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Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 18:39:30 -0400

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Hamburg, Germany
May 5, 1999
Renate Hartwig

Uncovered and covered up again

By one who moved out to infiltrate the critics as an agent for the Scientology Injustice System. How, by the incompetence and arrogance of several official "experts," he managed to build up his informant activities all the way to "sect advisor"! Warnings from 1995 went unheeded. In spite of a witness who also gave his story to the authorities, the informant's cover has remained intact until today! He was even put on the 1999 list for counseling centers by Renate Rennebach and was sent referrals.

A Personal Recap by Renate Hartwig

When we decided in 1992 to take in departing sect members, that was a decision consistent to offering them assistance. We certainly knew of the risk of being spied upon. In spite of that we went on with it, there was no alternative. The state and the churches have "experts" who discuss a lot in theoretical terms, but, practically speaking, they are not able to put a roof over the head of people leaving the sect. We opened our doors to many of them, until the end of 1994 when, in spite of many good experiences, we encountered a spy in our midst. When I read Stasi [former East German state security] reports, I am reminded of the bitter experiences we had with OSA agent Martin Beyer!

March 1999, the man on the other end of the telephone line was departing Scientology, he sounded like he was in high spirits, he was calm, and he confirmed a suspicion I had had since June 1994 based on indices and evidence. Martin Beyer, who crept in with us at Robin Direkt, and then into our family as a "former Scientologist" seeking help in 1992/93, was a trained spy of the OSA Scientology secret service and his assignment was me, my family and the Robin Direkt citizens initiative! Although I had reported about a man who called himself Martin in my book, "Das Komplott und die Kumpane" (Metropolitan Verlag) in the chapter "Friendship with a Judas" in October 1995, I still had this uneasy feeling of endless disappointment in a person whom I had trusted! His story had been good, it fit the situation at the time. People leaving sects need help! There is Renate Hartwig who just looks at the person, doesn't ask much, is plainly open, and is ready to take him into her family without further ado! The only happiness I found in the whole thing was through my husband, Paul. Thanks to his detachedness, foresight, gift of observation and his long-term outlook, we soon uncovered what Beyer was doing with us! Without bothering me, Paul had taken preventive measures which tripped up agent Beyer! In their analysis of me, the Scientologists had overlooked my husband. They exploited my openness and spontaneity in the placement of their spy. They never really were able to figure out my husband, Paul! As is obvious, thank god! In 1995 I published the chapter on Beyer as a warning for all the other critic organizations in which he had functioned. All the critics knew that I had published my experiences with Martin Beyer. It did him no harm, since the critics' arrogance did not permit them to give me credit. The only one that reacted was the Article 4 Association to which Beyer had moved to escape our questions when he detected our open mistrust! Members of Article 4 responded keenly to the chapter in my book. They recognized the parallels to Beyer's dealings in their own association and ejected him. He was then caught up in the SPD clique of Rennebach, Caberta & Co. where he still is today, even though they have been informed of his OSA activities!


.. Birthday serenade .. by a Judas - Martin Beyer

A witness and what else?

From December 1998 on, the information the responsible agencies had on the informant's life of OSA man Martin Beyer also included that of a witness. The sect experts from state and church who are paid with taxpayers' money learned about more than just the witness and the method of operation.

The witness informed any critic who thought they were a critic. Sect political speaker Renate Rennebach also knew of this. The meeting between the witness and Renate Rennebach's assistant, Sassenscheidt- Grothe, took place at the "Laengen Eugen" on March 1, 1999 in Bonn. In the presence of Heinemann, the witness N. informed Sassenscheidt - Grothe that Beyer had been leading a double-life as a spy for the OSA Scientology secret service for more than 10 years. With this in mind, Martin Beyer was put, for the third year, on the 1999 address list of the SPD counseling centers in matters of sects on April 14, 1999!

In spite of knowledge to the contrary, the SPD sect political speaker, Renate Rennebach, intentionally covered for a Scientology OSA spy! A scandal which demands immediate personal consequences!

