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Here is a clear example where religion is being used as an excuse to spread hatred. Primitive simpletons like to imagine that their unthinking prejudices have the approval from higher authority. Too spineless and/or stupid to admit to themselves or others that they themselves are responsible for their outlook on life they try to put words into their imaginary god's mouth.

At least some members of the Methodist religion have some notion of the concepts of tolerance and acceptance of others but I doubt it's the majority.

Most folks who belong to organized religious groups are silly people who cannot reason for themselves and in their fear of an unknown world they substitute group-think for intelligence.


Pastors Upset Over Same-Sex Unions

.c The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Methodist pastors upset about same-sex marriages and other liberal ideals that have received increasing support in the church are threatening to pull out and start their own sect.

``We are rebels in a conference that is rebelling against the larger church,'' said the Rev. Kevin Clancey, pastor of Community United Methodist Church in Oakdale and head of a group that is organizing the dissident pastors.

In March, a church court failed to discipline a Nebraska reverend who married two lesbians. And some San Francisco Bay area Methodist church leaders said they would continue performing same-sex ceremonies.

The Rev. John Christie, pastor of Mission City United Methodist Church in Santa Clara, complained that there are two religions in the United Methodist Church.

``One based on Scripture and one that feels we are in a new age with new truths,'' he said.

Twenty-two disgruntled pastors have signed a statement asking to be allowed to separate from the California-Nevada Annual Conference, a region extending from Fresno to the Oregon line and encompassing 375 Methodist churches and 93,000 parishioners.

``We evangelicals are tired of fighting,'' the statement declared. ``Evangelical theology is incompatible with the dominant values of tolerance and inclusion held by the conference leadership. The differences touch every area of church life.''

Similar protests are occurring in New England and Georgia, the church's national spokesman said.

At the close of a meeting in Nebraska Thursday, the Methodist Council of Bishops released a statement that said the official policy of the United Methodist is that the ``practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching,'' and that homosexual union ceremonies would not be conducted.

But some of the unhappy pastors said the statement is unlikely to placate conservatives.

AP-NY-05-01-98 1850EDT


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