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Subject: Prices of Scientology Audio Tapes
From: "Safe"
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:03:13 -0700

Hi fellow Scientologists,

As you may know, the very popular "The Pheonix Lectures" book has been discontined for reasons which I think will become clear.

At the front of the book it says ...

"The celebrated lecture series given by L. Ron Hubbard to the Professional Course, Pheonix, Arizona, in July 1954, compiled into book form by the editorial staff of the publications organization world wide."

This book was a start of a compiling of Rons' lectures and putting them in book form so people could experience the real Ron transcripted in book form.

It's fourty-four years later and not even ONE of his transcripted lectures has been put in book form for raw public to read. I ask why? The Pheonix Lectures were the first and last transcript as far as I know to be put into book form. The last reprint of this valuable book was in Oct 1982, by Bridge Publications during the Mission takeover trauma.

There have been no "L.Ron Hubbard Library" versions ever produced and this book is out of print and not available. Call Bridge at (323) 953-3320 and ask for yourself.

So the question begs itself why not? What happened to one of the most valuable books we had?

Well, Bridge now has available the book in tape format instead. You now HAVE to buy the 13 tapes for $550 (without IAS membership), or $495 (with IAS membership) in order to receive this LRH wisdom.

Your cost is "only" $42.31 for EACH tape!

The last 82' edition of "The Pheonix Lextures" could be bought for $27.50 total. Copies were still available but there was only that one last printing so they let them sell out and that was the end of it.

Divide the data up by 13 as it consists of 13 tapes and your net cost is ...

$2.12 per 1/13th part of LRH data when you able to buy the book. Now the price of the same LRH wisdom has risen to .. $42.33 per 1/13th section of the same wisdom. ---------- $40.21 more per 1/13th section of wisdom

Or by breakdown by whole, it's ...

$550 tapes - $27.50 old book --------- $522.50 extra you have to pay for the same wisdom as you use to because you're forced to buy the tapes now.

So the price to get this same data has risen by TWENTY-TIMES since 1982.

Why do you suppose this data was "kicked out" of book form? ... and tapes sold instead?

This is a way to FORCE you to buy the $550 set of tapes, isn't it? What other choice do you have now? Why is it that you have to pay so much more now to get this same wisdom?

Why isn't Bridge Publishing ALL the important lectures in book form? Could it by remote possibility be that TAPES are more PROFITABLE than books?

In my opinion, nobody can get the real essence of Ron unless they listen or read Ron's transcript. NONE of Ron's transcripts are on bookstores' shelves for public to read. Why?

Only the Rearch & Discovery volumes are starting to transcribe his lectures but they are in volumes at $150 a piece (14 so far) and are not geared to public buying. Why?

Could there be a profit incentive in NOT putting the tapes in book form for broad public?

Surely forcing somebody to pay $550 for the same wisdom they could have bought for just $27.50 is a much more profitable affair.

Tapes do not cost less as you buy in volume. For example ...

$2,750 for the 76 "Philadelphia Doctorate Course" Lectures ($36 a piece)

$2,250 for 67 lectures of "The Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit" ($33.50 a piece)

$425 for 13 lectures of "Games and the Spirit of Play" (32.69 a piece)

$500 for 15 lectures of "Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress Lectures" (33.33 a piece)

So the general rule of thumb seems to be $33.33 for each tape.

The new Christmas catalog says there are 28 lectures in the Pheonix Tapes. But what is not told to you is that its 13 tapes. I was mislead to think there were 28 tapes. Most people think there is 1 tape per lecture which there are ... on SOME sets of tapes like the PDC's. But many have TWO per tape.

Bookstores generally charge $9.95 for one tape or $14.95 for two tapes.

So even if we priced them to standard market pricing at $9.95 each even if they were sold at that price in the tape sets, we'd still reduce the prices by 2/3rds

PDC's would be $756.20 instead of $2,750 of 76 Lectures Pheonix Lectures would be $129.35 instead of $750 for 13 tapes.

There happens to be no other place we can buy Rons' tapes because there is a monopoly on getting LRH's wisdom in audio tapes. We are FORCED to pay this exorbitant price. There is no free-market. They can just name their price and that's tough if you don't like it.

So why are the tapes priced out of the market and not within reason? Why aren't LRH tapes sold in bookstores? We want to get his wisdom out, right? What's going on?

We are focusing on getting his fiction works out to bookstores instead of his fantastic lectures! What's wrong with this picture?

Yours for wanting to know answers, Safe

-- "Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

-- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

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