Frank Sassenscheidt-Grothe, who worked for the SPD in the Enquete Commission's Sects and Psycho-groups and then for Rennebach in her office, shrugged his shoulders and commented with most peculiar logic upon the eyewitness testimony that Beyer was an OSA spy, "He hasn't hurt anybody so far, so we can leave him on our address lists as a contact," which is what happened, as our illustration shows!

Nothing else can surprise me!

I had informed the authorities a long time ago that some who had planned their departures from Scientology appeared to be well-informed about personnel changes within state agencies. For instance, according to information from those wanting to leave Scientology, it was known weeks in advance that Frank Sassenscheid-Grothe wanted to transfer to the federal office for Constitutional Protection from the Rennebach SPD office. For years we have recorded and broadcast breaches of confidentiality in state and church positions by people actually leaving the sect - who are important as witnesses. Aren't the objections and fears of the witnesses justified when OSA informants like Beyer are covered for and courted in the highest political and ecclesiastical circles as a "sect counselor"?

The background is not just more than transparent, it is also known in state offices!

A handful of sect experts have striven to create a cartel which will see to it that the public is made aware only of their opinion and those of the people tolerated by the cartel. And this group of the sect cartel's brushes aside all justified warning, no questions asked, when they come from somebody like me. Due to the success I've had with my information and books, and with my criticism of the wishy-washy, often chummy dealings with Scientology from the side of the official experts, I have drawn the wrath of the cartel upon myself. Martin Beyer is the cement between Scientology and the critics, and he has worked successfully as an informant to liquidate by slander their common enemy Hartwig! As the facts show, Scientology can be satisfied with Beyer, because, according to the witness N., Martin Beyer himself has reported in to OSA to be employed as a spy. And N. would be the one to know, because he brought Beyer into Scientology himself, he lived with him and married his former girlfriend. N. and Beyer also have the same OSA supervising officer, Ralf Kleinicke. Beyer has surely often been praised by the OSA for his success as a spy, and his disturbed self-consciousness is thus bolstered up! The Scientology secret service knows how one takes care of its agents.

No wonder then, that the wolf in sheep's clothing availed himself of my openness and readiness to help to do his snooping on us in our home, to photocopy, to photograph and even to steal. Not to be outdone by each other: Scientology and the illustrious "experts" distribute the same personal documents which were, as ever, pilfered or copied from us. These are being used to turn public opinion against me, my family and the Robin Direkt Association. Whether from stupidity or envy I don't know, neither is an excuse for this conduct! They include the most personal documents like my grown children's bank accounts, finance office documents, etc. Through the scandal, Beyer has proven that an informant for an injustice system such as Scientology will be covered for by the sect cartel of experts! The personality characteristics and human quality which reigns among the critics is revealing. It does not surprise us that Scientology is blowing another 40 million marks to start a new image campaign in Germany! They don't need to anticipate any more bad news from the side of the official "critics." An OSA man like Beyer is a sect advisor and, as such, leads the SPD's address list! The critics' environment has long been divided and disintegrated, and therefore is no longer a danger and is under control.

As concerns Scientology: it is known how the organization tries to put spies among the critics. The highest ranking American ex-member, Jesse Prince, published page after page on the internet of how agents continue to be used against critics in order to discredit them, with the help of their own kind! Jesse Prince described simply and exactly how one shuts off the critics. I can identify with everything he describes, and have experienced it, to some degree, with shocking parallel, inside of our own legal system - without the perpetrators ever having been held accountable by the state.


.. Birthday greeting from
.. OSA Spy Martin Beyer

The Witness

The witness, N., documented his course in OSA in 15 pages of sworn testimony, along with his information on Martin Beyer, and put it at my disposal. As I read it page by page, I had to occasionally stop and leave the room. It was as though a piece of the past I had done away with had caught up with me again.

Among other things, the witness talked about Beyer's OSA activities in response to this question:

"You already knew in 1987 that he - Beyer - was with the Scientology secret service, OSA?"

