Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 11:11:53 -0700
From: David Rice
Subject: 700 Cult Madness

> This is a copy of an article a came across at which is Pat > Robertson's organization. Can one imagine that folks would billboard this sort > of madness and not know just how this destroys their credibilty...better they > should keep their madness to themselves if they hope for recruits. Can you > say "delusions of grandeur"? Can you say "psychotic break with reality"?


The mind of the Bible-believer is still a vast mystery to me (even after reading the book--- grin!). I just do not understand how people can "think" in blatently delusional ways. Take the following for an example:

Quote #1:
Spiritual Bond Miraculously Revealed

It reflects the history and spiritual guidance that played such a key role in the development and growth of The Christian Broadcasting Network.

details to confirm Pat Robertson's vision from God to come to Virginia and claim a television station for His glory.

exciting revelation of CBN's deep spiritual bond

Why had God sent him from New York specifically

why was God relocating CBN's headquarters

[god] would have located CBN wherever this had happened

The Lord miraculously led Phyllis to the right libraries

Now then. What does all of the above say definitively about "Pat" Robertson and his cult? It says that he is ARROGANT and HUBRISTIC in the extreme. Indeed, one could say he is utterly mad with self- importance and megalomania. How is it possible that hundreds of thousands of people do not see Robertson's insanity, and send him money instead?

I dunno. His sickness is blatently obvious to me.

David Michael Rice
The world's second biggest glutton! (Next to Godzilla)


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