Christian paper promotes Internet sex site

El Cajon, California - The widely-circulated Southern California Christian Times, a conservative Christian publication, inadvertently promoted a hard-core pornography Internet site in its March issue. A cartoon called "Mixed Blessings," which regularly appears in the paper, depicted a woman pushing her child in a stroller past a church. The message on the church's outdoor bulletin read: www.sinners.com.

Out of curiosity, Freedom Writer checked the location on the Internet and found that the site offered free online photos of explicit sex acts. In an emailed note, we pointed this out to Lamar Keener, publisher of the Christian Times.

He wrote back: "Wow, I am totally chagrined, embarrassed, mortified - what other words can I find to describe this incredible faux pas. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was caught up in how clever this church sign was in the cartoon and never even thought that it could be an actual site, much less of the nature it is. I called the cartoonist - and utterly blew him away as well. He never thought to check it out."

Rev David Rice
Mariner's Ministries, Dana Point, California (USA)
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