" ... I knew that, that's what he said, what he was able to say, of course it's like in a guerilla band, the less each individual knows, the less that can happen if he is picked up or things blow up or whatever, that was guerilla thinking, because of that it is basically good to know less. One is also supposed to talk as little as possible, but one does not always keep to that if nobody else is around, and Martin had already talked a little. First he was put into the Free Zone where he pretended that he wanted to be a member of the Free Zone ... he had done it, I know it because he told me, he played a role, a double-life, so to speak ... in order to do wrong, and Beyer also managed to get OSA agent Richard Eisenboeck in there, too."

To the question as to whether the Free Zone had ever realized that there were OSA people among them, the witness, N., responded:

"... they were never directly discovered, it was just noticed that they were having difficulties, I have spoken with somebody who said, yes, that Martin Beyer, there was always something funny about him."

Witness N. confirmed that Beyer had been working as an OSA agent for over 10 years, and he further reported:

" ... he is not extremely bright, that Beyer, he is just ready to lead a double-life, he is that type of guy ... when he came back from Munich, about 1990 after the assignment in the Free Zone, he said he now had another mission, he had to do something sort of different, he told me, "N., we will not see each other for some time." Then he moved to Huerth. For years I didn't know what he was doing, then I learned that he had been a member of Robin Direkt, with Renate Hartwig."

"At that time he had moved away from me, he didn't need this pseudo-address any more, I later learned that he became a member of Robin Direkt .. The suggestion came from OSA people, that only happens when somebody is ready to lead a double-life, they said, pay attention, Martin, you can get yourself in with Renate Hartwig ... Kleinicke was Martin Beyer's contact man; that much was clear. Kleinicke had to visit Beyer regularly, conspiratorially of course, so that nobody would notice; I don't know where they were meeting, in '92 Kleinicke told me that he had to go see Martin Beyer ... I got reports on Martin Beyer from my parents. They live in the Bonn area and he was living in Huerth, ... he had regular contact with my parents, they are the nearest upper level Scientologists in the area and now and then he needed someone to pat his back. My parents knew of OSA operations he was carrying out, and in the last quarter of last year (1998), Martin wanted to get auditing from my parents."

Since then N.'s parents have disconnected from their son. For them, he is a traitor. According to their conceptions as highly trained Scientologists, it is a high crime to speak out against Scientology! The fact that N.'s parents were entrusted by the OSA to act as an emotional runway for informant Martin Beyer shows their absolute loyalty to Scientology and its leaders. Beyer's working as "sect advisor" unimpeded is a gigantic success for the organization!


.. OSA spy undercover as a critic in the
.. distribution of leaflets against Scientology -
.. Title: "Forewarned is Forearmed" ["Gefahr erkannt, Gefahr gebannt"]

The Meet

Saturday, April 17, 1999 - after several telephone conversations we met with the witness. He was waiting in a bar. I asked myself is it always the same way, when we meet departing sect members? From experience and after our move in summer of 1994 we would only meet some place other than our house. N. waved to me when my husband and I entered the bar. He was slender, I thought, as I offered him my hand, like so many whom I have gotten to know in the course of the years. I knew that he was unsettled by Scientology's statements and by the uproar raised against me even by the critics, about what and who I actually was.

The negative image of an enemy has been attributed to me as a person now for years by both sides, Scientology and the critics, I've had to learn to live with it.

We looked into each others eyes and I was thinking it was noticeable that he was trained. Not a flicker, no sign of uncertainty, you don't see what he thinks and feels, yes, just what the Hubbard Tech gives you. He also said that he was rejecting the organization, not the Hubbard teachings. I knew about that from former members and could work with it. Hubbard and his tech were not going to be the subject of this meet - it was Martin Beyer, whom N. had brought into Scientology and who had lived with him - the spy, Martin Beyer, who had been emotionally cared for N.'s parents!

