Scientology Crime Syndicate

Subject: The Truth about Garry Scarff
From: martinh@islandnet.com (Martin Hunt)
Date: 18 Jun 1999 03:39:33 -0700

First we had the flames against 100 regulars on this newsgroup in a blatant disruption attemt, then the betrayal of the reporters in Los Angeles, then the betrayals in Clearwater at the protests, then the betrayal overheard in someone's house, and now this from our resident ars stoolie:

Dear Friends:

I have been getting a flurry of e-mails sent to me in reponse to my ARS post on 6/4/99 putting an end to my friendship with Beverly. Rather than answer each and every e-mail, I'm writing this in hopes that it will explain why I felt it was time to take this action.

June 5, 1999

Garry Scarff

J. Stephen Lewis
3550 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1755
Los Angeles, CA. 90019

RE: Counsel of Beverly Rice issue.

Dear Stephen:

As per your counsel, I posted a statement on the Internet newsgroup, Alt. Religion.Scientology (ARS), on June 3, 1999, dissolving myself of any relationship with friend Beverly Rice

Church attorneys Kendrick Moxon and Helena Kobrin, as well as church executives David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, have all alluded to the close & emotional ties that I have had with Beverly and are of the opinion that I can control her activites as they pertain to Scientology.

Kobrin demanded that I post a public statement to this effect which would serve as a legal writ distancing myself from the individual action of Ms. Rice.

Irrespective of the current issues at play here, I continue to have a deep admiration and respect for Beverly Rice, a warm-hearted soul who has endured much pain and turmoil in the last year, and does not need any harassment or duress brought on her by Scientology lawyers or personnel.

Mrs. Kobrin has informed me that she would not be welcomed anyway since her willing participation in a picket against the church last December reflects her "hostile feelings" against the church.

Any actions that Beverly chooses to make either on the Internet, in a Usenet newsgroup, or in person, are ones that she has decided for herself, and I share no responsibility for them.


Garry Scarff


Still, Scarff may be useful. May I humbly suggest a simple ploy of making sure everything you tell the stooge in confidence is a lie? If anyone is on friendly terms with this creep at present but has decided that this crap against Beverly has pushed them over their good faith tolerance limit, remain on friendly terms with our local spy but feed him BS. Watch as Scientology goes into panic mode over a protest - that doesn't materialize. See them vigorously pursue wrong targets, false leads. Yes, Scarff could be useful. Or at least amusing. At present, he is neither, so we had better put him to good use in the arscc's employ! :-)

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