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Subject: 700 Club Madness


This is a copy of an article a came across at which is Pat Robertson's organization. Can one imagine that folks would billboard this sort of madness and not know just how this destroys their credibilty...better they should keep their madness to themselves if they hope for recruits. Can you say "delusions of grandeur"? Can you say "psychotic break with reality"?

If you respond to a button "send this to a friend" on this they require you to provide your name and email address as well as your friends name and email address... or you get a error message demanding them. You don't suppose they are unethically (and perhaps illegally) collecting spam addresses without telling the reader do you? Noooooo, never. I was pleased to note that Pat was having a PBS pledge night tonight and was failing even to approach his financial goals...I am watching the last few minutes of his show while I wait for the Mr. Bill Show to come on.

And now a play by play of the last few minute of his pledge fest:

Pat has a worried look on his face...even as I type they are $44,000 short of a goal of $255,000 and only have 3 minutes left in their pledgefest. Pat seems nervous....I bet phony pledges will be announced even if real ones don't come in for the as to have a propaganda victory even if a real one eludes them. And here you goin the last 45 seconds of the pledgefest a miraculous pledge of $35,000 came in all at once even while I typed the last sentence....what a bunch of obvious liars...I sure hope there is a hell...Pat will be blackened toast before his last breath is done leaving his body And now Pat is off the air and the Mr. Bill Show has fianlly come THAT is a blessing after stomaching Pat for 5 minutes.

End of play-by-play (By the way..I did not edit my play-by-play....)

I am obviously god's chosen prophecy regarding Pat's phony miracle was written before it happened....bow down and worship me...No, No...I mean cut me a check...that is what the truly holy request.....send money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM God's chosen one TRUST ME..would God's chosen one lie? Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!


BEGIN TEXT Copyright Christian Broadcasting Network

Spiritual Bond Miraculously Revealed

This article first appeared in The Flame a CBN publication, in April 1980. It reflects the history and spiritual guidance that played such a key role in the development and growth of The Christian Broadcasting Network.

The Cape Henry Landing by English artist Stephen Reid

God Uses CBN To Answer Settlers' Prayer

May this account continue to inspire those who read it today. And may the ministry and mission of CBN continue to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In 1976, God miraculously revealed long-forgotten, historic details to confirm Pat Robertson's vision from God to come to Virginia and claim a television station for His glory. The following account of events, faithfully researched and recorded by former Flame Editor Phyllis Mackall, is the exciting revelation of CBN's deep spiritual bond with those first permanent English settlers who struggled to shore at Cape Henry, Virginia, in 1607.

As Pat Robertson was signing the final papers for The Christian Broadcasting Network's new 142 acre building site on December 31, 1975, there still was a lingering doubt in his mind.

Why had God sent him from New York specifically to Virginia to found CBN? And why was God relocating CBN's headquarters from Portsmouth to Virginia Beach? There were other cities in the Tidewater area of Virginia: Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Norfolk. The answer came about a week later.

A special edition of The Flame was planned to herald the new building program. It was decided to use a cover photograph of a sunrise over the Atlantic to symbolize CBN's new beginning.

Six o'clock on a cold, overcast January morning found three CBN staff members shivering on the beautiful beach at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach -- George Bunn, manager of graphics; Thom Dennis, art director; and Jasper Kitchen, staff photographer. Jasper selected this particular stretch of beach because he had photographed the same ocean site earlier, and he knew this area would be an ideal setting to capture the sunrise.

The sun did not cooperate, however. The three men went away without a photograph, but with a tidbit of information that would influence many lives and call a nation to prayer during America's Bicentennial year.

While climbing down the sand dunes, Thom's attention had been captured by a large concrete cross. A plaque identified Cape Henry as the landing site of the first permanent English settlers in North America -- the same settlers who founded Jamestown in 1607, 13 years before the Pilgrims came ashore at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

Thom went to Flame Editor Phyllis Mackall's office to share his discovery with her. "All I know is that there was some sort of prayer meeting held at Cape Henry," Thom shrugged. "If you want to know more about it, you'll have to look it up."

Thom, a native of North Carolina, and Phyllis, a native of California, had never heard of Cape Henry before. Phyllis was deeply involved with editing The Flame -- but there was something about Cape Henry ...

A few nights later, Phyllis felt compelled to visit a branch of the Portsmouth Public Library, which she had never visited before; in fact, she had never been able to find it. Signs had just been placed on the main road, however, and she quickly located the out of the way branch. She was tired, it was bitterly cold, and she felt rather foolish. What was she looking for anyway?