In the course of the evening, I learned much more, as my lengthy notes in front of me state. Also how N. viewed himself, his role which he had in Scientology - his OSA assignments - and his experiences as a critic, which have been under wraps until now. I looked at N. the person and registered how he calculated very precisely and correctly what could happen to him. The machinery to discredit him is already in motion. From either side. Stoffel, OSA Munich, has already told a journalist that N. was not a highly placed OSA man, but was just small time. He is being played down by both Scientology and the critics. It wasn't until after his testimony that it registered that he could also present a danger to the experts, because without his meaning to, he verified how Martin Beyer was being covered for by people in positions of state and church! The order - Attention - went out. The witness N. has not yet been blessed by Hamburg! The controls of the cartel of experts is in Hamburg - as is known nationwide, even by the authorities!


... Postcard from Beyer with a picture of my dog,
... he pushed himself onto us and Robin Direkt (1993).


The talk with N. about Martin Beyer brought back memories of Martin's time with us in the family. A mixture of anger, frustration, horror and also a tinge of guilt spread within me. I think of our youngest son, who was 14 years old at the time, and how we trusted Beyer with him. Our son, as we know today, was willing to answer many questions about our relationship and his schoolmates. I think of the difficulties which our youngest son encountered because of OSA operations. They sought him out in order to get to me and my husband. I was always wondering where the Scientologists got the detailed knowledge of certain procedures in our family which, for security reasons, were known only to a small private group around us. The time, e.g., when Thorsten left Germany in July 1994 in order to get away to a boarding school and away from the attacks on us all. He had barely gotten back when the leaflets which the Scientologists hand out started including him, too. The anonymous libelous letters about us to his classmates, anonymous accusations, etc. - how could anybody have gotten a list of the classmates of the Hartwig student?

OSA spy Martin Beyer had the opportunity. He was the only one in all the years to have the opportunity of being alone for 4 days in our office when I was on a tour promoting my book, "Ich klage an." When I told him in March 1994 that we had to be away for 4 days, he offered, without my asking, to take 4 days off and come up.

It is practically macabre that Beyer, for his coup of gathering information from us for the OSA for 4 days, gave a bill for travel and expenses to Pattloch publishing, and then was paid by the publishers for his "office help"! Words are not enough to describe the satire of this reality as I recall the situation.

I also thought about my birthday in 1994, when Beyer wrote me friendly lines, and offered, as a present to me and my daughter (we have birthdays on the same day) to perform the picture-taking for the occasion. However, I paid him for the film and for developing the pictures since he was always short on cash and was paying his bills. It took him many weeks to finally hand over the pictures to me, and then only after I made a big thing about it. We immediately noticed that Beyer had only taken a single picture with several people in it, and that all the rest of them were sharp, individual shots of all the birthday guests' faces. That is how the OSA could have gotten a photo album of the people we knew closely. It was of selected guests, and he knew it. The journalists and the business people who were there can tell exactly what they thought was "funny" that happened after my birthday.

OSA Informant with Chauffeur

It occurred to me how Beyer became active in the working circles at Robin Direkt, how he wrote everything down and got addresses from everybody who showed up. I have to ask myself if I should laugh or cry when I think about my husband giving him shirts which Beyer couldn't afford on his own because of his debts! Or about Paul chauffeuring Beyer the 47 miles to Augsburg because he didn't have a driver's permit! Martin was a general laborer in construction who worked, because of costs, on site at Augsburg for a Cologne company.

So that he wouldn't have pay expenses, we gave him room and board. How ever much we were personally investing to help the "former" member Martin, at the time we thought it was right. None of us is responsible for the character of one Martin Beyer. Much more serious are the "characteristics" which our children had been exposed to. The kicked-in front door in the new apartment of our daughter, shortly after she moved away from us because the terrorism was getting to be too much for her. Only a select group knew where she was moving to. Beyer was one of them. Our eldest son's decision to change his name and leave Germany in order to be able to lead a professional career undisturbed is one of the most harmless of the decisions demanded of us in our battle against Scientology. The positive thing about getting this matter worked out is that I have saved everything: every fax, every letter and every card from Beyer. Diskettes which he played with here in the office and forgot provide important proof. Too bad for him, is what I now say!

[photo] .. Satire by an Article 4 member
.. about the OSA spy
.. to warn the critics (1995).


