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Subject: Medical Liaison Officer's Code
From: "Safe"
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 15:45:58 -0700

Hi fellow Scientologists and public,

Considering the Lisa McPherson death, it would behoove a Scientologist to post this code to see if it could have been broken. Unfortunately, it's no longer included in '98 WiS version for new Scientologists or publicd to know.

But thanks to the 1978 edition of What is Scientology, this code was made known. I think we have the right to know this code ... especially now so we can try to understand what went wrong. So I've taken the time to type if for you; (PR should have done this already but they did not.)

If the code below was upheld, Lisa would be alive today.


1. I promise not to evaluate the physical symptons of those on medical lines but instead to listen and then provide whatever information or direction is needed to result in a physical improvement.

2. I promise not to invalidate the reality of those on medical lines as to the state of their physical bodies but to keep them producing and contributing to whatever extent they are realistically able.

3. I promise to administer only standard or proven medical treatment where indicated and not to deviate or experiment with unproven treatments or medications nor will I allow anyone else to do so.

4. I promise to keep all dental and medical appointments once made and to see that those who need to see a specialist or dentist see one.

5. I promise to see that those who are not getting proper food or rest do so, so that they become eligible for auditing.

6. I promise to see that the data needed to give proper care to those on medical lines is passed on or conveyed to whomever is giving it in my absence.

7. I promise never to sympathize with those on medical lines but to be effective.

8. I promise to complete all medial treatments started which are producing improvements in physical conditions and not to change the medication or treatment that is producing results for another.

9. I promise to refer anyone who by their actions are attempting to prevent a recovery to the Master at Arms (also known as Ethics Officer) and to advise the Case Supervisor.

10. I promise never to abandon or neglect those under my care.

11. I resere the right to refuse care to anyone who does not follow the directions given them to make them well or who repeatedly fails to keep appointments involving a medical series which must be given as scheduled to be effective.

12. I promise never to ciriticize or become angry with those on medical lines.

13. I promise never in provide a pain killer to anyone I feel would respond to an assist given by myself or another pormptly.

14. I promise to not to continue a treatment past the point it is not longer needed or no longer effective.

15. I promise to grant beingness to those on medical lines.

16. I promise to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for he unwell.

17. I promise to indicate to those on my lines which medications and treatments are curative ones and which are only intended to alleviate symptoms.

18. I promise not to enter comments, expressions or enturbulence into the environment of those on medical lines that would cause mystery, misunderstoods or fear of worsening.

19. I promise to encourgage those on my lines who are responding well to be as causative and knowledgeable about their physical condition as is possible and never to present medicine as anything more than a technology that can be studied and learned by anyone of interest and abilility.

20. I promise not to explain, justify or make excuses for any clinical mistake whether real or imagined but to correct it immediately.

21. I promise to estimate the current state of those on medical lines with reality and not to diverge due to other determined influence or false or alarming reports.

22. I promise to follow all standare C/S instructions exactly and to obtain C/S permission before permitting the administration of any narcotic or durg rendering a preclear ineligible for auditing.

23. I promise to see that all dentists and medical specialists used to treat a preclear are competent in their skill and to base my decision on results only.

24. I promise to maintain high health standards in the environment and to see those I am responsible for are protected from the influence of poor health or safety standards.

25. I promise to use my knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology in all that I do.

26. I promise to keep excellent records and data on those on my lines and keep the C/S advised.

27. I promise to prevent extreme health conditions from occurring by seeing that preventative or early care is given on time.

28. I promise to ensure anyone medically cured or under treatment recives processing as this alone ensures the cure remains a permanent one and shortens the time required for treatment.

There you go. I'd be interested in your comments on which of this list the Medical Liaison Officer at Flag must have violated ... in order for Lisa to have degraded to such a point of no return and resultant death.

Yours for knowing all the facts and presenting the truth, Safe, an authentic, informeded Scientologist

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-- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

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