A pleasant young man at the main desk politely offered his assistance. "I understand the early settlers held some kind of prayer, meeting at Cape Henry," Phyllis began lamely. "Do you know anything about it"

The librarian, a history buff exclaimed "Oh, yes, ma'am. Please follow me." He hurried off down the aisles, quickly pulled an armload of books from the shelves.

"Here's a painting of that very event," he explained, leafing through a slim volume. "Well, I'll take that book for sure," Phyllis replied, glancing over his shoulder.

The book related how the first permanent English settlers in the New World had landed at Cape Henry on April 26, 1607. Three years later they erected an oak cross brought from England for the occasion, and the chaplain Rev. Robert Hunt, led them in prayer, dedicating the land to God. About two weeks later, they established Jamestown, England's first overseas colony.

Later that night at home, Phyllis was flipping through an enormous 700 page volume the librarian had included. Her eyes fell on an obscure footnote listing the real reasons for the Jamestown expedition. It said, "first to preach and baptize into Christian religion, and propagation of the Gospel, to recover out of the arms of the devil, a number of poor and miserable souls ...." Phyllis decided to take the books to work with her the next day.

The next morning Pat Robertson unexpectedly dropped by her office. He entered, sat down and did not say anything. "Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by," Phyllis said, "I have something here that might interest you since CBN is building its new center in Virginia Beach."

She turned to the painting and showed Pat the history of the first landing. "Praise the Lord," he exclaimed excitedly. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to come together. "Find out everything you can about this. We'll want to share it with our partners."

Later Phyllis remembered the footnote explaining exactly why the settlers came to Virginia. She hurried over to Pat. "Here's something else," she said.

Tears filled Pat's eyes as he read. Here was the answer to the question that had been plaguing him ever since the Lord led him to pack up his family and come to Virginia in 1959.

For the first time Pat read that Virginia Beach is where settling Christians dedicated the North American continent to Almighty God and the propagation of the Gospel! And Virginia Beach was where The Christian Broadcasting Network, on New Year's Eve Day, 1976, had unknowingly held a similar service, dedicating CBN's new site--just 12 air miles from Cape Henry--to the international propagation of the Gospel via satellite!

Pat closed the history book and said softly, "God is a God of great appropriateness. He remembers. He is very precise about what happens at places. He doesn't forget the prayers of His people. He would have located CBN wherever this had happened -- Massachusetts, Florida, or California -- but it happened in Virginia Beach, and that is where He led us."

This was just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that clearly shows the hand of God at work in the founding of the United States.

The Lord miraculously led Phyllis to the right libraries, to the right books, at the right times during her research.

The historic portrait, The Landing at Cape Henry, was found in the attic of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk. It was shown across the nation on CBN's popular syndicated show, The 700 Club, and It's Time To Pray, America, CBN's hourlong special broadcast on September 17, 1976.

Phyllis discovered that a modernday descendent of Rev. Robert Hunt is living in Virginia. He is the Rev. Robert Hunt, rector of an Episcopal church in Clifton Forge. In conversation with Rev. Hunt, Phyllis learned that he and Pat Robertson are both descendants of Dr. John Woodson, a physician who arrived at Jamestown in 1691.

When CBN held a commemorative service at the Cape Henry Memorial Cross on April 19, 1976, the 369th anniversary of the original landing, the modernday Rev. Hunt was present to speak and offer a prayer. It was the first time this godly and loving man had ever visited Cape Henry. He and his wife were deeply moved when they saw the Cape Henry painting for the first time. (The painting, on loan to CBN is now displayed on the exterior wall of CBN's International Prayer Chapel, the heart of CBN Center.)

Articles in The Flame told of the prayer meeting at Cape Henry, of Rev. Hunt's celebration of the first communion at Jamestown, and of God's miraculous intervention when Jamestown was abandoned.

Long before those settlers even set to sea, God in His great love and mercy was laying the groundwork for a nation founded by Christians whose vision was to see the Gospel shared with men and women who live in darkness.

The vision has not diminished. It burns more brightly than ever, implanted in the hearts and spirits of CBN partners. Each year, through this worldwide television ministry, CBN partners are sharing the glorious light of Jesus Christ with millions of souls, to lead them out of the darkness.

END OF TEXT Copyright Christian Broadcasting Network


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