When my husband discovered incongruities with regards to Beyer, he acted upon it and started recording everything in detail. Because of that we have today a profile of movement with countless signs of Beyer's goings-on, and there is much that can be gotten from it!

Why the Scientologists were at the doors of our local establishment every time our members met, that the flyers they handed out contained what had been discussed at our members' meetings, this didn't surprise us, neither did the fact that Martin Beyer was employed inside of Robin Direkt as an agent provocateur.

In the meantime I have written many pages describing the events of the period when Martin was among us. With addresses of witnesses, their letters, pictures and all the facts which are irrefutable.

On top of that comes the evidence I have on Beyer from "Article 4," a Bochumer association against sects in general; that is where he disappeared to when he detected our suspicions. There he got his hands on the membership card file and wanted to purchase some really "special" software. He was computerizing his surveillance! The members of the Article 4 association reacted as one after my book, "Conspiracy and Companeros" came out with the chapter with my experiences with Martin Beyer. In 1995, one of the members of Article 4 even made a satire on "Martin B." which was circulated among critics. As you can see today, that didn't harm Martin Beyer in his continued undercover activities, either! The evening with the witness N. showed me that there are always different ways of looking at a thing. The personal violation of being deceived by someone whom you have helped, the kind that leaves scars on your soul.

We just have to learn to live with that. The sobering side which is not uninteresting in the assessment of the legal attorneys: OSA agent Beyer kicked into everything anchored in Basic Law.

The witness, N., called it a "dangerous adventure" when someone opposes Scientology. Well yes - it has not really been boring in all the years in the battle against the Scientology injustice system!

After this meeting with N., I considered something completely different:

We will see whether and what consequences the matter of the Scientology mole, Martin Beyer, will have. After what's happened - namely nothing - when I uncovered the OSA agent, Hans Bschorr, in 1996, who had infiltrated all the way up to the Maximilianeum in Munich, and was having a meeting as a press spokesman with Mr. Waigel, who was Finance Minister at the time, my hopes of getting anything done tend to be dampened!

Why Beyer is still being covered for today raises some questions: it was revealed in the uncovering of OSA informant Beyer how the campaign against us was being carried out and by whom, completely consistent with Scientology. That may not just cost some their professional heads - that would mean reorganization, which this circle wants to stop by any means. Secondly, one may not forget that Beyer has now had access to the sect cartel for 5 years, and he knows something about their skeletons they have in the closet. Perhaps somebody thought that Beyer's cover would be favorable for himself? In view of the support from the ranks of the sect experts for an OSA informant, it would not be surprising if a high-ranking official from a Hamburg agency were to hand down to a journalist a shattering summary: "If you were to ask me for my personal opinion: we have lost the battle with Scientology a long time ago. In three to four years we will have an American relationship here." However, the official will (sadly) not want to be identified by name! In contrast to the sect commissioner of the Evangelical Church, Dr. Richard Zieger, who openly stated to us at a press conference of the State Church Council in March 1999 in Speyer, "We have lost the battle against Scientology. They have managed to find sympathizers all the way up to high-level politicians and leading business circles." I would just like to add to that that I have been warning about this for years. The Scientology plan of occupying key positions in all social levels is not just something written down on paper; it has been carried out over the decades. I have been publishing the proof of this! The father of the witness, N., for example, is perceived by Scientology to be loyal, otherwise he would not have been able to serve for years as the emotional pivot point for OSA agent Beyer. By profession, until his retirement, he was an official in the *Federal Department of the Interior in Bonn!

(excerpted from the ROBIN DIREKT REPORT May/June 1999 edition)

For more on this topic, there is an excerpt from Renate Hartwig's book "Scientology - The Conspiracy and the Companeros" about the OSA agent, Martin Beyer at http://cisar.org/trn1072.htm

[The above is an English translation of the original German on Renate Hartwig's page.] http://www.renatehartwig.de/ren-har/index.html

*[translator's note: A European Department of the Interior does not tend to national parks, as in the U.S., but to a country's internal security.]


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