about that in other bulletins and books. There is a possibility that there were other intentions besides helping Lisa mixed in with this.

I believe there may be a possible cover up but the courts should reveal whether that is true or not. All I know is that something like this is too strange to for this GROSS out-tech to happen.

"00. Give Vitamins (B complex, including niacinamide) and minerals (calcium and magnesium) to build the person up."

I don't see anything wrong with giving nutrition like Ron said but the affidavit says Lisa was given DRUGS. Where in the above statement does Ron say to give drugs? Obviously Lisa was not properly nourished or she would have not lost dozens of pounds and dehydrated which apparently caused the embolism that resulted in her death.

I think we had a case of a dwindling spiral overt where the problem got worse and worse as time went on and then more horrible to confront to take care of properly because the responsible parties would be found out. They apparently risked Lisa's life to try to get out of their overts. This is my speculation but I bet it proves to be true.

The next step is .... (This is the first step if the person isn't psychotic.)

1. Locate by study or research of the person's case or via associates or 2-way comm the last severe point of introversion just prior to the current psychotic break or illness. There may be several severe points of introversion, prior or subsequent to the one that triggered the break or illness. These points are identified by their upsetting or worrisome effect on the pc. Each is noted down for handling.

2. On each point, indicate the substance of it as a point of introversion to release the By-Passed Charge."

*By-Passed Charge: "mental energy or mass that has been restimulated in some way in an individual, and that is either partially or wholly unknown to that individual and so is capable of affecting him adversely." Technical Dictionary

It continues on with over 150 steps. When one reads this list of auditors questions, there is nothing strange about this rundown that I see. They look like smart questions that can sort out a persons bad situation.

So there you are. I believe it's a mistake to blame authentic Scientology technology.

The mistake was in the squirreling of Ron's tech. Squirreling "must be covered up" because it doesn't look good for a Flag "flubless" Case Supervisor (the one overseeing the auditor to insure correct processes are done and done right). Flag is suppose to be the "Mecca of Technical Perfection" and this case would blow that PR idea up in pieces.

I don't find squirreling that hard to believe because I see it happening all the time on even on KSW #1 .... (Keeping Scientology Working #1 of a list of 10 items that insures that Scientology continues to work.)

"One: Having the correct technology."

I've been pointing this squirrely data out like mad and proving it but Church of Scientologists have been ridiculing me and assigning me as a "basher" instead of a fighter for KSW.

Perhaps someday they will open their eyes to squirreling after the end of the Lisa McPherson case. I hope so.

Yours for keeping AUTHENTIC WHITE Scientology working, Safe

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-- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

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